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Neoptolemos 548

Hi there, this is mill deck that I was intensively testing for the last two weeks and after last modifications played during online tournament at throneteki ( It made 5-0, winning against GJ/Greensight, Martell/Stark, Martell WtC x2 and Stark/Dragon. During online playtesting I won ~90% games against Baratheon, Martell, Lannister, GJ, Targaryen; about 60-70% games against Tyrell and Stark and 33% against NW (but I didn't see a lot of them - lost 2x to Core Jon Snow deck and won once against new Wall). I played it with real cards only twice, winning against Stark Fealty and losing against Tyrell Song Crossing. I played against several Alliances (mostly with Qohor tricks) and milled them all. I won by reaching 15 power just once.

I think it's very consistent, struggling against Stark and Tyrell (but hey, who doesn't have problem with them currently?), but funny and janky. I won't recommend taking it to tournament, since a) it's slow and if your game will be ended because of time, you will lose every counting power and b) it's easy to forget about all triggers. Still online games are quick, so why not.

About agenda: Greensight is 1 more card in discard per turn, I play usually 6-8 plots, so it's crucial. With Tywin however it's a beast, mainly because I often play with topdeck and filtering my own cards is great, as well as controlling opponent. I think Kraken banner isn't good enough, as more pillages can be fun, but this deck forces to draw a lot without winning challenges, so it's more important to defend; taking power from Corpse Lake or King of Salt and Rock doesn't matter; only cards that could be really helpful here is Tris Botley and Nighttime Marauders. I tried with Tyrells (3x Left and Right, 3x BAMF for setting opponent's topdeck and 3x Emissary of the Hightower to repeat Dragon's Tail), but it performed worse and was even slower. So, let's just accept that Greensight is only true mill agenda :)

On details:

Plots: Time of Plenty - opener in 90% games, unless you really need more money and aren't afraid of Summer Harvest. ToP wins also initiative way more often (especially with Kingsroad). Great finisher also!

Late Summer Feast - play it only in case you really need money, I play it most often when I want to put fully bestowed Begging Brother or King's Landing. Against non-rush opponents it's good second plot (unless you have to start stalling them already and recycle better plots), but it's in general easier to play vs non-rush decks.

And my 5 stall plots - you should always predict your opponent moves and use them flexible. Remember, that in 70% games you will draw sooner or later Beneath the Bridge of Dream - don't be afraid to play them early!

A Game of Thrones - useful against Stark, Targaryen (most often), sometimes GJ, Bara and every Crossing. Against Lannister, NW or Tyrell it can hurt you more, so think carefully before playing it.

Fortified Position - well, useful against everyone. If you have Tywin/Tickler in game however, think carefully, if you haven't better plot earlier! Against NW wait till you draw some milk.

Uneasy Truce - also useful against nearly everyone, especially if you don't have power on your house card. Greatest counter to Crossing Heads on Spikes turn. Don't attack unless it's finishing blow of pillages!

Forced March - useful against Bara, classic big dudes GJ, Targaryen (despite their abuse of standing), NW, most often useless against Stark and rarely against Martell. Use it when you have to win initative and remember, that Lannisport Guards are just made for it.

Valar Dohaeris - it can be hard choice, as it shuffles opponent's card into deck, but it's necessary against toughest matchups: Stark, GJ and Tyrell. Most often it's better to play it late, allowing your opponents to fill the table during Uneasy Truce and Fortified Position. VM is unplayable here as I don't have saves and often play with topdeck, but sometimes it's good to fill the table with small dudes to trigger your opponent - his Valar is one more round for you to survive. In case you really need characters from board to live (like you have milked Tywin on board and 2 other in hand/deck), counter VM with VD, but it isn't necessary.

Main deck:

House Maesters - good icons and cost (and that's why I skipped Oldtown Scholars, despite their obvious synergy with events). They like candles.

Polliver, Raff and Gregor - in fact, Poliver and Raff are very good now, while Gregor would be the first one to remove (in ~40 games I didn't hit anyone, marshalling him only several times!). Polliver takes money for shadow tricks and Raff often removes claimsoak, but can also return my own Lannisport Guard before VD. Gregor is expensive and vulnerable to BT, icon removal and kneel, but he is also intimidating, so opponent often doesn't want to risk. That being said, having no saves or resurrection, only uniques worth playing in 3 copies here are Tywin and Tickler.

Wildling Horde - strong power icon with pillage, but nothing more, as I nearly always trigger Greensight. 1x is ok.

Kevan - I really want to put Ashemark here aswell, but he still always have something to bring back. Kingsroad, Milk or Candle (but discarding King's Landing for Gold Mine and recurring it with Kevan is also fantastic!).

Tommen - you know, everyone should have a place for king now. Even one. Typically you see 50 cards from this deck per game, so...

Milk - ofc best on Mace/Robb/Khal etc., but against NW it's also useable - wait for Fortified Position.

Seized - primary target is FB, nearly always. Sometimes Isle of Ravens, Plaza of Pride, Water Gardens etc. Never put in on Dorne/Hightower/White Harbour/Meereen!

Candles - trigger them every time on opponent and don't discard only in case when it's setting up for Tickler.

Gold Mine, King's Landing - together with agenda they allow me to play with topdeck and without too much economy (once I have played the same Kingsroad for 9 turns).

Isle of Ravens - VERY important card to recur Dragon's Tail. In rare cases you can shuflle something different (Candle or Milk, when Kevan died already). In case of seeing it in Greensight, think carefully if you want to discard it! (Ofc when you don't have King's Landing).

And two crucial and most janky cards here:

Tywin Stratagem - very important, as it brings back warded Tickler (!), Lannisport Guards to trigger them again, hide someone before VD - I have target on my side nearly always. As this deck doesn't push military, opponent will also nearly always have something interesting. Great discard for Gold Mine also, as it gets back to hand very quickly.

Beneath the Bridge of Dream - it has won me several games, when I really needed to play as fast as possible 2x Fortified Position, Uneasy Truce or Game of Thrones. In any other deck I would say it's crap, but here every plot is good to play nearly always and fast recycle is crucial. Your opponent determines, which plot should be played quickly and recycled. Remember 2 important things - last played plot isn't shuffled (so if you want to recycle for example Fortified Position, don't play BtBoD next turn!) and HJ sadly cancels it. But well - that's still most funny card I have ever played!

Rest of cards is quite obvious. Feel free to try it and don't be afraid to ask! I always think that deck after publishing loses a lot because it becomes more predictable, but in this case... who cares, I don't think anyone will try to prepare for it :D

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SergSel 39

What would you do if Tywin is milked?

Neoptolemos 548

Hide him with VD or just accept that. In the final game of the tournament Tamas milked duped Tywin first turn and I was just playing around that, taking my revenge putting milk on Robb turn after the Withering Cold ;) I can consider Maester's chain, but it would need more maesters. Still Tywin is great, but it's possible to play without him.