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Updated version of my old mill deck. Last packs brought so many awesome cards, that despite the popularity of Citadel Archivist I thought it's worth a new approach. I made some minor changes due to updated restrict list, but main changes are:

  • adding 3x Pyromancer's Cache, probably best mill spell ever
  • adding City module to stabilize the economy and strengthen forced draw
  • reducing non-limited locations because of their weakness against GJ and Stark
  • also Ghost of High Heart, The Regent's Guard and even The Inn at the Crossroads are awesome. Ghost would be really worth playing 3x (besides milling: there are only 6 loyal character cards in deck), sadly it dies too often.

I played also Rose banner version (3x Left, Right, A Gift of Arbor Red and 1x Lazy Leo, The Shield Islands and Margaery's Influence and it had also performed well. This deck surely loses often to GJ (but, surprisingly, deals quite well with Stark!), has a tough time against Targaryen and every deck that uses Archivists - I won't ever say that it's competitive, GJ mill is way easier to pilot because of that crazy bastard - yet still funny.

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