All Shall Bow to the Seven

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Wrecko 211

Hello, I'm the guy that made that direwolf deck that was ok and was then dramatically improved by others.

This deck isn't Tier 1 or anything but it is surprisingly good for a thought experiment deck. I find it can force your opponent to play left handed in a couple of different ways. The combination of the kneel package and The Seven Package is more disruptive than I thought it would be. It handles rush quite well since it has a large amount of power vacuuming. It also handles Freefolk due to the lack of wildling mid-range characters.

The deck is pretty simple. Kneel what you can, steal power with "The Seven" characters and blank out all their tricks with Begging Brothers, Brother's Robes, and King's Men. The High Sparrow really messes with most decks, the gold and draw limit can really hurt decks that don't expect it. I think there is something with this deck. No renown characters as I didn't want to pay for something I wasn't getting with The Faith Militant.

Please give it a shot and/or let me know if you have any suggestions.

Kneeling Package: Consolidation of Power works well with King's Men, Visited by Shadows, and Stormlands Fiefdom.

Saving the Kingdom works well with Light of the Lord, Visited by Shadows and King's Men.

Stannis Baratheon (Core) is in the deck but I don't know if he really fits. Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) might work better. Beyond an overall kneeling theme, his only synergy is with Light of the Lord. I'd change out a plot or two with Wildfire Assault if I was going to switch to King Stannis. This Stannis basically is my reset.

Melisandre (Core) is great. I'm a bit worried about having enough R'hllor cards to fully use her ability, but it seems to be working ok so far. Decent synergy with Spears of the Merling King if my economy cards have shown up.

Asshai Priestess works well with Visited by Shadows and Melisandre (Core). Also works great with Spears of the Merling King.

Ser Axell Florent can really mess with opponent's challenges. He impact is usually indirect (the opponent will change how they play to prevent the ability) but it is powerful.

Shireen Baratheon (Core) is a great little chud. She can probably be removed to get down to 60 cards though.

Dragonstone Castle can be good, but it might be a flex card to get down to 60. There are more high-impact locations that take priority. The cost is also significant in a deck with The High Sparrow.

Blackwater Bay is great. It has the same condition as King's Men, which is nice I went up to two and removed The Red Keep as the draw was stronger and you need good draw before The High Sparrow hits the table.

The Seven Package:

Begging Brothers do a lot of work in this deck. They shut down a lot of nonsense with their ability and then they can be bounced with Spears of the Merling King to reload. They are also the main target for Brother's Robes.

King's Men work with the kneeling package as a targetable Milk. They are over-costed for their strength which is why there are only 2 in the deck. May try going down to 1 but I want to have options to trigger The Faith Militant.

Poor Fellows are great. They are powerful chuds that need to be accounted for.

The High Sparrow can really throw many decks off-kilter. He is a card that must be dealt with by your opponent.

Brother's Robes is your location control. It does wonders with Dorne (which is critical since Dorne bypasses The High Sparrow and often causes awkward Flea Bottom usage by your opponent.

The Dominance Package: Devan Seaworth helps find my locations and can be reloaded with Spears of the Merling King.

Light of the Lord works incredibly well with Saving the Kingdom, Melisandre (Core) and Stannis Baratheon (Core). It's expensive but it does a lot of work in the deck.

Table and Chair work great in this deck and can close out the win.

Storm's End accelerates my power gain risk-free thanks to Stormlands Fiefdom.

Economy Package: I had to assume that The High Sparrow would be out the whole game and built my economy package around that reality.

The Iron Bank works incredibly well with The High Sparrow. A strong economy is very helpful with the amount of bestow cards in the deck.

The Kingsroad and Dragonstone Port are reducers, which I need. Dragonstone Faithful are other my other reducers/chuds.

Stormlands Fiefdom are mainly beneficial around their ability, but the economy is nice as well. It works with Storm's End, Consolidation of Power, Chamber of the Painted Table, Poor Fellows, and The Faith Militant. More are usually better and they can help with renown characters as well.

Everything else:

Maester Cressen should probably be a two of. His ability to keep Stannis Baratheon (Core), Melisandre (Core), and The High Sparrow clean is really important.

Maester Pylos is the other option for Here to Serve. A stealth power icon is always nice to see.

Ser Cortnay Penrose and the The Bastard of Nightsong are great generic mid-range characters that don't really have any synergy with the rest of the deck, except Light of the Lord.

Syrio Forel is shockingly good in Faith Militant decks. Adding a military icon and stealth can help win challenges to steal a power with The Faith Militant. I'd like to have more copies like I did in my Lannister Faith militant deck, but there are already too many understrength characters in the deck.

This brings me to Visited by Shadows, an under-rated card based on my experience. I've never tried it or even seen it be played before this deck, but it does a couple things that make it worth including. Being a 0 cost, non-terminal attachment means it will keep doing work during the entire game. There are under-strength characters in the deck and this helps even things out. However, the primary thing it does is bring characters into range for Consolidation of Power, Saving the Kingdom and Asshai Priestess.

Spears of the Merling King are extra saves that often help get extra uses out of Begging Brother, Devan Seaworth and Asshai Priestess.

Plots: I'm not sold on the plots by any stretch, but this is what I have come up with so far.

Favors From the Crown is played whenever I see The Iron Bank, ideally as a starting plot. It also works with Begging Brother, Devan Seaworth, and Ser Axell Florent

Barring the Gates slows down Targ rush and stops Flea bottom for a turn. It has income+ for an early plot.

Exchange of Information is card draw that bypasses The High Sparrow. This deck isn't sneaky so you aren't losing anything by revealing your cards.

A Feast for Crows speeds up the deck and is nice gold if my economy hasn't shown up. It's not a good opener but it usually does work after Exchange of Information.

Here to Serve is tutored draw, and a free 3-drop, the low gold doesn't hurt as much with the The High Sparrow. Being able to find Maester Cressen on command is important to the deck.

Summons is draw+ when I'm hunting for a dupe. This is important as this deck is weak against resets.

Close Call gives me draw, returns a key piece from the dead pile and provides income+. It is required to help cope against resets.

Other options: Wildfire Assault could work as my own reset. The Withering Cold could also work as a replacement for #Summons but I prefer the card draw for now.

Thanks for reading this far. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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Kau the Lion 7

I really like this deck. Very creative. Gave me some good insight for a different Bara deck I'm building but I may try this out online just for fun one of these days. I hadn't considered visited by shadows before but I'm starting to see why it can be very good. Though, I'm curious, have you gone up against any Tyrell rush decks with this?