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uBaH 92

I said I don't want to share my list as I was really upset loosing the 8th round to a mirror match, but then again I'm really happy how my deck performed. I do not regret any of the decisions made in the deck and I would play the same list given the choice.

Here is a short report of the deck. There is quite difference in my and Dominik list that shows the difference in our styles.

On to the list:

Plots: For the longest time I wasn't sure how to approach the plot deck. First I planed to run double reset Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris OR The First Snow of Winter. Than the team announced that the final pack is legal and 3rd contender came into the light Ravages of War. Based on my tourney experience with the deck I really wanted Dohaeris for those terrible matches, but I decided to go Ravages just because how hard it punishes setups. Main idea of the plot deck is once I set up to be able to play into any of my opponents resets without fear of loosing character to steal.

Characters: Here the changes compared to the previous list are that I added Arya Stark (TFM) instead of Bran and Rickon. Because we are not running FB I felt they will not perform as good as they did before. Arya synergies well with Coldhands and Mutiny so it came as a welcomed addition.

Attachments: Here I dropped Seized by the Guard as I needed some space for the added locations.

Locations: Here the new addition was Hardhome and a 2nd copy of The Bay of Seals. The surprise factor and controlled removal to extend is what I was looking for. I also droped one copy of Harrenhal. Decided not to go to 61 cards and with the addition of 3x Hardhome I thought it is to much. Fun fact of the day I drew Harrenhal more often than Hardhome #skill.

Events: No Change Here. They are pretty much self explanatory.

Here are my matchups for the Joust:

Round 1 WIN vs Wars I don't have a memory of the game as I was all weekend on painkillers for a terrible Wisdom-tooth ache. The matchup is favorable for the deck so no problems.

Round 2 Win vs Fealty My main memory form the game is on turn 5-6 I was first and marshaled Harrenhal and than when my opponent started marshaling he played Umber Loyalist with 3 cards in hand afterwards. I instantly murdered them and my opponent discarded Wyman and some small character and marshaled Robb. At the end of this round he conceded asa I was able to remove Robb and had the tools to get Wyman.

Round 3 Win vs Crossing This game I have the clearest image in my head over the weekend. I just want to shout out to James Booker for being great sport with the close game we had. I don't recall the setups but T1 marshaling I made a huge mistake. He went really wide with triple duped Hizdahr and saved money for Challenges that in my mind was Drogon. I marshaled Arya and Coldhands and for some reason I didn't took Hizdahr I took something else that I don't recall. The idea was to hide Arya for T2 Morghulis. As expected Drogon came down burned my stuff and in dominance I had only Arya. I used Mutiny on Drogon. I was with a clear board and The Wall in hand. T2 I played Fallen or Late Summer Feast and Booker played You Win Or You Die expecting Morghulis. Here he went even wider trying to close the game but reached to 13. T3 I reset the board leaving only Hizdahr on the board and Booker in top decking mode. From here on it was really slow and steady grind for me back into the game. This round Drogon burned Hizdahr. On the last Round after seeing Booker putting card in Shadows I marshaled my Begging Brother that I had for few turns in my hand. That stopped Aegon Targaryen and I managed to close the game to 15.

Round 4 Win vs Wolf This is a good match-up for me and I managed to close the game slow and steady.

Round 5 Win vs Crossing Here comes the . I was scared at first but than I was my opponent didn't run the standard Big Guys splurge of characters but had a lot more Challenges phase tricks. The game went in my favor pretty early and I managed to keep my lead.

From here on it was total downhill.

Round 6 Loss vs Dragon Here my opponent marshaled T1 Hizdahr and managed to go wide with a lot of dupes really fast. The only game of the day where Dohaeris could have been better than Ravages.

Round 7 Loss vs Fealty Here the game was going even but at some point my lack of econ during the whole game proved devastating.

Round 8 Loss vs Wolf Mirror Match. Something I didn't expected at this late stage of the game. Again my econ took a rest for the whole game. I was really angry at my self loosing in a Mirror match after sharing the earlier version of the deck. I would like to apologize to Dominik for that.

Team Event. With my score I was on the Team event and because I didn't prepare any other deck I've chosen this one again. Here the dynamic of the event allows us to avoid bad match-ups and part of our strategy was to always get one good matchup. In the First game (vs Russia) I lost to Alliance deck full of shadow cards. Here we choose our Wolf matchup that paid off. We won 2-1

2nd (Austria) Game Here our match-ups didn't look that great. , and , We choose to give the Lani to our Wolf teammate and opponent chosen for my their Crossing. This is a ok matchup for me and I managed to win. We won 2-1

This put us directly into top 8. We had some small break.

Top 8 (vs Finland) Here We choose my matchup vs Dragon. This looked really close to my Melee list and I knew it will be quick game eater way. I was the lucky one. I managed to get Jon Snow T2 after lucky Queenscrown. From there the matchup went in my favor. We won 2-1 again.

Top 4 (vs Greece) We didn't choose our 1st matchup here and the sub that came in for this game was specially prepared for me Crossing. Kostass knew me well as we played at several Greek tournaments and knew what's up. Here we lost soundly 3-0.

Game for 3rd place (vs Austria) Austria managed to clime back and we met again here. We chose my matchup first as I was confident in my deck. I went again vs the Crossing and managed to win the game. Our opponents switched the other 2 matches this time and we lost 2-1.

In the end we finished 4th out of 22 teams.

As Always it was a great Stahleck experience. I want to apologize to my opponents where I've been rude or bad sport. I blame the painkillers.

P.S. As the supplier of the Bulgarian Drink (Grape's Rakia or just Grozdova) I'm happy it performed well. Read on that matter here. https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/12057/stahleck-2018-king-of-swiss-1.0

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domse 148

Congrats again on the good showing. I would have liked it much more to face a different deck in the last round, so we would both have had the possibility to make the cut... Btw, I did the counting and we do differ 16 cards. That is quite a lot for an archetype that some people argue builds itself.

Toaster 35

So do you think the Hardhome + The Bay of Seals worked out the way you wanted it to?

uBaH 92

Honestly as I mentioned I drew it only once during the whole day and it was way to late at that point.