Martell VD "All men must serve" - Westeros Fall Champion

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SpiriT 166


The deck has brought me to the cut at Stahleck, with an overall record of 8-3 over the weekend (6-3 at joust, 2-0 team event) and Westeros Fall Championship Final (I think with 8-0, don't remember exactly the round where I started using it, but haven't lost since). Previous version of this also took me to top16 in Fracas.

Apologies to people at Stahleck whom I promised to share the deck with "next week", didn't expect to get so far with it in Westeros and kinda didn't want to spoil this to opponents.

The name of the deck is quite ironic because I promised to call it like this in July when my friends Vytautas and Daniel (VD) shared the idea with me. Back then it was all about Doran and Red Viper, big bros, no flea bottom or jumper shenanigans, with great answers to Tyrell and Targ which were dominating at the time. All 3 of us hit the cut during Fracas with various decklists around same core, but neither did good enough and Martell Wars was so popular back then, so this just felt like another one.

I haven't played the deck for few months, playing around with Targ and Stark, but before Stahleck I came back to this deck and updated it to work without Core Viper. Over next 2 weeks of practice constantly new ideas and improvements arose and the deck got like 20-25 cards different from the original iteration.

Deck idea:

In general, the main strength of the deck lies within Someone Always Tells, Secret Schemes, Dorne and Trade Routes. Combined they provide economical and card superiority over your opponent. Having Doran's Game is just icing on the cake.

With your win condition getting better every turn the game revolves around 2 things - get your stuff up while allowing opponent least power possible and when just explode one you have everything.

Usually, you achieve that with any renown dudes or lady and Doran's game. To The Spears! obviously helps, especially when you have intimidate.

Game plan:

Open Behest or Riddle (against Targ HRD), flip into Summer Harvest or Varys's Riddle to profit. I've now even added Trading with the Pentoshi, because Riddle turn1 became more popular.

This way, no matter what you have advantage turn 1, process to build up your board while establishing good card draw. Turn 2, 3 and 4 are usually eco plots, which both establish superior board, cancel their eco plots and nullify resets. Sometimes you'll flip Varys's Riddle if not used turn1 or Counting Coppers.

Valar Dohaeris is left when reset is needed, I've had Valar Morghulis too, but I don't remember using it in Stahleck or Westeros.


Darkstar (Km) this bad boy is gold. Stealth, remove icons and can use Dawn. Ser Cletus Yronwood win initiative with any plot pretty much. To The Spears! if you can win a challenge, why not win 2? Get double renown and intimidate few fellows. Areo Hotah (SoD) and The Prince's Plan saving games so often from rushes.

Also, special mentions to hate attraction cards:

Arianne Martell (Core) The Red Viper (OR)

So fun when people go extra mile to kill a character you absolutely don't care about.

Anyway, so here's something you can hate instead of usual Targ or Stark goodies.

6 comentarios

Toaster 35

@SpiriT: Interesting deck, do you think any of the newer Martell / neutral cards can be added to this deck? And which cards are in your opinion the most flexible ones that one could cut for new additions.

SpiriT 166

@Toaster Any specific cards you are interested in? I was excited about He Calls It Thinking, but in testing Nigthtmares proved to be better.

As for slots, there are some chars, which are just in, because they are good, but not ultimately neccessary like The Red Viper (OR), Nymeria Sand (SoD) or Arianne Martell (Core).

You could also drop copies of Dawn, To The Spears! and Doran's Game.

Locations seem to be as tight as possible.

Toaster 35

Cool thanks, I was also testing He Calls It Thinking and it proved to be very situational, there is just so much economy around these days.

Floydos 22

Hello! Nice deck!!!

Just want to ask, since you run 3copies of the House Dayne Escort, would be in current meta better to use Return to the Fields instead one copy of Trade Routes? RttF have nice ini + boosting draw and eco. Just asking.

SpiriT 166

Thanks @Floydos. Escort is a cheap chub with good icon spread and some nice extra effects of being House Dayne for Dawn and not worrying to discard them for reserve.

You can test Return to the Fields instead of some plots, but never take out Trade Routes, they win you games. They usually give 10+ gold and enable Someone Always Tells.

Korppi 9

@SpiriT Hey, what was your game plan against Stark? Meera who blanks hosts of the boneway, bran and winterfell which stop dorans game...