IoWorlds King of Swiss 5/0

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Zanzark 79

This is my Greyjoy Sea of Blood deck I played at IoWorlds and took to a 5/0 King of Swiss only to be defeated in the cut. Wausau was 1-4 at the end of Swiss and the best dude in town took it down congratulations to Jesse. The tournament was amazing and I cannot thank our hosts enough for the fun time and hospitality.

Anyway a few things about the deck.

  1. Play Fatties
  2. Turn said fatties 90 Degrees
  3. Make dam sure your opponent blocks poorly and is scared of your Sea Trigger at all times.


When I Awoke Maester Murenmure; Would like to sneak a 3rd copy into the deck somewhere.

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Lawyer 425

Playing a similar deck, more focused on hight initiative, but the char pack is similar. I'm not running Raider from Pyke / A Pinch of Powder combo that is a shame :P

How do you handle Martell matchup (hard icon removal) and Winterfell ( out of Barring the Gates turn ) ?

Anyway, Murenmure is a must i agree

Zanzark 79

You play Martel like the fucking nightmare it is, keep up appearances that the SoB is what matters when all your trying to do is out grind them via renoun/power. Use your Isle of ravens keep cycling what ever threat they have in the discard pile. cant fleabottom if you dont have any targets.

Zanzark 79

As for stark you need to make your Winter plot count/ Murenmure is again the MVP. I will Force a Torch on Winterfel over swording a target.

Kennon 207

Argh.... That Murenmure...

Borgo 1

hey, i tried your deck and it is fun. But i can't see the point of When i woke. Would like to read your thoughts. Cheers

Kakita_Rinsei 23

@Borgo When I Woke... is good for two things 1) After you win a military challenge where there was a defending character. You get to bounce the character to the top of the defending players deck (Limits card draw of player by him drawing a card you know is on top and also reduces the opportunity for a new card to be drawn. 2) If for some reason your character gets some type of token that will kill it, you can defend/attack with the character (if it has military icon) lose the challenge to play it and save you character (I have done so usually on Vic after he has been Tears of Lys. There are other combos you can use it for but I think in this deck it is mostly to frustrate your opponent by bouncing the character to his deck and leaving him 1 chud short for claim.

Patrick 1

@Borgo Well, @Kakita_Rinsei is only half right: The text on When I Woke... reads, "After a player loses a challenge, that player chooses a participating character and places it on top of its owner's deck." If it went according to Kakita's first example, then most likely your opponent would choose your character.

That said, knowing your opponent is going to put a lot of effort in defending your challenge, if they return the favor and put a valuable character into a challenge in which they win, you can bounce it onto the top of their deck. It's especially rewarding if said character has any power on it, as I have done when using that event.