Clansmen of the sea (CoW top 8)

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Ortos 149

I have used this deck (with some changes along the way) for all my games in the winter Champions of westeros online league (made it into the top 8). Since I have had a few requests for the list along the way I thought I might as well post it now that I'm out of the league.

I wanted to play something fun from one of the "bottom houses" bara or lannister for this league, and I really start to believe this is an archetype that can compete with the best decks of the meta (apart from martel SoB.. that is just.. well.. I have not figured out how to beat it yet).

The first few rounds i played with Flea Bottom as restricted instead of Hear Me Roar!, but found the tempo HoR brings to be better then the card advantage of flea + Gold Mine. This decks is great at making tempo plays in the challenge phase with My Mind Is My Weapon the MVP card of the deck, but Treachery and the clansmen as good support.

Hope someone will enjoy it as much as i have! With the updated restricted list I think it's a really good contender.

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Toaster 35

Cool deck, quite different from a Clansman SOB deck I created for myself.

Some questions (if you don't mind):
What are your thoughts on 1x Tyrion's Chain to trigger War plots again (#Duel and Forced March come to mind) especially against Greyjoy (Duel probably wouldn't work in this high cost iteration of the deck , but there are plenty of "War" plots).

Did you miss Mountains of the Moon or is the challenge the only challenge that counts in the current meta anyways?

What about Burning the Dead against Martell and Greyjoy?

Thanks again for posting, will take this deck for a spin asap.

Ortos 149

@Toaster I ran 1x Tyrions chain all the way to my last 2 games. It is for sure great with heads (this version often wins on hand destruction, when the opponent focus to much on blocking my agenda trigger). However, I felt that 3 trecherys+nightmare helped me more in my hard games then the chain. But yeah, i miss it from time to time and sure could se it make the deck again.

I had Mountains of the moon in a very early draft. I never felt that it did enough for me to earn a spot. I would probably rather run "Off To Gulltown" if i felt i lacked other icons, but that has not been a big problem for me in other games then against martel SoB. I feel like Mountains is a little to limited.

SoB is a great agenda for silver bullet events. I have tested burning their dead. I don't really feel the need of them against GJ (the cancel part is the worst part of the fanatic is the worst part there, the bring back Is often OK), and while I hate Desert Raider with a passion I always felt akward seaching for burning against them as well. They will see that I pick the event before the claim, and may bring any dead ones back. It is good against it, but, I felt it was not good enough (and beeing close to useless in many other games, apart from replacing itself) to make the cut. But, in a martell heavy meta I could see it fit for sure.

Amoon 1

Sweet build, thanks for sharing. What's the thought behind only a single Put to the Torch and no Isle of Ravens?

Toaster 35

@Amoon Together with Gold Mine and Citadel Archivist you can trigger the reshuffle of the discard pile on will.

And I assume a single Put to the Torch is enough with 3x Archivist, while he stated his other main objective was destroying the hand so the Put to the Torch is probably there just to get rid of some key locations.

@Ortos Thank you for the explanations and I can see how Burning the Dead wouldn't work that well, and I've had the experience that Tyrion's Chain seem more nice to have than necessary.

Personally after giving this deck a try it feels very light on the economy. Do you usually rely on Hear Me Roar! to get everything going?

Ortos 149

@Toaster Hmm, I don't really share the feeling of lacking econ, however, I know I often get that comment on my decks so I guess I often play a little poorer then many players prefere. I much more often feel a lack of cards then of money with this deck.

It is often this deck can not afford to hardplay Gregor or Ser robert strong, and those are there as good targets for HoR (and get played from time to time, Strong I usually get to put into shadow quite early and wait until i need him, 5 is affordable). But yeah, getting some of the tempo events early surly helps a lot. It does not need to be HoR, I think MMIMW (and to some degree trechery) works just as fine for it, giving me a good chance to see one of them. But I could see putting 2 kingsroads in if you feel like the econ is lacking. Probably for 1 nightmare or trechery and 1 char. Tyrion is also a card that I really like to see in my starting hand, since the deck got plenty of ambush to put in with his gold.

Ortos 149

@AmoonYeah, as Toaster said i much prefere the archivists to Isle (since archivist is great against a lot of other stuff as well, like Asha Greyjoy (Km) and Flea Bottom)

With the events I play 3x of the ones I want to see to help me win challenges. The 3 put events (and earlier Tyrion's Chain) is my agenda events that I usually search for. Most of the time Put to the Sword is what I want to see and rarely search for Torch, so, therefor I have been playing 2-1. And If i do not see the archivist when i need more torches trechery or nightmares usually can help me with the troublesome location as well. But I have lost games on seeing to many Ptts/pttt on hand early, instead of cards that help me get to trigger them and therefore do not want more then 3.

Prevail 1

Great looking Lannister list!

Why are you not playing Ulf Son of Umar? He synergizes with Hear me Roar, MMIMW and the agenda in general.

Why did you put Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) as a 3 of? For the passiv power gain and icons i suppose?

Are 2 Widow's Wail better than another copy of Nightmares or econ or Tyrion's Chain?

And lastly what is your take on Marched to the Wall? Its great in aggro decks and you could march your Citadel Archivist for the trigger.

Ortos 149

@Prevail Thank you.

I had Ulf Son of Umar in an early draft, but, never really got to trigger him and the other 4-6 costs just felt better. That was before HoR thought, and I could see him played as a 1 off now as HoR target, but again, most of the time i think i rather have Ser Gregor Clegane or Ser Robert Strong for that. I just don't feel like I jump clansmen often enough for him to be worth it over the other chars at the moment.

Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) is one of the most efficient cards in the deck imo. The power gain is great, but mainly since the deck goes first most of the time and the ability to help me win mil by 5 and then defend (and he is a great MMIMW target) is simply great. He is one of the first guys I want out on my board.

I think the biggest strenght of the Lanni SoB version compared to the GJ, Martell and Stark versions that float around is their great ability to adjust their strength in military mid challenge, forcing the opponent to overcommit or be caught of guard. Widow's Wail and My Mind Is My Weapon are the main tools for this, and 2x has felt great. Nightmares got its moments, but for me it is probably one of the cards closest to cut in the current version (since i got 3 trechery as well) rather then something i want one more copy off.

Marched to the Wall could be good. However there is not often that i feel like I have the bigger board, and they just have one guy, and I'm loosing. It sure can happen, but, I always try to build my decks, especilly plot deck, in a way that helps me in the hard games. And i feel like all the current plots does that better then marched.

Palpa 1

Very nice and creative build. Looks fun. Which deck did you loose against in the top8 and was it bad luck or a bad matchup (Martell SoB?)?

Ortos 149

@Palpa I lost to a GJ SoB deck, that's a even matchup but it is decided very fast. In this game he saw the perfect start (KoS Euron and warship Vic on board turn one) and I saw none of my events that is very much needed to win that tempo game, so I did not stand a chance in that game.

Sassanid 9

What would you play from at the gates?

Ortos 149

@SassanidI have actually changed the deck quite a lot since the release of at the gates. I changed spikes to at the gates (could se riddle be the one cut instead if ppl are not used to play with it).

But that also made me want to have some more 6+ costers to marshall+great halls since I think that is where At the Gates shines. So I did cut one Western Fiefdom, Nightmares and 1 Treachery and added 3 Great Hall, then I added 3 Tywin Lannister (Core) as well (cutted 1 robert strong, 1 mercant and one archivist i think). Have not played as much with the deck since then but the economy is better for sure.