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mach 52

Went 5-0 with this at the Manchester store Championship.

Played against Bars SoB, Martell HoD Starfall, Tyrell SoB, NW Rains and Stark Fealty.

Got battered by Wamma (NW Rains) in the cut, bad setup and Heir only got Victarion. Gregor and Victarion got hit with Lethal Counter Attack which settled it. Did have some fun with The Hound + See Pounce + Nightmares though.

Open Heir if you've setup a cheap lord or lady. Play your big a lads and turn them sideways, don't worry about your opponents marshalling/challenges because it's not worth the brain power.

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Crabshack101 7

@mach what are you using The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due for usually?

mrdav 127

This is the worst tournament report you’ve ever written. Sort it out.

mach 52

@Crabshack101 - Iron Bank is great. Usually on Marauders, that combo singlehandedly won the game for me vs Martell, getting rid of four three cost cards one round and then four two cost ones the following one.

Also works on the NML who's a bit rubbish once you've triggered his ability. The dream for Iron Bank though is to setup Littlefinger, Lancel, Roseroad and Iron Mine. Then Heir Lancel into Tywin, get the bonus extra gold from Littlefinger, bring him back to hand to play a big lad(s), and then draw with Littlefinger the following turn when you've been hit with a reset for overextending.

@mrdav - I think I used to do it a bit like this:

Round One - Keb - Bara SoB

Had no intrigue icons vs Cersei, is a jobber, battered him.

Round Two - Wedge - Martell HoD Starfall

Used marauders and Iron Bank, had no cards, is a jobber battered him.

Round Three - Connor - Tyrell SoB

Didn't expect the surprise strength boost on Tywin thanks to Iron Bank and kept killing my lads for the Boy King. Don't know him well enough to insult him online. Not a jobber, close game.

Round Four - Wamma - NW Rains

Got lucky. Gregor killed Bowen Marsh with a dupe of Bowen Marsh. Stopped Gren taking too much power with Nightmares.

Round Five - Savvy - Stark Fealty

Wanted to get game finished quick so could watch the Grand National. Saw twenty minutes of build up before the race. Is a jobber, battered him.

Cut - Wamma - NW Rains

Got battered, I am the jobber.