#igofirst - Runner up and 6 top placements @Euros2019

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Nimer 2676

Hello everyone. This is the deck that performed so well at Euros (most represented deck in the Top, runner up, see the link below).


Valerio had the idea of this deck and I helped him tweaking it in the past months, as soon as we agreed that Castamere was still the best agenda for the most broken house of the moment.

When the italian crew (and a couple of english friends :P) were training for Euros, I gave all of them this list, pretending it was the best deck possible. I still think it is. All the 12 GJ castamere of the tournament were versions of this list, 6 of them made the cut.

I don't pretend that this exact list is the best, there are some flexible cards like in any other deck, but the core idea is to abuse what Greyjoys are better at: go first and snowball, and it works againt almost all the good decks of the moment.

The Agenda: I don't like prince but I think GJ crossing is really really good. Castamere tho can be as much fast as crossing with castamere triggers. PBtT, Filthy Accusation, Spider's Web, Red Wedding and also Wildfire can help you do some more uo challenges while also giving you an advantage in winning challenges. Moreover, it's very good to be able to threaten the opponent with your weakest icon. So we maintain the fast pace somehow, adding some really useful tools like a soft reset, a direct kill, hand control and some challenge control.

The initiative: We all know that the GJ mirror is often decided by who triggers Euron first. Why though? Is it all about the Silence. In our opinion, what wins the mirror is initiavite. Draw (iron gates), challenge removals (raiding longship) and intimidate are crucial to the deck, so you REALLY need to go first. That's why we decided to add Salty Navigators and Kingsroads to the classic GJ setting. +12 initiative overall is A LOT.

The characters: Most of the choices are "standard" here but we have some interesting choices. First of all: Victarion. With so many warships and given that mirror matches are supposed to be a lot, the other Vic seems like the obvious choice. To be honest, the card is better in vacuum. It solves more problems, it serves more purposes. But if you are guaranteed to go first and play cards like maiden bane and every captain is a king, and standing effects on demand like pbtt, well, 6 gold Vic is a great choice. If you didn't find Euron you will have the intimidate you need, but even with Euron he guarantees the third intimidate challenge. He's also a huge backup if Euron gets blanked. Moreover, he makes the deck faster and more consinstent in its goal: go first, kneel all of them, have characters ready to oppose. He's also very good to open a way through the intrigue win, thanks to his intimidate on the other two challenge icons.

Balon: king Balon has two reasons: str buff for the agenda, the king plot. This deck is very good against other midrange decks, but can suffer more control matchups. The king plot can grant you the turn to close the game. Also, with double renown he's very fast.

Lorsport shipwright: I still think they're the best 2 gold drop in the game (or the second thanks to Istvan :P). They disappeared from some builds but they are for sure a 3x here.

Salty navigator: as I wrote init is crucial. Moreover, they feed forced march very well.

Main plot deck: 2x Forced march: OP plot, should be instantly restricted, nothing more to say. At the gates: we tried LSF but the great hall is needed for the next turns. We Take Westeros: lol King in the North: already discussed. Nothing burns + Weapons at the Door: these are not always useful but they make some of the tougher matchup easier. Builders, Baratheon, Martell can all annoy you a lot with negative attachments. With these and we do not sow you should be able to solve the problem and close the game.

No valar: this is a lot about the player. As a non usual GJ player I don't miss it but many GJ players told me they feel more safe with it. Not a problem, think about the plot you need less in the tournament you are about to play and change it. Same for first snow which is also a good option.

That's almost it.

Why did I publish this list? I usually publish interesting and fresh builds to try to shake the meta a bit, trying to give more options to players who are bored by the existing T1 decks.

This time though it's because I think this deck is too good, a lot NPE since it snowballs ALL midrange decks but Baratheon since turn 1 and too straightforward and resilient in its gameplan.

GJ are dominating the field since too much time, we need something to be done because otherwise all the important tournaments will be dominated by this nonsense.

Feel free to make question, as always I will answer asap.



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Ansaer 19

Nimer and Valli OP, pls restrict!

argento 571

Sorry but Greyjoy can win with every agenda they want, "flexible cards" are " litterature" , im really happy barath summer takes the win this time , its very good for the game, and thats the list i want to see . But 17 brainless greyjoy on top 32 , 10 on top 16 , 6 on top 8 , its a nightmare when u love this game .

Nimer 2676

Hey @argento!!! Yeah Gj could even win a lot with no agenda, agreed. I also agree that it's a nightmare to see that many GJ. The answer is a RL though, not some hard counter decks. This is my opinion. Euros were a competitive tournament and it's absolutely legit that players play what they think it's the best. I had this deck and decided to play Lannister at LSF, decreasing my chances to win by a lot, but that was my own decision. We cannot pretend that players don't play GJ because it's boring and op. Who has the power to make it less op should fix this asap. It's already late but better late than never. That's exactly why I decided to publish the list. Even if they don't restrict it, players will have more chances to try to tech against it.

argento 571

I hope like you my friend !

BlaiddDrwg 1

So you're saying the squids are so OP they can afford to go first and play Red Wedding :O

Nimer 2676

@BlaiddDrwgyeah exactly. Forced march, go first, flip red wedding, kill two lords or ladies and intimidate the rest... If Joe didn't remove Red Wedding from the list maybe we would have a different winner... :P

Timmy 58

I played Andrei on round one with the deck And truly yes, Greyjoy can afford playing red wedding. The red wedding turn turned out to a nightmare for me ^^. It all make sens now, but back in the game, I really thought it was brilliant to play castamere just for that plot.

Congrats for the build. Now Ffg, do the job please.

Don Drogo 1

What do you think need to be restricted to give us a meta more balanced and fair for each faction ?

Nimer 2676

Hi @Don Drogo. I have some ideas and hints but without testing the changed meta it's hard to tell. Euron and forced march for sure need to go on the list, probably also skagos. You can then add more gj cards or remove for example mace, meereen and dorne. More draw for other factions could balance the meta a bit.

Lawyer 426

Thanks my friend for sharing with me the starting list, i've changed this a Little for my playing style but It was like driving a Bugatti Veyron. As GJ loyal player, would not be a bad move for FFG to restrict Forced March and Euron in my opinion. Thanks again, i Will share my list once i am back to home

Stenb74 65

As a GJ loyalist i agree with you, forced march and Euron and possibly Victarion should be restricted. That would lead to more interesting builds so that people stop playing booooring decks...

Wùlfgar 1

@Nimer incubo l avrei inserito quasi sicuramente per 3 ,come mai non l hai messo ? Inoltre volevo chiederti come mai hai deciso di mettere così tante carte che fanno controllo aggiunte e luoghi , addirittura 2 trame appositamente , avevi altre opzioni che ti eri tenuto come seconda scelta ? Ritieni così importante fare tutto questo controllo nel meta attuale ?

Se aprivi con "at the gates" il fatto che l avversario a sua volta iniziasse con "Varys riddle" non lo ritieni una scelta fallace ? Cosa ne pensi di un apertura "Fallen from favor" ? Grazie !

Nimer 2676

Ciao @Wùlfgarad incubi ho preferito noi non seminiamo. Spaccare una silenzio e prenderla di we take westeros può ribaltare un mirror. Incubi è una carta fortissima ma bisogna fare delle scelte. Sulle trame anti aggiunte l'ho spiegato nella descrizione: non sono utili in molti matchup ma migliorano drasticamente dei matchup molto brutti. Il mazzo soffre moltissimo le aggiuntee visto che tanto molto spesso la partita dura 4-5 trame secondo me val la pena di avere due trame che migliorano di molto dei matchup molto negativi. Fallen from favor non se ne parla, perché dovrei rinunciare a un personaggio? Inizialmente giocavamo late summer feast ma ci siamo accorti che avere una great hall per tutta la partita era troppo importante.

Jools 46

@LawyerDo you think that we need another same GJ build?

Benji 758

We are in a competitive activity at the core, so I do appreciate someone performing the step of taking something dominant and finding how to make it dominant versus others dominant.

Congrats to your team Nimer !

Lawyer 426

@Joolswhy not? It have different choiches and i want to publish It to make a report, and day thanks to Nimer. It was my First EU and i want to write something about It :)

Kakita_Rinsei 23

As a loyal GJ player I agree that the scene needs a shaking up. Forced absolutely is broken. I think making it a one of in a deck would remove some of its strength. I think Euron needs a text change. Finding "Silence" is OP, playing it for free is a different level of OP. Congratulations in your showing and nice deck. I do see the meta changing with how decks are being constructed and it is nice to see a GJ variation even if it is a OP deck. Would be nice for a change of strategy to be available, one that would not be so complained about. But I get it players are abandoning houses to not lose face. I am sure balance will switch to another house soon enough, already we are seeing Bara claim (Beats GJ everytime). Some decks seem to include autopilot while others require a manual to run. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to playing you on TIT again soon.

mak 278

The intimidate is real. Strong build!

Harren 367

Nice and strong build, I really like it. I played against it in Euros going 2-2. The only weird thing for me is Every Captain is a King instead of the third WdnS.

As for the restricted, the real problem is the plots: Forced March and We take. And by the way, Alannys can be as important as Euron.

Great design and great performance, congratulations!

Nimer 2676

@Kakita_Rinsei, @Harren thanks a lot guys. Every Captain is a King is a spicy addition: an unexpected trigger chain during a King in the North turn can be lethal, but probably the third WdnS is overall better. ;)