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Lawyer 418

This is my version of the Nimer's deck that i've played at the FFG European Championship 2019.

I say we take it all! I say, we take Westeros!!! — Euron at the kingsmoot

First of all, i have to thanks Nimer for sharing with me the starting list, it was a pleasure work on this deck, and playing it during Euros. You will already read his considerations on Greyjoy an on this deck, and how it worrks, how to not share them, but as Greyjoy loyalist to be honest i've enjoyed myself playing something i like.

Then, thanks to Nome, Pyroz (we missed you!), Zetton, Guagno and Nadir for the finishing work on the deck, and thanks to all the Milano gruop for the last month of hard playtesting and ofc to the italian team (32 people was a blast at EU!) for shared ideas before landing to Cracovia.

Just two words on our choice, and then a report for who love reading them.

  • Valar Morghulis : i can't play Greyjoy without, even if the mines are restricted. 3x of each big guy, and risen from the sea (and upcoming Kervin) continue to be a sufficent number of saves, so why not playing VM as emergency exit? Wildfire on demand seems really good, but i feel better in this way.

  • A Game of Thrones : It can be a good call if you need time when thing goes wrong, giving you time to reorganize the strategy or to stop your opponents one turn when they have not so much intrigue on the board.

  • Varys's Riddle : Just a silver bullet, but always strong. All the most played plot are when revealed, the you know, Forced March Heir to the Iron ThroneReturn to the Fields Marched to the Wall You Win Or You Die Counting Coppers We Take Westeros! are good target to hit!

  • King's Landing Proselyte : A great intuition of Andrea Nomellini. They works great on every GJ deck believe me. STR 4 with int and pow; with a tons of small char to trade off this char is a big deal, with right icons here.


#1 Greyjoy Kingdom of Shadows - W

Shadow Deck are tricky, my opponent doesn't see a lot of economy and he struggles to put cards out form the shadows. I have two Vince in my hand so I'm relatively safe from the Nightime Marauders. After an Asha pillage I find out that my oponent's restricted is the mine, so I forced his valar and playing with we take weteros at same time I was able to save a one more big guy.

#2 Viktor - Stark Kothh - W

What a match! I had a first hand full of characters cost 7 and no economy. A setup with one char would have been deadly so I take a mulligan. Now I have 4 economy cards, double Balon and one Asha. It Was a good economy setup but not having characters on the table makes the situation not the best against this deck. Viktor replaces Arya of the core set with the one that does not save if standing, with Skagos. In the first round, I can build a small board but Ward is a thing. I make some points but Meera is always ready to blank Asha and its effect that would allow me to do cards advantage. The game turns to Viktor because I am forced after his Valar D. and Valar M. to always give him single targets: I have double Euron in hand and I play one that is discarded by Ramsay. The second Balon in my hand goes under March to the Wall. We arrive at the last plot 14-12 for Viktor and in hand I have only one Victarion, I do all in: I win initiative and I decide to go first if he have another Ramsay is over. He have a few cards in his hand and I hope. With a UO power challenge, I quit a scary match.

#3 Joahn - Stark Fealty - L

This was a great come back from Joahn which has not had a very strong beginning. I develop the deck strategy without too many problems and I take the lead.My opponent with Heir to the Iron Throne finds Catelyn Stark (Core) that i managed intimidatin her after military challenges every turn, but once he played Wyman Manderlyhe begins to draw a lot of cards until Robb Stark (Core) puts him in a position to not suffer my intimidate guys. With the help of Meera he manages to recover the disadvantage, and win. Well done!

#4 Marti Foz aka Harren - Greyjoy Fealty - W

A EU champion, and a splendid person. After a chat about the state of the game, and comparison with firt edition things get serious. Marti plays a GJ deck against the GJs a very strong pillage deck. Already from the first rounds I was hard pillaged by two Scouting Vessel + Euron Crow's Eye (Core) a lot of strong cards and locations goes to discard pile. Taking the lead with Euron and Gorold Marti makes a lot of points. We both play two rounds of Forced March that give me some time to reorganize myself. i've played Euron, and the silence enters, and since I have three big guys Marti decides to play Valar D. His Euron is a big problem because he is stealing all the ships in my ships and economy in my discard pilem then I play my Valar M. being able to save characters between copies and risen from the sea. Unfortunately Marti is at the top deck and does not find anything useful, he manages to replay Euron after having recovered it from Close Call, but Red Wedding does what it has to do. Beautiful game, and my favorite of the tournament.

#5 Chris - Stark Kothh - W

Another splendid person an strong player with a deck not easy to play and to face off. We meet last year during Fracas in Warsaw. Despite of a roose bolton ready to hit, my opponent can't get the control of the board: the many low-force characters (Mormont Pack) and the few intrigue icons don't help him to manage my board and I take the victory.

#6 Konstantinos - Greyjoy Prince - W

This was the percet example on how this deck works on mirror. I won every single round of initiative then with intimidate + Forced March i had the total controll of my opponent's board. He played during first round the Prince Balon Greyjoy (Core) with two copy but he did not make any challenge during all the game excepted for one power challenge when i was at 14 powers an i had all the family on the table that can easilly won on defense taking the last renown point on Balon.

#7 Vojta - Tyrell Kingdom of Shadows - L

Not so much to say here, i do what can i do to face off all the tricks he got all the whole economy of the deck on the board to play everything he need and i got not enough Vince LOL

Top 32 - Joe (Runner UP) - Greyjoy Rains - L

What can I say about this game? not much. Another example of how the deck can win a mirror from turn 1. Joe wins the flip coin on the initiative tie on revealed At the Gates, then played Euron, i got Vince, but he got it too. GG can't never win initiative during the game even if my board was good like his. My Euron comes on T3 when it was already late.

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Thorik 113

Grande pudinz. I think that the nimer deck is really solid, the main adjustment a player can do to adjust to his playstyle is mainly in the plot deck e in the events

Harren 356

Congratulations on your performance, we played a very interesting match, you got me with your Valar so nice adjustment ;)


Lawyer 418

Thank you, you got two of my meta mates during swiss with GJ Casta too, we got the same deck. Our match was crucial on 2-1 with the tournament that swiched format three times LOL. Anyway thanks for the game, it was a pleasure!