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Bronze 60

The deck performed well all day. It lost once to in the rounds leading up to it, and once to in the finals. It doesn’t have the same burst potential as a deck can manage.

The new agenda Rise of the Kraken is just bonkers, and was seen in both games as my demise. The finals game I had really thought that i had the situation under control but the still managed to pull ahead and push the challenges at the right time.

The plot that made some of the most difference in the games for me was Counting Coppers. There was a time in each game that lasted beyond 3 rounds where it was hugely beneficial to draw into a necessary card that could help push the advantage.

At the moment, there isn’t anything that comes to mind about what I would change about the deck right now. Nothing useful came from the latest chapter pack for .

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Bronze 60

I have to wonder if most decks right now suffer a bit from the power that can bring to the table. The unopposed capabilities that they can bring forth are quite destructive.