Winner Barna Dohaeris 2019 - 49 players 9W-1L

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albert 551

Hi again,

Here it is my new version of an old deck which it gives me good results in the past and also in the present.

This deck was weakened two FAQs ago and for a long time was unplayable. I came back to play burn and other agendas, but I always miss the draw that other factions have, so I return to the origins of the success.

You can find all the tournament here:

Swiss rounds:

  1. The Free Folk - Win

  2. Stark Valyrian Steel - Win

  3. Night's Watch The wars to come - Loss

  4. Baratheon Alliance (Tyrell + Qohor) - Win

  5. Targaryen Qohor - Win

  6. Tyrell - Kingdom of Shadows - Win

Top 16 Lannister Lords of the crossing - Win

Top 8 Greyjoy King's of Winter - Win

Top 4 Martell Knights of the Hollow Hill - Win

Final The Free Folk - Win

You can see my TOP 4 and Final here: On this channel there are more videos!

I will glad answer your inquiries and doubts regarding the deck, don't hesitate to contact!

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charlypostman 19

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