Winner Espada Blanca 2019 - 60 players 11W-0L

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albert 551

This weekend was Espada Blanca 2019 in Valencia, an amazing tournament with 60 players.

This deck is similar which I played in Stahleck, making TOP16.

This deck is based on use Meereen in the most efficient way possible, this is the only reason there are no burn events on it. I expected to make the cut, but in no case I thought I can win all the matches.

The MVP card is obviusly Hizdahr, the only king that matters.

Swiss rounds: Night Watch Sea of Blood Baratheon Summer Martell Fealty Stark Assault of Shadows Night Watch Winter Greyjoy Dragon Stark Fealty

Top 16: Greyjoy Wars to Come Top 8: Baratheon Alliance with Tyrell Qohor Top 4: Targaryen Sea of Blood Final: Stark Assault of Shadows

There are some games recorded of this deck during the tournament, around 7 I think.... I will post the video links as soon as they are on youtube.

Thanks to all, I will glady answer any question.


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Rick IsLitFam 260

Wow! Congrats! I don't think I've ever gone 11-0 whether it be online or in person. Sounds like the deck is amazing.

I'm just curious how In Daznak's Pit performed for you. Also, why Viserion (Core)?

Were there any match-ups that you played that gave you a hard time?

Adkadi 296

One of the best decks I ve ever seen. Is not a casual deck, nor an experiment, it is probably the most stable build (it always executes its gameplan) in 2.0. During the tournament there was a general feeling about this deck to be unbeatable.Simply amazing, congrats friend.

Lannister 377

Sazy for president of Westeros (and Essos) xD

WorldSerpent 118

Congratulations on the win. Why do you have Ilse of ravens and the markets?

jvaldes2 13

one of the best decks in 2.0 , and Sazy your preformance was incredible , congrats friend

albert 551

Hi @Guardian0988, Daznak's Pit is an incredible event. The best way to play it is being the first player in You Win or You Die turn, or in the King in the North plot (if your opponent doesn't have king, obviously). You can use it also if you are 2nd player and you can stop your opponent challenges and attack later. As example, against stark I made 7 power in a daznak phase (4 unnoposed + 2 power claim + Khal renown) before a Valar that would kill my table. Viserion is here for many reasons, the cost is good for the setups and flea bottom, it's unique and targaryen (so it can be used with illyirio's state and great hall) and people is scared to attack or defend in case of Dracarys!

There wasn't any easy match, but the TOP16 was so close and difficult against Greyjoy wars. The new Victarion was on table with STR 10, the attach that gives stealth, pillage or renown and 6 or 7 ships behind him. The milk of the poppy makes my day and I could resist. Meereense Market were also the key, because I put two iron mines on the bottom of the deck, my opponent has King's Landing also on table. The final match starts difficult to me (I was losing 9-1 on 3rd turn) but Valar M takes out 3 renown away and clears my opponent table. I saved Hizdahr with Belwas and opposite as many challenges as possible to avoid my opponent on winning more power.

@Adkadi,@Lannisterand @jvaldes2 thanks. Your tournament was also very good, because you are all very good players and better friends.

@WorldSerpentMeereense Market is perfect to avoid the triggering of Flea Bottom from my opponents but it's not as good to make me draw the key cards. On the beginning of the 6th round, the deck is around 20/25 cards left, after plots revealed is the best moment to shuffle 2 or 3 cards into the deck from your discard deck. You can put into your deck 2 khal drogo and a Drogon, shuffle and draw 5 cards (2+3) to draw them and play them. The same if an opponent plays a Valar Dohaeris, just put another key card on the deck, shuffle, draw and play it again.

Diomedes 2858

Felicitacions! :D This deck indeed looks like the most consistent Thrones deck so far. 11-0 is impressive!

I'm interested in your opinion, Albert: If Meereen and Hizdahr zo Loraq ended up on a new restricted list (still with Flea Bottom of course), which restricted card would you choose? Thanks :)

Sigorn 1

why are you running Viserion if you don't have any Stormborn characters?

Baronerosso 155

congratulations. I hope to see the final :) @Diomedesprobably should be a differente deck

pumiketo 1

Como ni inglés es tan bueno y no quiero dejar a nadie mal, te lo pongo en español. El mazo es una preciosidad a la vez que una aberración digno de un jugador con el mismo pensamiento que yo.... " ¿ "Que aberración puedo jugar ahora"?. Muy buen torneo y magnífico mazo colega, un saludo desde Valencia.

albert 551

Hi @Diomedes, if Hizdahr and Meeren goes both to restricted list with flea bottom the deck is dead, so i will change the build to burn again with Dracarys. If only Meeren goes to restricted list, the deck could be also available with 2x Counting coppers, but not as effective as it's now. Perhaps to maximize the Hizdahr ability a Targaryen Shadows could be a good option, but Targaryen is a faction with no draw without Meereen.

HI @Young Griff, Viserion is here for many reasons, the cost is good for the setups and flea bottom, it's unique and targaryen (so it can be used with illyirio's state and great hall) and people is scared to attack or defend in case of Dracarys! It can go out, but there are not so much options, perhaps Doreah.

Hi @Baronerossoas soon as teh videos are up i will update it here.

Jajaja @pumiketospanglish is permitido aqui in ThronesDB. No pensaba cuando lo hice que el mazo fuera a ser tan eficiente la verdad. Pero las cosas salieron bien. Kisses.

Mayain 1

your a brave man to run Crown in your deck still, i don't think i could bare myself to lose a game because Balon takes it every turn.

sirkamlot 1

@Mayain - 3x market, 2x Isle - Balon is not a problem then

zack 126

nice build, thanks for sharing!

I guess Calm Over Westeros is your standard opener reducing military?

Have you tried replacing 1x Plaza of Pride with 1x Queensguard? As of recently in targ I personally use more and more a mixture of the two, and with Meereen it could be really great.

albert 551

Hi @zack I have not tried the queensguard but i think perhaps it’s a little bit expensive and less versatyl than plaza, which can stand Second sons. I will try it.

All the matches were as you said, with calm over westeros reducing military claim, because the deck starts slowly and needs tempo to increase the table.

derekljr 13

Now that Flea Bottom, Meereen and Hidahr are in the restricted list, which one of the 3 will you keep and how will you update the deck to keep it relavant?

albert 551

Hi! This deck how it’s planned to work is dead now. To maintain the essence, could do hrd with meeren and turbo daenerys with small dragons and a lot of attachments, but this kind of deck is the deck with most draw in targa, so meereen it’s not strictly necessary. Another option is to play fb with burn effects, a std fealty burn deck. Hizdahr in my opinion has no good deck for now.