Lannister KoSw - Targ Box (Red Keep)

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Lannister KoSw Low Economic Curve - Exposed Duplicity metaga 1 1 0 2.0
Inspiración para
Lannister KoSw - Raius variation 1 1 0 5.0

Benji 759

Lanni KotSw Low Eco curve.

Red Keep is the second copy of Guild Hall the deck is looking for, and the extra non-limited economy the deck might look for. I do not remove copies of Gold Mine because this deck generates dead cards frequently, making GM a true draw engine.

Poisoned Coin is the counter to Expose Duplicity. If the metagame frequently plays the plot, then increase the number of PCoin to x3. The logical link is the following :

1) You will know how to identify decks and situations triggering EDuplicity 2) Playing ED means you do not play an Economy plot or Return to the Fields. 3) It means that Valar M will be plainly efficient. 4) Therefore, you need to remove dupes. Poisoned Coin is the Shadow tool for that.

Tyrion Lannister (TB) is x2 because the metagame changed and is now -much- more slower. Therefore, I have an increased utility of a stable tower doing the recycle and the draw.

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