Braided Beefy Wild Men Overwhelm Westeros - Madrid Regional

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This is the deck that gave me the win in the "last" regional in Madrid. In our nats, Sandy asked to me borrow him a deck and gave me a SoB list and it looked super powerful. I was frigging curious with the deck and after seeing the new targ deluxe I had to build it again to test against it in our weekly meeting in Padis. With that in mind, I had in my bag 3 decks: Tyrell-Wolf, Stark Xing and this SoB. Since we were 15 and there were prices for every faction, I decided not to play Tyrell so Varu could get the prices for best Tyrell, and not to play Stark for the same reason, to let our famous FluRapper get the Stark ones.

The deck is a straightforward one, super easy to pilot (I played not even a game with it before, just 2 turns in one of our weekly meetings). The problem one could face platying this deck is the Stop jumping plot since it stops the Dothraki Gate and the Jump Doths, jump! event. The strategy is pretty straitght forward: stomp your opponent in T1 and keep it going. In T1 you can easily make a military claim of 3/4 and from there, just read you opponents plots so you can get advantage with yours.

Plot choices:

The tournament is here:

  • R1: Stark Fealty: T1 claim 3, from there the game was settled
  • R2: NW VS : Claim 3 T1, then it snowed and game was done.
  • R3: Stark Xing: After seeing I was going to make a claim 4 turn, he conceded, his words: "not gonna waste time to see how I'm getting stomped".
  • Lunch break: best moments ever with my meta
  • R4: GJ Fealty: not seeing a this was made for SoB location to control his Oh, look, your guys are mine, my Drogon and Drogo were stolen and he played very well his plots (Barring was crucial) and the snows didn't make my guys kill his stealing guy.
  • Top 4: NW VS: same guy as in R2. Same play: Vanquish with claim 4 into Snow time settled it.
  • Finals: GJ Fealty: Alfalfa again, my nemesis! This time I had the market that was promised and controlled his Balon. Game went to 7 plots? and I managed to close.

Changes for the deck: you might want to slot a Forgotten plans if Barring is played a lot and might change the dragon skull for a crown of gold.

Thanks to my meta for an awesome day and see you in our Fantasy Gym.

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