Winds of Winter/Prime - Second Place

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Zuvassin 113

This deck took me 6-1 in The Winds of Winter 2020 event, the only loss was the finals.

I’m very surprised at how well this did, considering that I haven’t played in months (before Dragons of the East was released), and built this at 10pm the night before.

If I continue to play this deck, I would definitely make room for more Bloody Arakhs and probably a couple copies of Nightmares.

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r480 146

How did Forgotten Plans and the Devouted Bloodriders performed? Didn't you miss econ? Why did you miss Nightmares? Grats on the performance and glad you got the inspiration in my published list.

Zuvassin 113

@r480Forgotten Plans was fine, got a couple of good hits off of it but I’m also not the best at timing counter plots, so it could have been better haha.

Devoted Bloodriders were great. The extra strength was important a few times and the extra Bloodrider tags for Khalasar/Jhogo were excellent.

Econ was rarely an issue, maybe just a couple of times I couldn’t afford a 6+ cost body.

Nightmares is mostly for the Stark matchup to hit Winterfell/Last Hearth Scouts/Robb. That was my toughest matchup (and my one loss). An extra Winter plot to chew through Winterfell may have been nice as well.

Thank you for posting the original list, it definitely helped a lot!