Fickle and Non-Loyal - 2/33 King at the Wall II

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Assault from the Black Cells 13 10 6 1.0
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Assault from the Black Cells (Kingsmoot 2020 winner) 3 3 0 1.0

Diomedes 2842

Assault is more than an insider tip, but I built my own little version without big guys or the R'hllor package. Instead of that, I'm going all in with the challenge theme. I came in second at our King at the Wall II tournament last weekend:


Control package:

Non-loyal package:


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SonOfBattles1 254

Welcome to the #DelenaMeta! Cool list, I'm surprised no Shireen Baratheon (MoD)?

SonOfBattles1 254

Also I love the Fortified Position/The Starry Sept abuse for the Bannermen and Entourage - it reminds me of my Power Wars deck :)

Diomedes 2842

Thanks! Shireen's shadows cost is just too high. For the same price I can get a Shadow Priestess. If you play more Red Keep, her ability is more interesting, though. She certainly fits the deck, but my experience with her wasn't good enough.

Marco Martell 1

Pretty original deck, nice build and score.