Assault from the Black Cells

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Diomedes 2606

I want to present my current favourite deck before Fury of the Storm is released.

The Black Cells is a very good control card. doesn't have many shadow cards, so I included it in my Assault deck, which I've been playing in the past because I love the neat interaction of Assault and Traitor to the Crown.

This deck fares pretty well against big guy decks because Black Cells can control them and both A Pinch of Powder and Banished from the Light are actually worth their money against them.

The problem is the top factions and can easily control The Black Cells: Frozen Solid and Skagos, Big Vic, Maester Murenmure, Lordsport Shipwright and all the other location control...

Gold is a problem, so we need Trading with the Pentoshi in the plot deck to pay for Bob. This plot is also fun with The High Sparrow if you're first player. Since Assault costs you 1 gold anyway, his ability hopefully doesn't affect you that much. Exchange of Information isn't affected by the Sparrow, but Building Orders might be a good alternative anyway, because The Black Cells is so important.

It's a fun deck, so try it out. I've read that some play The Black Cells in the Banner of the Sun deck, so that might be worth a shot as well. :)

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Lottrando 1

Hi, nice dack. Why do you prefere The Hand's Judgment over Privileged Position?

Diomedes 2606

Because of the interaction with Assault from the Shadows. The Hand's Judgment can cancel any event for free when put into shadows by the agenda.

Lottrando 1

@DiomedesSo 0 cost is better than an option to cancel a triggered location ability? :)

sking2 27

Also, The Hand's Judgment doesn't have any prerequisites.

Reader 137

The wrong King :(

Diomedes 2606

@Lottrando I think so. Gold is tight, and being able to cancel an event at any time, even before your turn collecting income is valuable.