Bolek and Lolek playing Knight (A Feast For Crows II)

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This is a list I built for A Feast For Crows II.

What follows is a tournament recap.

Round 1: vs. kantzsot on Martell/Wars (Loss)

A Doran's Game list from what I could tell. We kicked the match off with a friendly chat around the world before getting into it. Things went well initially, I got a king online fast and started gaining power. Naturally, I managed to shoot myself in the foot - by running my duped-up Fast Bob head-first into a Ghaston Grey, not realizing that the dupe wouldn't save. Shiiiiit! It was all downhill from there, GG.

Round 2: Rachel on Martell/Assault (Win)

The next orange list, this one had so much icon removal. My opponent played to the strengths of her deck and kept Bob out of challenges for most of the game, sitting on his throne in impotent rage. After an early reset I felt encouraged to spam the board with knights, which turned out to be the right decision. I was able to close it out with an all-in power challenge on the A Tourney for the King plot.

Round 3: Lannister on Tyrell/Lion (Loss)

Match three, and my second blunder of the day. I lost this game on turn 1, when I flipped the wrong plot. I meant to open up with At the Gates, but mistakenly clicked on Barring the Gates. Damn you eyes! With Barring out of the way, there was little I could do to stop my opponent's shadowy shenanigans. I never really found my way into that match and succumbed turn 4.

Round 4: BYE

Round 5: Terrance on Baratheon/Brotherhood (Loss)

Up next was a very cool Azor Ahai Reborn list - link is above, check it out. I took a thorough spanking in this one - my opponent saw his key pieces early on and kept kneeling out my board for most of the game. The times when I got to go first I did not have the tools to create any meaningful pressure - the Warhammers or Ser Davos may have made this a different match. Fun chat about Bara afterwards, and then it was on to the last match.

Round 6: Harrison on Baratheon/Sun (Loss)

In my final match-up, I was up against my meta-mate with an innovative Baratheon list. Facing another control deck that denied me power challenges, I had a hard time making a dent and ran out of steam eventually.

This was the only game of the entire tournament where my agenda backfired due to the higher number of knights across the table. I was somewhat compensated for that by drawing extra from my Alester Florent and my opponent's Lancers, which created some chuckles at the table over this goofy interaction.

With nothing at stake in this tournament anymore, we played it out in a relaxed fashion, thus ending the tournament with a friendly match. Cheers buddy!

And that about sums it for me, thanks again to NECT for organizing and to my opponents for the games.

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