Little Stark Fighters (Runner Up @Blackwater Bay)

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Flood the Board (Top 8 Stahleck & Winner Siege of Winterfell 12 5 8 1.0
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No One is faster (Friendly Open S01E02 Winner) 6 2 2 2.0

luke90 63

After my successful Run at last years Stahleck, the centerpiece of my "Flood the Board Deck", Return to the Fields, was added to the Restricted List. But I decided to still don't play expensive characters and continued with my Little Stark Fighters in different versions, sometimes still with Return as the Restricted Card and other times with Meera Reed.

After I Am No One was also added to the Restricted List the choice was even tougher.

But in the end I decided that I'm going to play the All-in Rush Package with I Am No One and removed my last remained "control" card in Meera Reed from the Deck. My thoughts were, that if I am fast enough, it doesn't matter that I can't control the game with cards like Winterfell, No Surprises or Meera Reed and, maybe more important, I didn't had the time to test if Meera Reed and Skagos would be the better option :D

My new MVP of the Deck is the Opener in The Withering Cold. I liked it at Stahleck but I love it now! You can put so much pressure on your opponent from the very start of the game and you need I am No One for this mission. So maybe The Withering Cold is the true reason for me to play No One over Meera.

If you follow it up by Winter Festival there is a really good chance you can close the game Turn 3.

Of course Burn and The First Snow of Winter is a problem, but it looks like I'm good at avoiding Burn and no one is playing First Snow so who cares :D

As stated in the title i made the Top 8 at the Spanish Nats

And managed to reach the Final at The Battle of Blackwater Bay

The Top 8 Match at Blackwater was streamed by

and the Top 4 and the Final is here:

I'm really bad at remembering and writing about my games, so if you are interested just watch the streams :P

Thanks to all my opponents for so many great games and to the Organizers of the Events!!!

At the End Congratz to Tamas who managed to prevent my second Road to Stahleck Win in the United Kingdom :)

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Lannister 395

Hi mate, how valuable Valar Dohaeris was? I felt by playing similar Stark Crossing that rarely I need it by just overpopulating the board and preparing for the opponents' reset? Congrats :)

luke90 63

It's the plot I play the least, yes. But there were definetly situations when I needed it (against to many renown for example) and I don't want to play without a reset (only Hanno can do it :D). So VD is the only reset I can take in this deck. And if you don't need to play it, keep it. If you have to play it because you got to Turn 7, the gameplan isn't working anyway^^

Lannister 395

That sounds right :) Thanks mate

Atanas Keranov 394

Congratz! Seems like Alysane Mormon is pretty valuable early on due to The Withering Cold. What made you cut the third copy?

luke90 63

I guess that you can search for her with the Scouts so you theoretically have more than two copies. But she is soo good in this List (and as you said especially in the beginning) that 3x is totally reasonable. But I'm already running 61 Cards (despite Niki Always telling me to Play 60) so the question is, which other Card to cut?