Playing some Drowned God for the first time. :)

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Odrl 1081

As per the rules of this event, I have to publish a deck that I won a game with. :)

I played some Drowned God for the first time last week. It was The Prince that was Promised agenda to fetch Tarle, but only being able to put power on one character proved to be too limiting. In fact, in the game I won with this version of the deck, I only played Tarle at the very end when I was already on 12 power and had other ways to get over the line, so being able to put power on any character is definitely the better option. I have to admit that I have enjoyed the experience and will probably play Drowned God some more in the future. Marshalling stuff from the dead pile to gain power is a pretty boring mechanic, but cards like Great Wyk are really fun to build around. I was able to trigger it in three different phases on several occasions, and I guess even four is not that far-fetched with this deck if you get one in marshalling with Tarle, one in challenges with Old Wyk, one in dominance with Drowned God's Apostle, and one in any other phase with Vince. The other card I really like is Aeron Damphair, for the same reason. Drawing three cards just for his ability is crazy, and you can usually get another one with insight too. :)

I don't think any of the cards really need an explanation here. The characters are pretty much all the characters that exist with the Drowned God trait, the locations are those that interact with the trait in some way, and the events are saves and some extra draw. And there was room for some milks too. As for the plots, Wildfire Assault is great here, as it gets power for Acolytes and it puts those Fanatics back in the dead pile. Valar M is here for emergencies, but 10 plots give you plenty of time to avoid it if you don't want to play it. Duel is an easy choice, since there are no high-cost characters in the deck apart from Lysa and it doesn't give prized power away. The same with Pointy End. Summons finds Tarle. Late Summer Feast has good gold and no huge downside, because you are happy to lose military and also intrigue with Nagga's Ribs on the board. Compelled by the Faith can be played mid game if the power on characters is in danger of being lost, and Close Call is here just in case Tarle dies and can't be resurrected.

I'm sure many things could and should be improved, so I'm happy to listen to any suggestions. :)

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Neoptolemos 645

I've also tried DG for the first time seriously last week (although it was Little Prince Aeron deck :D) and I think that Tarle isn't that much important as Nagga's Ribs. During tournament I was digging desperately for them in 2 in 3 games and didn't find them in first 30-40 cards - while it was definitely unlucky, I think that Building Orders for Ribs would be better than Summons for Tarle. Also Counting Coppers/Exchange of Information/Siege Preparations are probably worth considering in that slot.

At least 1 copy of Driftwood Cudgel may be a nice addition?

Odrl 1081

Cudgel is a good call actually. I cut it last week because characters couldn't gain power, but with this agenda and 2x Wildfire it should be stronger.

Would you consider HRD as the agenda?

Neoptolemos 645

Probably I would consider, but Wars are a good call with 2x Wildfire. I would definitely find some place for passive power gain (A Feast for Crows (you win dom anyway), Winter Festival (Karhold kills this deck) or Heads on Spikes (war trait!).

Odrl 1081

I had all of those in my first draft. :)