Winner of U.S. Nationals 2021 (March 5, 2022)

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tphilly72186 17

This is the deck I took to the 2021 U.S. Nationals event in Springfield, Missouri on March 5, 2022. It was surprisingly effective going 6-0. Interactions between [The Many-Faced God], Bribery (R)(/card/20052), and Dissension is absurd. Interactions with Goldengrove are absurd.

Game 1: Night's Watch/The Lord of the Crossing

Game 2: Stark/Battle of the Trident

Game 3: Tyrell/Rose

Game 4: Lannister/The Many Faced God

Game 5: Tyrell/The Lord of the Crossing

Game 6: Night's Watch/The Lord of the Crossing (rematch)

This deck is a ton of fun to play with several decision points and interactions. It is not an easy deck to play well.

Shout out to Kyle Vancil for the suggestion of The Inn at the Crossroads very effective with Goldengrove.

Shout out to for hosting a platform to allow me to get the reps in I needed with the deck.

Shout out to the great Will Lentz, The White Book, and The Golden Company. Great time to get out and enjoy this amazing game!

P.S. This deck is likely to be redesigned away, so enjoy it while you can.

7 comentarios

Magnus 121

Well played. First tourney win for MFG I think :)

Evad 31

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your deck. Do you know if any of the games of the US Nationals have been recorded/streamed? Would love to see it in action.

tphilly72186 17

@Magnus Thanks so much!

@Evad I do not believe so. We unfortunately were limited in personnel for the event.

Kennon 263

So, so strong. I mean.... it's a great deck and I'm almost sad that I didn't play it. Glad you published it for sure! Also kicking myself for not realizing MFG can target opponent's stuff until you did it to me. And I'm seconding the observation that Goldengrove interactions are absurd. Thanks for the shoutout, though! It was really good to see everyone and sling some cards.

@Evad Sadly, we did not have the capabilities to record and/or stream the games, but I am working on getting Tyler and Spencer on the podcast so we can chat decks and how games went at least!

oldbearmormont 1

I played against this deck on ironthrone a couple of times, not surprising to see it go 6-0. Absolutely filthy deck :) Playing it to maximum effect does require a good amount of skill, @tphilly72186 congratulations!

BizTheDad 18

I'm thinking at some point they'll need to #The Many-Faced God and the two events that make it too strong -- Bribery (R) and Dissension. Thoughts?

Req 7

@BizTheDad you were right :)