2021 US Nationals - Joust 4th Place (March 5th, 2022)

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Madbowens 2

The Deck:

This is a classic deck that I decided to use for the 2021 Nationals at Metagames with relatively few modifications, primarily on account of my own familiarity with the deck and its rush playstyle. The main goal is to use Randyll Tarly (Core) as a general beatstick and to rush towards 15 power. Margaery Tyrell (Core), Renly's Pavilion, and The Lord of the Crossing are the core sources of strength modification to stand Randyll, and can make The Knight of Flowers (Core) a significant threat.

When this deck was initially created Valar Morghulis was a significant concern and warranted the inclusion of Bodyguard and Lady-in-Waiting to better protect characters with renown and who can help stand power pieces. Additionally other attachments which can neutralize Randyll like Milk of the Poppy/Craven or bounce him back to hand like A Pinch of Powder led me to include Confiscation to ensure he stays on the board and gaining power.


Game 1: Stark/Battle of the Trident, win.

Game 2: Tyrell/Banner of the Lion, loss.

Game 3: Baratheon/Lord of the Crossing, win.

Game 4: Stark/Battle of the Trident, win.

Game 5: Tyrell/The Many Faced God, loss.


Despite its age this deck is still just as fun to play as it used to be and is still shockingly efficient at hitting 15 power. I was lucky to see The Knight of Flowers (Core) by turn one in almost every matchup, though he was susceptible to Bribery (R) in my final round (it was awesome getting to see The Many-Faced God in action during the finals!). Unfortunately every time I used Wardens of the South my opponent flipped At the Palace of Sorrows (R), which limited its usefulness. In hindsight some form of board clear (maybe in the form of Wildfire Assault?) would have also been useful in place of Trading with the Pentoshi.

Finally, I'd just like to thank everyone who helped host this event and brought the community back together for a fun weekend of games. It was great to see everyone again, and I cannot wait for the next event!

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