Drowned Gods - 1st place Spanish National & Stahleck TeamEve

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SerCarter 225

Hi guys!

I just wanted to share this deck, that made me win the Spanish Nationals and the Stahleck Team Event.

Since Drowned Gods is starting to become more popular, I wanted to share my insights (specially for new players o players that are looking to play Drowned).

Why this deck?

I love to play different decks, or decks that aren´t in the Meta. I had seen Drowned Gods, but they never really worked. The main problem I see with Drowned Gods decks is the dependence you have with Tarle... so I made him Prince.

How I built it?

I don´t like decks that you relly on 1 card, and I already had that problem with Tarle, that I "solved". The other card that I see most of drowned decks built around in Nagga´s Ribs, but again, i didn´t like the idea of building the deck around 1-2 cards. So the deck is built around different win conditions, of course when I had naggas ribs, everything went more smoothly, but I didn´t want to depend on this card, and a lot of the games, I didn´t see it, or it was discarded.

The strategy

The fisrt turn is to get the economy with Gates of the moon. Usually the first turn isn´t amazing, but if you have 1 guy to kill, the rest is OK.

You want to fight power all-in, in search for Tarle (if you already have him, look for the copy) or just hold on as good as you can.

Then, the next rounds, you will start killing your own guys (hopefully your opponent will help you), and make your dead pile bigger.

On turn 3-4 you can finish the game if you had some luck (i made 9 power on turn 3 in one game).

This deck has amazing pairings since you don´t care about mill challenge, you can out-run passive decks and have board reset.

Plot deck & alternatives

  • At the Gates: Main opener, look for Gates of the moon, and have plenty of econ. It doesn´t really matter giving gold to your opponent, since you will be using resets later on.
  • Confiscation: To remove milks or a key card of an opponent. I used in the finals agains a bara brotherhood, and helped me win.
  • Loan: My restricted and big econ. I tried late summer feast, but I rather have the -1 gold (usually by the time you are using the secon Loan you are ending the game), than give cards to my opponent.
  • The King in the North: One of the best plots in game. It can hel you in so many ways. You just have to know when to use it (to slow down your opponent, to prevent bad things...), it´s a very tricky card.
  • Valar Morghulis: Offensive board reset (you usually will have risen).
  • Wildfire Assault: Value Reset (I used it most of the times to kill my own guys, maybe having 8 characters and my opponent 3, I used, and some people didn´t understand why).

These are amazing options to try:

  • Duel: to slow and kill some of the big guys. Won´t always be useful
  • Game of thrones: Slow and control. Again, depends on the matchup
  • Stranger: Another reset, but you are able to save your Tarle with copies that you search for or risen.
  • Pointy: To slow down renowns or remove attachments from fools, valyrian...

Key cards

I will just explain the not so obvious:

  • The Good Aeron: I have seen a lot of people playing the Aeron that brings back characters from the dead if you win dom. I prefer this one, it gives you a LOT of draw, and in this deck, it´s the main thing you need (most of the games I ended up with 20 o less cards in my deck).
  • Vince: I have seen a lot of people, holding on this deck in their hands to cancel plots, but, in this deck, I like to kill him as fast as I can, to have this constant kill during the challenge phase.
  • Prophet: This is one of the most important cards of the deck. It will give you the cards you need to set up the victory
  • El palo: This card is sooo OP. If you play it right, it will give you a lot of STR on the character of your choice, so you don´t lose challenges
  • No Godless Man: People don´t know this card, and it is AMAZING. Since my deck is more aggro than the usual Drowned God, I try to go all-in in , most of the rounds. And if, by any chance, you get to do a 32power vs 1 (which happened in half the matches, and in the final), you will discard your opponents hand and draw a LOT of cards, and since most of the times, you will have naggas ribs, you wont have reserve problems. Lay Waste: To remove milks and Iron thrones.

Main problems you will face with this deck

You will have a lot of trouble with:

  • Rush decks, such as Tyrell Whitebook (I lost to all the Whitebooks I played against), Crossings, turbo cersei...
  • Control decks: Such as Stark winterfell/ Karhold, Lannister intrigue (I got destroyed by Hansen , who played a A lion still has claws in a small tournament).
  • Superaggro decks: depending on your set-up, if you play against wolves or dothrakis, maybe you won´t have enough bodies, to be able to do the set-up.


Big shout out to all the players in Spain. We have an amazing Meta here, we see each other very often (I just came back from a tournament in Valencia, next month we have "Flea Bottom" in Madrid and few months later, we will have the Barna Dohaeris in Barcelona). Thanks to Aceituno, for organazing the nationals and a big shout out to Alfalfa, who I played the final against.


I can´t thank enough the Barcelona Meta. We have a LOT of players in every tournament, we play a lot, laugh a lot and enjoy this game together. Special thanks to the thursday club (Harren, Pulpozilla, Charly and Eric), who I see every thursday to play thrones, who helped me train, get better at the game, and enjoy this game so much.

Thanks to my incredible teammates in the team event: Estupe and Matamagos.


2023, was my first year in Stahleck, and I can´t wait for this years edition. Thanks for the organisation, and all the people I met.

That´s it, it took me a while to upload this, but I wanted to spend some time to explain everything and share this experience.

I hope you find this helpful and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


6 comentarios

RoySnow 1

That´s amazing! I have been trying to play Drowned Gods for a while with house of the red door, but didn´t get the results. I will try this out.

DorianG 1


X11 1

congrats Carter!!! I have played few times against you. Always fun, amazing player and always great decks.

kay 1


GodofThunder 1

Love this deck! Have you tried to play it with KHH?

SerCarter 225

@RoySnow I tried red door while testing different variations, but I had to build the deck around 1 card, and a lot of games, it got cancelled (seized, raiding, frozen solid...). @GodofThunder I´m actually building a new variation of the deck with 321. More aggro. I will let you know how it works.