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agktmte 1387

Here it is, version 2.0 of Fire and Blood. I know you've been waiting for it.

4-0 in my weekly tournament last night (NW Kraken, Targ Fealty, Martell Fealty, Greyjoy Fealty).

I would replace Confiscation, but I forgot to do it when I put the deck together, so I'm leaving it in for publication. There are several good options, so just pick something that you think is useful in your meta (Marched to the Wall, Wildfire Assault, Filthy Accusations, The Winds of Winter, etc.)

It's probably better to have 3 Kingsroads and 2 Roseroads, but the increased chance of a Daenerys Targaryen, Targaryen Loyalist/Viserys Targaryen, and Illyrio's Estate/Roseroad setup was too tempting. (A setup configuration which I had in the final game.)

Another missing card that I would recommend you use based on your meta is Tears of Lys. If you don't expect much kneel, then you can swap Seal of the Hand for it. If you don't like to use (or don't think you need to use) The Hand's Judgment, you can swap those. Alternatively, if you don't want to use Varys, then you can swap those for it. This last might be what I do. I like to have him just in case I fall behind on board, but that probably happens less often than having a really good Tears of Lys play with this deck.

Draw is important, so it is definitely okay to grab Littlefinger with Summons instead of Daenerys Targaryen or Khal Drogo. Depending on the match up.

And yes, Shadowblack Lane is worth it despite the anti-synergy with Fealty. Just plan ahead and play accordingly.

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kidohearts 1236

who messed up my Kraken deck, lol, jk

agktmte 1387

@kidohearts it actually was not your deck, by which I mean that I played against an inferior version of that faction combo.

kidohearts 1236

indeed, good to hear. no idea what that means, lol

eldub 2

How did Varys do in this build?

agktmte 1387

@eldubunused that evening, which is why I may cut him for Tears of Lys. In general, I like to have him in a deck because he can be game-winning in certain situations. I am undecided if those situations are more common than a situation where Tears is game-winning though.

Dydra 1467

No offence, but there is nothing to impress me in a Targ Fealty deck. Pretty easy to build, pretty easy to pilot and consider that Crown of Gold is the only card that came out for Targ faction in those 2 packs ... Varys is an interesting choice I guess, would like to know more how and when you use it, but the rest feels pretty straightforward.

agktmte 1387

@DydraI'm not sure a comment like yours is particularly helpful. Of course there's not much variation in a Fealty deck. And Targaryen has received only four new cards. One of which made the deck list.

I also think that you are overlooking/dismissing the differences in neutral cards chosen for Fealty lists. That is one aspect of building with this agenda that many players have questions about and I think it is helpful to share winning deck lists whenever possible in order to demonstrate which are chosen, etc.

Most experienced and good players don't need to see this list to build a good Targaryen Fealty deck, but many new players will find it helpful.

I have had no occasion to use Varys with this deck. In general, I find that it can help overcome a slow start or press an advantage if you get dupes. If not, discard it for reserve. I am likely to switch him for Tears of Lys next time I play.

Stormborn 301

@agktmtethanks for sharing. It's very useful. Please continue to do so.

A lot of Targaryen Fealty decks are running Summons x 2 for if you miss with Summons the first time. You can also replace Counting Coppers if you summon for Littlefinger and although you miss digging for events, you now have Shadowblack Lane for that.

Serazu 1

Your opinions on Syrio so far?

agktmte 1387

@Serazu he is very good in general. It is a tough cost slot because there are so many 5s, but Stealth is extremely good and the military icon with Daenerys is fantastic. If I were not playing Fealty, I might consider two copies.

linkingverbs 191

I agree with your comments on the deck and in this section - Tears over Varys. Tears plays much better for me in this deck. Definitely test it out next time you run this.

kidohearts 1236

@linkingverbshey man remember me? we use to talk on Tiny's streams. Didn't know if you saw this deck that I won a SC with and someone won Boston with this past weekend. Thought you would like it.

CurunirLan 1

Nice deck, love the 1.0 version and this one is even better.

I see this deck stand good against Bara kneel, but how do you handle with GJ Fealty stealth power rush? With theit "Rise of thr Kraken" and stealth I lost everytime with this deck build in second or third plot already. They make 10-11 powers in one turn just with military and power challenge. Those who are not stealthed are remowed with Raiding Longship ability, and Dany or Drogo (if not stealthed) are remowed with "The Kraken's grasp". I had "Crown of gold" and Dracarys! multiple times, they save with Risen Asha from Crown. I lost like 5:0 from GJ Fealty. In my meta they are played a lot. Any advice how to beat them fast are more than welcome. Milks and Tears are awsome, but he cancel them all the time and have Risen and Aeron to save after Dominance. I play 3 Hand's Joudgement... still not good. Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand.

agktmte 1387

@CurunirLanI don't really have an answer for GJ yet. I'm not sure what it needs. There isn't a whole lot here yet so it hasn't been something I need to account for. I guess you need to try and go first and include more attachments. Varys may help in that match up as well.

Bambi 401

Hey man would you include the new crone in the deck as a 1 or 2 of?