Another brick... : 2nd place, Genova, WT

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RDude 188

Second place at winter tournament event in Genova, Italy. 20 players 5 turns swiss then top 8 cut.

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celric 399

Congrats on the good finish. Glad to see my deck evolving and getting better.

I like the idea of Here to Serve but haven't used it much. Do you usually play it in the early game, mid game, or late game?

I also like the substitution of 3x Milk of the Poppy. I'm not sure if Nymeria Sand is out yet in Italy, but she has had a very big impact in the NW USA meta. Would love to have Milk available when she and/or Balon hit the board.

RDude 188

I play here to serve as first plot against mil heavy decks or when I suspect a naval supremacy. Nymerya is oit here too, haven't had the opportunity to milk here yet.

RDude 188

Oh and Balon finished me me on the final at the tournament, a poppy would have been very useful...

s.the.dornishman 1

nice to see a NW deck finish high.

JuSTiN 2

@RDude, how do you think you would improve the deck with King's Peace expansion?

RDude 188

Well I think that 2 Aemon are enough with here to serve... so there is space for at least 1 Ser Alistair Thorne... Whats your opinion?

Banjo 97

I'm really digging this deck. I made some slight changes by dropping 2 aemon for alistar. I never got alistar out to see him work but I won my first game without the wall and the second game crazy fast with the wall. So far great experiences but need to play against different opponents to get a better feel on plots and deck itself.

JuSTiN 2

I think that the ambush element of Ser Alliser Thorne and Practice Blade are cool. But I'm not sure what to sacrifice in this deck to include them, nor how much of the new cards should be included.