We Don't Need No Stinking Events: We are the Watch

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Another brick... : 2nd place, Genova, WT 16 10 8 1.0

celric 404

I had a lot of fun with this deck at a recent store championship. Missed the cut on strength of schedule tiebreakers. The deck reached 11 power in both losses so those could have gone either way.

When building this deck I made a bet to throw bodies in front of The Wall and cut the events. I did not regret this at all. Even though I lost several characters to Dracarys!, Put to the Sword, and Tears of Lys the only event to actually affect the outcome of a game was The Things I Do For Love played when I only blocked with 1 character. That let an unopposed through and knelt my Wall.

Piloting The Plots Marching Orders let’s you prioritize locations during setups and is generally your best opener. If you can setup the Wall you want to do that 99% of the time. If you don’t, but have it in hand you can also open with Trading with the Pentoshi: TwtP gives you a chance to play the Wall and Old Bear Mormont with Little Bird as long as you set up ANY economy characters or locations. So far I have not regretted giving my opponent the 3 gold.

If you don’t have the Wall in hand or in play at the end of turn 1, Building Orders will give you a great chance to find it. If you don’t see it chances are Milk of the Poppy, Castle Black, or The Iron Throne will help buy you more time to dig it out of your deck. I’ve seen several NW defense decks that don’t run Longclaw and Jon Snow, but every deck needs a plan B.

From there you’ll probably see one of these 2 scenarios. Either you’ll have multiple power icon characters out and will have an edge in dominance so you can A Feast for Crows. Or you’ll have a lot of intrigue icons out to make it a great time to play A Game of Thrones.

Against most decks you have the power lead at that point and can protect that lead with Calm Over Westeros.

Fortified Position will turn off almost all stealth/renown in the game so you can count on another 2 power from the Wall that turn and is your preferred closer in most matchups. Your renown comes from an attachment (Longclaw) and is unaffected.

If your opponent is on a roll early don’t be afraid to play FP earlier. AGoT and Feast can also be strong closers.

Have fun tweaking this to your preferences and enjoy surprising people who feel that NW is an underpowered faction.

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Onetribe 14

Very interesting thinking outside of the box!

scantrell24 3261

I guess you put Little Bird on Benjen and Old Bear, and Noble Lineage on Will and Steward at the Wall. Is that enough targets?

celric 404

@scantrell24You're on the right track. The ideal targets to me are birds on Bear and Benjen with lineage on Will and Sam. Having it on Yoren gives you 1 more STR but I've found people will often over commit on the power challenge to avoid giving you cards from the insight on Sam.

Other times it's just about ensuring a spread of icons. For example, if I was low on INT or PWR icons during the Fortified Position turn, I'd happily throw Little Bird or Noble Lineage on an Unsworn Apprentice or Old Forest Hunter just so they could block that additional challenge type. If that's the character I sacrifice for Military claim, I'll get the attachment back to hand to play on a preferred target later. Realizing this, my opponent may not make a MIL challenge and that's also good for me.

jpanderson912 7

Both Unsworn Apprentice and Old Forest Hunter aren't able to have Little Bird nor Noble Lineage due to "No attachments except weapon" I'm pretty sure.

celric 404

@jpanderson912 during the Fortified Position turn that text is blank.

jpanderson912 7

Ahh of course. Thanks for the clarification!

Katogamerguy 1

Ran this deck last night and went 2-0. It is a little scary at first because both of my opponents were able to get ahead on board advantage. In my first game he was a newer player and made the mistake of choosing to go first each time. One he figured out that mistake the game was 14-13 my favor and I was able to swing with the wall for the winning power. My second game was against Lani-Stark. I was really afraid in that game because he got out tywin, cersie, and tyrion along with some chumps. Milk did work in that game blanking out tyrion and tywin. It is not my normal play style but the sit and wait style of the deck is really interesting. I might make a few tweaks but I think I am a NW convert.