The Red Ones Go Faster! 6-0 Culver City, CA SC Winner

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SoCalSandSnake 377

Literally threw this together moments before the SC started. I saw that Summer Is Coming's own cohost Neil "The Real Deal" Kimball would be playing, and that he'd be unable to resist the siren's song of that shiny new Arbor. So I put in 3x Put to the Torch in hopes of burning it to the ground.

The Plots and tempo are what really made the deck work.

1st Plot- A Noble Cause. Getting out Tywin Lannister or Ser Gregor Clegane is good, naturally, but often I was very content with playing and triggering Littlefinger. Maintaining boardstate is critical to this deck, so try to defend the military challenge in the first turn.

2nd Plot- The First Snow of Winter. This crippled opposition all day. With the agenda, I will win any and every military I attack with, which hits especially hard with no cheap claimsoak. Burned Men, with their ambush, are key players on this plot. Very often, it caused my opponent to be left with just one character.

3rd Plot- Marched to the Wall. This plot generally sealed the deal. No coming back from a one-sided boardwipe. I would usually March the Burned Men, but I had to grumpily March the Mountain when my opponent countered with Marched (the alternative was to March Tywin, which wasn't going to happen).

Then just play Trading with the Pentoshi if they have no hand, or Naval Superiority if they do, and call it a day. Never went past Turn 5.

Note: This deck will good for exactly 2 weeks until people figure out how to build/play around First Snow. All the Stark jankery will certainly change the game as well.

Shoutout (and Happy Birthday wishes) to Lucas "The BAMF-Master" Sydlaske, for reaffirming my event choices. When The Hand's Judgment cancels Hear Me Roar!, the lions cry tonight.

Shoutout as well to Neil "The Real Deal" Kimball, for making sure I only had to play Lucas once!

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IraFunesta 24

Looks nice, but i'd excange one PTTT for one Treachery.

Acudogon 1

why put so many pttt?

omgitsblake 178

'Ere we go! 'Ere we go!

OldShrimpEyes 407

10/10 for the deck name alone.

Acudogon 1

would it be better to put assassins? It is really aggressive with the snow plot