1st place CT regionals! 55 player event

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Lanni Kraken: 1st Place TN Regional 16 12 10 1.0
Lanni Kraken, Finlands Regional winner 7-1 (4-1 in swiss) 1 2 1 1.0
Stealthy Lions 0 0 0 1.0

jm2215 762

This deck helped me take down the 55 person regional champs in CT. We also placed 2 of the other 3 players piloting it into the top 8! A tournament report and deck deconstruction will be on our next episode of The Brotherhood Without Manners Podcast. Check our website www.thebrotherhoodwithoutmanners.com on Friday for the latest episode! Feel free to ask me questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

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BenBarnhart 225

How did the Newly Made Lords perform? Were they worth it? And how important was Seal of the Hand?

jm2215 762

The newly made lords were effective I will say. They are another body that lives through first snow that you don't mind claiming, and their utility in blowing up a red keep, plaza of punishment, raiding long ship or ghaston grey has continually proven effective. The seal of the hand is CRUCIAL. 3x is the correct number in a Tywin deck as most decks have one way to blow up attachments. In the finals for example a seal survived a viserys because of the dupe and earlier in the day the seal survived a confiscation. That cards power level is very high.

muushupork 1

I could be wrong but I dont think you should have "the" in the link to your site.

jm2215 762

Haha thanks man I'll fix it. I should probly plug the actual website www.brotherhoodwithoutmanners.com

Ryttare 1

ToL vs PttS. Which performed best? Whick gave the most kills/high prio kills?

cadupa96 82

Congratz on your win! Just looking at your list I can certainly see the power level of this deck.

Only one thing that comes to mind though, how does the deck fares against milk of the Poppy? No confiscation and no Raiders means that only one milk on Tywin and it dramatically slows you down I would guess.

I know people seems to less play it these days, but recently I've started playing 3x milk with building orders in my lanni lotc deck (to grab a milk or a casterly rock) and am having great results with it. There is also the fact that your deck seems more aggressive and less control than mine, so that's maybe a factor.

jm2215 762

@ ryttare The things I do for love was a call that only I played out of our group. We played the same list but with very slight preference based vairations. Put to the sword is the more important card and I considered a 3rd, but the flexibility and impossible to play around nature of the things I do for love caused me to add one in and I was THRILLED with it all day. The card is blowout city in certain situations. That being said 1 is the right number and if you personally are more comfortable with a 3rd PTTS its fine.

@cadupa96 I got milked a fair amount at the tourney. The thing is that while it certainly is annoying, it doesn't stop what the deck is doing. I had my tywin milked on several occassions to slow me down, and one game where tywin, tyrion and asha were all simultaneously milked. I won both of those games without much issue. The deck has enough powerful stand alone cards, that losing one or two key effects isn't usually game breaking, especially since their still just big dumb dudes with a good icon spread. Confiscation was in the running for 7th plot but the economy boost of calling the banners gave it the slot instead. It was my first tourney without running confiscation, but I don't have any duds like nymeria that get totally wrecked by it.

holytispon 64

Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

Stratix 1

@jm2215 Thanks for the deck, really looking forward to giving it a go! I think @Ryttare was asking whether you got more mileage out of Tears of Lys or Put to the Sword, I'm also interested in the answer!

jm2215 762

@stratix Tears of Lys only being 1 gold and not requiring a "win by 5" while hitting so many high value targets is just too insane. I'd play 4-6 of them if the game rules allowed for it. PTTS while still very good in this deck due to the stealthing Mil chars and huge lannisters, is mostly just due to the fact that this deck has no other way to kill an opposing tywin. You also want a certain density of targeted removal one way or the other, and about 6 was right for this deck. I prefer the tears, but I think its a little more complicated of an issue than is X better than Y. @holytispon NP man! Have fun with it!

cml 123

Both my losses in Swiss were to this deck, so obviously I think it's really strong. Great play on the day (even with our game being super sloppy by both of us) and congrats on the win!

jm2215 762

@cml Thanks!

BillyDooku 105

Did you miss the 3rd Treachery at all? By playing only 2 you should see one per game but rarely the 2nd.

Great finish brother, congrats on breaking the tournament.

ignacio 1

I assume you also had to face some Jumping Lions NBAMF decks. How did your deck fare against them? Any specific strategies against it? Was it hard to beat them?

bigdikbandit 1

your site link does not work

deaglesuk 1

This deck is silly good. Played it in a small GNK yesterday (8 players) and won without dropping a game.

The kicker? I've been playing 2 weeks and the final was my 10th ever game.

keithsboredom 776

@bigdikbanditits www.brotherhoodwithoutmanners.com he has the wrong url in the description

jm2215 762

@BillyDooku I honestly never missed the third treachery. There is a lot less varys going on right now and almost no Ghaston Grey. Obv treachery always has its uses but it's worse now than it has been for quite some time.

@ignacio honestly i somehow dodged it all day. James piloting the deck played it 4-5 times and keith played it twice on the day each taking one loss to it. It's powerful and has unbeatable draws, but I think our deck is fine against it.


The newest episode with a deck breakdown and tourney discussion is now up!

uolmo 1

First episode I listen from you. Great work on the cast and congrats for the win. I liked both the narrative part of the tournament and the deckbuiliding strategy talking.

jm2215 762

@uolmo thanks man! appreciate the feedback! hope to keep on winning and post more just like it!

psuczyns 67

would you make room for the recently spoiled Trial By Combat? it looks stupid good but i can't figure out what the best thing to cut for it would be.

uolmo 1

Final is up on youtube with comments (A meager contribution channel) www.youtube.com

Ghost00 19

No space for the mountain?