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Buzz 527

~ Tournoi de la Main 2016 Champion ~

Piloted by me(Andreas "Buzz" Aldrin) in a field of 127 players. The original deck is the BAMF! deck built and piloted by Syd. This version is a result of relentless testing, disscusions and meta-calls by Me, PulseGlazer & Syd. The deck has performed extremely well and over countless of games I've only lost a handful of them. We ended up identifying a few things:

Confiscation is a very slow play, Rattlers was added and Confiscation to free up a spot for Marched. The worst matchups being Seen in Flames + Kneel + Icon removal I added THJ to handle Seen in Flames and Tears. Versus Martell or Bara I might keep a lesser hand if it contains Judgement or Treachery. In the Martell/Sun matchup I put full focus on removing Caleotte & Nymeria. To increase efficeny versus Bara a Bodyguard(Condition) was changed to Seal.

Previous iterations can be seen played on:

Here is my current Wolves of the North version: - Cut some attachments and THJ to make room for Tower x2 and more Jump. Cut Brothel Madame for now, maybe add Queen's Assasin x1/2. Focus on getting Tower in play, Jump stuff with Intrigue in and lift stuff to hand. Would be interested in trying Marched x2.

If you're interested to follow my adventures in the AGoT Community you can check out:

Great Beards of Westeroes - Podcast

Across the Narrow Sea - Meta interviews

Second Sons - Livecast

AgotNordic Livestreams @ Twitch & Youtube - We will do a Livecast of Second Sons at 8pm EST today(Wednesday) where we talk about the deck.

Tournament Report

R1 vs Chronosis: Win Targ/Lion - Don't remember much. Targ is such a good matchup and one I'm 100% confident in.. First Snow wrecks the deck and I can do easy clean up of the surviors..

R2 vs Graoul: Win Targ/Lion - Similar to the previous match..

R3 vs Nicodu: Win vs Lanni Crossing - He got a much better start and had Tywin while I had Tyrion. He started pilling up power but miss-timed his First Snow of Winter and I could punish it with lots of Ambush effects and Put to the Sword ---> Marched.

R4 vs Nihio: Win vs Martell/Watch - I got the nuts. Had Tywin & Gregor Turn 1 with dupes plus enough jump to protect myself to from a Marched, found Tears & Puts & Hands Judgement. The big Mountain killed poor little Caleotte and it was just downhill from there. Adding Cersei & Tyrion to the board didn't help his cause. Turns out I accidentaly forgot to discard a Tywin dupe I got from InBAMF. While it would have changed the pace of the game I'm pretty sure I was far enough ahead to win anyway.

R5 vs Ecureuil: Loss vs Martell/Stag - This was a very very close game, Guerrick is a very(very, very) good player. Going in to the tournament there was only one matchup I feared and teched against. It was Kneel, Seen in Flames and Icon Removal. This deck was even worse.. it had all the dominace tech, which is quite good against LotC. He had a fairly good setup and played Counting ---> Roseroad + Ghaston. Next turn he got down Iron Throne & Chamber. Round 3 he added a second Ghaston and Boneway to the mix. It was... painful. In the end I got to 14 power and made a mistake that enabled him to trigger The Boneway and Gendry for a 6 power swing. Had I played correctly I would have gone into the next round at 12 vs 12 with me having a massive board-advantage and 2x renown.

R6 vs Guet: Win vs Lanni Crossing - Don't remember much.. maybe my opponent can help me remember.

R7 vs Cyrano: Win vs Tyrell/Crossing - Not quite sure about this game, I think I remember getting a sick First Snow turn and him not finding many power-chars. A single Arbor Knight with Heartsbane & Mare in Heat tried to hold on to the game after I cleaned up his board but it was a tad too much to ask when up against a relentless battering from the Lannisters.

Top32 vs Funiculaire: AKTA MINA SKOR!! Lanni Crossing, very similar to my own deck. I got Tywin first. I win. End of story.

Top16 vs Alex: Greyjoy Fealty, lots of intrigue and unexpectedly running Tears of Lys. I killed Balon with Tears first turn and his son suffered the same faith the on the next. I had Tywin and a massive lead which got bigger with First Snow ---> Marched.

Top8 vs Ecureuil(rematch): I was sure I was going to lose. After having gone toe to toe against him I knew I needed my Anti-Bara/Sun tech of Treachery & Judgement + Tears/PTTS for Nymeria. I got a sickening start. Got a fairly decent setup with a Kingsroad and opened Pentoshi which enabled me to Marshall Tywin & Tyrion. I also had Shadowblack to start digging for my Treacheries. I ended up Judging his tears, Treachery on his Ghaston, March on his Nymeria... The list goes on. He was holding on quite valiantly but I focused on stacking renown on my chars and the game ended up being too fast-paced for him. (The game was recorded by Ben and will be uploaded this weekend.)

Top4 vs QT: Lanni Crossing, Intense bareknuckled bar-fight. My Mountain killed his Tyrion. He put my Mountain to the Sword. I pulled Tywin from his hand first turn. Very even game but I got the upper and started pulling ahead. The gap became to big for QT to catch up, he made some mistakes and I won when time was called. (

Final vs Silme: Targ Crossing - He got an ok setup with good chars, but not against my deck. Against my deck he would've needed economy and high-cost chars. I think it was a mistake to not mulligan. He also made a mistake to claim viserys' dupe or Dragon first turn in anticipation of First Snow. The game was a blowout from the start and even though I made a mistake turn 2 the game was no-contest. (

Thanks & Shoutouts

Thanks to the French community for organizing such an amazing tournament and it being so big despite only 12 players being non-french. Special thanks to LaPlante, Kata, QT and many nameless others for organizing and QT again for letting me win in the Semi-Final. Thanks to Kabé, Ben & Oisin for keeping the non-french Banter high. Thanks to all of #TeamRestOfEurope for banding together against the French. Shoutout to the Bulgarians - Petar, Borislav & Dimitar - who ALL made the cut! And of course big hugs & kisses for #TeamSweden and other friends who kept cheering for me throughout the day, checking Facebook between rounds was loooove <3

Also! Thanks to all my opponents for being the most gracious of losers(Except for Nihio the CryBaby :D) and giving me tough matchups despite my luck. Hope to see you all at Stahleck in November and Varberg Morghulis in September!

P.S: French Fries... You are welcome to Sweden to try and reclaim some of your dignity, see you in September :) <3

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chochem 9

Will there be special prizes for french players who beat you at Varberg Morgulis?

Markdrive82 119

bravo Andreas!

Buzz 527

@Markdrive82 Thank you! @chochem Of course! Achivement called "Severing the Hand"

Avelfaltazi 1

Nice report, nice player, nice beard...what else ? :D Congratulations for the win !

Buzz 527

@AvelfaltaziMerci :)

Wessex 1

What would you change for Calm over Westeros, or is it too soon to tell.

Buzz 527

@WessexI'm adding Tower of the Hand +1 InBAMF for Wolves meta. When Calm hits I'd like to try playing a kill heavy version with Trial By Combat instead of Treachery or Tears. I think it has pretty good synergy with Tower. Cutting THJ for now, but it will go back in if I need it vs Baratheon. Cut down to 32 chars, Madames gone. Would love to make room for 1x QA or maybe 2..

SDthrones 20

The only thing worse than people who bring Lanni to a larger tournament is people with beards who bring Lanni to a large tournament.

Harren 356

Congrats Andreas!

Buzz 527

@Harren Thanks! ^_^

Amoon 1

Congratulations on the win! Thanks for the fun write-up, all the pictures and videos. Great effort for the Lannister/Lannister-haters community alike. ^_^ Dare saying that BAMF is rightfully the current meta-defining deck and still can't stop being amazed by its origin.

Buzz 527

@Amoon I think Lanni Crossing is meta-defining. But seeing as there are noone actually playing BAMF! except me, Aaron, Syd & a handful others I'd hardly say that BAMF! is meta defining. I was the only one out of very many Lanni Crossing who played the BAMF! version.

Amoon 1

Really?! I am honestly surprised to hear this. While it does not surprise me that not 'everybody' plays it due to its (wrongly) perceived inconsistency and high skill level demand i would still assume that more then one out of a 127 fields it.

Buzz 527

@Amoon even in the US "standard X-ing" seems to be the common one. BAMF! Just isn't being played at all.

Amoon 1

Crazy stuff :D Well, the London Lannister fans know about its power and are very happy to see it take down such a high-profile event. Well done again ^_^

minokin 1

Congratz for the win Andreas!

I've played "my" version of BAMF! in an Italy SC and i won with the deck (mainly GJ crossing and fealty and Lanni meta).

I think that it's not played a lot, because you need to understand very well how to pilot the deck to maximize its performance. I've played, i think, more than 60 games before i understand which plot have to be used in all the circumstances.

But the deck is very strong and very fun to play!

HmR on Tyrion with ToH and Tears is a tricky nightmare for the opponents when you succeed on the combo!

Buzz 527

@minokin thank you! I completely agree, some of my meta mates tried it one game night for a game or two and all said it sucked :p

ecureuil01 185

@BuzzCongratz Andreas!! Well done! Well deserved! I m' just sad our top 8 game was too fast and ano-match!

OKTarg 27

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown".....we are coming for you!

Katogamerguy 1

Would you make any changes now that Calm is out?

Buzz 527

Few things that needs to be tried:

The Things I Do For Love - Replace Shadowblack with Green Dreams and try 1-2 of this one. Probably wrong, but together with Trial By Combat and 2x Marched it could make for a very strong aggresive version.

Tower of the Hand - Play 2x and go back to 3x I Never Bet Against My Family. Play the Tempo game to the max and abuse Hear Me Roar! & I Never Bet Against My Family with Tower.

Trial by Combat ... not sure. Needs testing, maybe in place of something but I dunno what you could cut. You would have to play atleast 1x 2claim and 1-2 Marched for it to be good I think.

Buzz 527

Above comment is for@Katogamerguy

@OKTarg Who are we? You're not attending tournaments :D

Dembers 1

hi, thanks for sharing and congratz. how you play this deck against GJ crossing? i think and tested is a hard match with 4+ gold chars

Buzz 527

@DembersGreyjoys are dangerous but easy to handle if you play carefully. You wait for them to commit to challenges to use jump and oppose. Draw aggresively for Wail to counter their filthy tricks. Your First Snow will wreck them usually, in order to make best use of it you will want to play it early when you're sure you can get a good March off or after you've Put/Tears:ed a 4coster. In the end.. It's one of the easier matchups for sure.