Baratheon Kneel/Dominance Deck

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Baratheon Fealty Deck, incorporating Kneel and Dominance tech.

This is the second incarnation of my Bara deck. Previous build was very similar to "The Great Builders", using the Night's Watch banner. Play testing up until the tournament was good, the deck worked really well.

First incarnation tanked in the tournament, 1-3.

Round 1 - Greyjoy Fealty - Loss - Bad play on the final turn, loss on 14 power. Round 2- Stark Fealty - Win - Close game, closed out with win with the Dominance tech. Round 3- Night's Watch Fealty - I kept pushing when I should have sat back, loss on 10 power. Round 4 - Bara/Tyrell Knights - Game over on Turn 2, opponent had a god start and rolled me.

First incarnation was consistent but felt clunky on the day, dropped the Night's Watch to try and streamline the focus on the Kneeling and Dominance tech.

I will be updating as I play test this more.

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