Lanni Dragon - KublaCon Winning List (42, California)

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Mirri Mass-Murder - Champion, Manila, PH SC (6-1) 8 6 7 1.0
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Ryan Jones 173

I went 8-1 with this deck yesterday, taking the KublaCup championship. There were 42 players in the field and some ridiculously high number of them were playing lanni or lion.

Big props to Chris Schoenthal who also went 8-1 to take second. Our only losses on the day were to each other! La Mesa boys too stronk...

  1. Win - Lanni Sun (Matt Ley)
  2. Win - Lanni Rose (Colby Cram)
  3. Loss - Targ Lion (Chris Schoenthal)
  4. Win - Lanni Wolf (John Kraus)
  5. Win - Stark Fealty (Brad Norman)
  6. Win - Martell Lion (Alex Esposito)

    • T8 - Win - Stark Fealty (Lance Kreutzinger)
    • T4 - Win - Lanni Wolf (John Bruno)
    • T2 - Win - Targ Lion (Chris Schoenthal)

Thanks to all who helped in testing, including Ruben Barnhoorn for the initial list and tuning discussions.

Lastly, if you're anywhere close to California, KublaCon is the best convention ever - come join us next year for thrones, booze, board games and friendship!

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dockellis 859

Ryan, did any of the games happen to get recorded? I would love to see the match between you and Bruno. Grats on your win!


awesome deck and congrats on the win. how did the 1x copies of the wheelhouse and ilyn payne work out? also, is hands judgment not needed in the current meta? any changes you would make?

Ryan Jones 173

@dockellis sadly there was no recording on the day :( the T4 match against Bruno was one of the best 2.0 games I've seen - very tense, no overt mistakes, little to no risks being taken. The potency of our boards was off the charts; I think playing mirri to keep the heat off tywin ended up being the key factor.

@YEEZUS wheelhouse is questionable; it could be something like a tourney grounds in the future, though I did draw several cards off of it throughout the day. BG over HJ was a last minute change. I play the deck with one philosophy: protect Tywin above all else. BG protects him against things that HJ can't: mirri, chair, Gregor, ice, etc.

Ryan Jones 173

@YEEZUS and regarding illyn, I originally had in 2x Payne 1x jaime, but decided to switch them since Jaime is good in every matchup. Illyn is a champ against Targ, stark, etc. but can be a drag against Lanni. I'd probably still keep him in until something better comes along.

Ratatoskr 62

Congratulations on the Win! Interesting deck. At first I was startled at the inclusion of Viserion, but looking at what Targ cards are actually available to you, I can see how you'd end up with him.

I was also startled by the almost complete absence of draw in the deck. I haven't kept up with the current metagame much - is this a general trend? And did it ever become a problem for you? Especially since you say above that the deck philosophy is very much focused on Tywin. With so little draw and no Summons, weren't you concerned you'd not see him in too many games?

ShootFirst 1

Congrats and great deck! So much kill :)

Dobbler 1

@RatatoskrMirri, Gregor, Illyrio all act like card advantage cards. They give you direct kill and stand without expending any cards from hand. Combined with a singular burst card (Coppers), and that is all the Lanny/Dragon deck needs.

Ryan Jones 173

@Ratatoskr I usually pack all kinds of draw in my decks, but this one called for a bit less due to its aggressive nature. I did give in a bit the morning of and include Grand Maester Pycelle, who did work. Cersei's Wheelhouse grabbed me more cards than i thought it would as well. @Dobbler has the right of it; the deck plays more on the board than in the hand.

Ratatoskr 62

@Ryan Jones``@Dobbler Thank you, guys.

mapvale 3

Congratulations! What do you think about Tower of the Hand for helping push Mirri Maz Duur through? Would it be too taxing on the setup/overall economy? Thanks!

Ryan Jones 173

@mapvalethat's certainly with exploring, though between the hound, widows wail, and illyrio, I wasn't struggling to trigger her. She normally took all the heat once she hit the board anyways (milk, icon strip, kneel, kill, etc).

Hayati 43

Great deck pal! How did you handle Naval, as many of your plots suffer against it?

Ryan Jones 173

@Hayatithanks! For naval... Don't face it? The deck probably needs a naval answer like calm. Closest thing is probably calling the banner, which isn't so bad. I've been considering a second calling, which would make it more resilient to naval.


Thanks for sharing the list - I changed 1 card (wheelhouse for a 3rd milk) and went 5-0-1 before losing in the top 4 (to Chris's Targ/Lion build). Any suggestions on beating that matchup, I feel like I played it very poorly (and didn't draw Tywin, fwiw).