Bara Knealty - Top 4 Canadian Nationals

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Muctar 143

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to play at nationals, but sadly after moving I didn't have much chance to playtest newer creations. So I fell back to something I was completely comfortable playing with.

Several changes to the deck were made since regionals. I dropped most of my dominance package, with the exception of Gendry. I also cut Ours is the Fury and my extra copy of Lightbringer to add three Nightmares. That particular substitution swung some tight games in my favor and let me stay in others I should've been swiftly defeated in and gave me a chance at victory.

Turns out Bara was not just the right choice for my comfort of play but also a solid meta call. Lots of Lanni in the field, and especially in the cut, which was expected. However, I encountered a wide variety of factions in the swiss. Thankfully Bara is very consistent and great against most factions. Stark being the obvious rough match alongside the ubiquitous Lanni Dragon. I must say though that I didn't encounter as much Lanni Dragon as I thought I would have.

In the swiss I ran into 1: Lanni Dragon, 2: Stark Fealty, 3: Martel Wolf, 4: Greyjoy LotC, 5: Stark Fealty, 6: Baratheon Fealty.

And in the Top 16: Stark Fealty (same as round 5), Top 8: Lanni Dragon, Top 4: Lanni Dragon.

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KruppSteel 3

Congrats on an awesome run brother, well executed and a pleasure to watch.




KruppSteel 3

Sorry, I am still learning how to use hash tags.

Greg 39

Congrats on showing that Bara is still strong :D I have a few questions about your deck:

  1. How did City Watch played out?
  2. Vanguard Lancer were they any good? I find myself not very keen of that card, prefering House Maester for example.
  3. Wildfire Assault - you don't have one in your plot deck, were you able to control board with kneel only?

SerArthur 39

Nice deck! I may have to give this a shot. It's strange to see a Bara deck with no Iron Throne! Did you still take Dom in most situations? I'm also curious how you managed to maintain board control.

Banjo 97

Hey man we played in last round of swiss. Congrats on making top 4 with Bara. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope we can play again in the future!

Widied 58

This is the deck Harambe blessed with the power to destroy his own son Clegane for the sake of your souls. Give it a like or an unholy wrath will be set upon you!

Muctar 143


@GregCity Watch was middling for me. Great in some games and reserve discard fodder in others. I put it in to combat The First Snow of Winter but didn't run into it much.

Vanguard Lancer was the other 2-drop I included to improve setups and could easily be replaced by House Maester. However, I must say that the lancer won me my game against GJ because of discarding power from Euron Crow's Eye on the turn they got to 14 power.

No Wildfire Assault was just a preference of mine, though in retrospect it would have helped a lot against the toughest matchups, Stark and Lanni Dragon. I used my spot kneel to control the most troublesome characters and initiated lots of chump challenges opponents couldn't afford to lose until I got what I needed on the board to win.

@SerArthurI did take dominance most of the time, especially when Stannis Baratheon (Core) was out. The trick was to make opponents kneel a lot of characters in order to win challenges that gave them only slight benefits. It's also important to know when to not defend challenges so to keep your board standing. Eventually it adds up to you having 5-6 characters up to your opponent's 2. Then you drive the game home.

@BanjoThanks for the game. I had fun losing that one. You were a real good sport while you were kicking in my teeth!

Nestalim 1


Thought on City Watch, Seal and Stinking Drunk ?

Would you like more copy of Stone drums to see it oftenly even with the drawback of a unique location ?

Nestalim 1

Also, no Painted Table/Iron Throne ? Why ?

Muctar 143

@NestalimThanks. I've already written about City Watch above.

As for Seal of the Hand, it was the 61st card and it was great. Getting two uses per turn out of a character like Robert Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon (Core), or even Melisandre makes a huge difference when the board state is locked to only standing two characters a turn. It's good normally, but really shines in this particular circumstance.

Stinking Drunk was good to help continue controlling the board, but you want to make sure that you see your kneel at the same time to ensure you get those two turns of lockdown as early as possible. They can be a bad draw late game when you'd rather have an Even-Handed Justice or any R'hllor card.

I took out the Chamber of the Painted Table and The Iron Throne to up my tempo. With the deck's cost curve I found it very difficult to play both of those cards, The Red Keep (which is vastly more important), and keep up my board presence.

Kynnafaye 1

Did you find that 1x Gendry was enough for your dom package?

Muctar 143

@KynnafayeThe thing is there's no dominance 'package' in the deck. There's no The Iron Throne or Chamber of the Painted Table to support having more than 1 of him. So Gendry isn't something I have a set plan for. If I draw him and I can leverage his ability to win the game, I will. If not, my game plan hasn't changed much.