Jump Around - Winner 7-1 SC Brighton UK

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Tempo Jumpers: The Artist Formerly Known As Targ 44 27 31 1.0
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JoePerson 488

Based on the Red Saturday tempo jumpers list. Made most of the recommended changes except ditched the Close Call for Confiscation as otherwise Craven will bone you since you can't Tower it off. If anyone dies, they're dead, deal with it. Valar Morghulis.

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Luthic 1

I like it. But what does Valar do for this deck?

hagarrr 584

@Luthic I would imagine playing ALL THE RESETS whilst your characters jump to and from your hand is quite strong...

Congratulations on your win JP!

JoePerson 488

Richard @hagarrr has it right. It's tough for your opponent to put together any kind of board when you can play Valar, First Snow, Wildfire, Marched and Famine. Plus Wardens to empt their hand. Meanwhile you can harrenhal I'm Jaime for a military, then intrigue and bounce him back with the tower, plus ambush from the hound, spies, assassins, clansmen. Basically it's disgusting.

Lannister 363

Hey mate, I like the deck. My only question is, is it just having Pentoshi as an economy plot a problem in some occasions when you don't have a good start hand? Later you can have trouble to marshall the locations isn't it? What do you think of adding a copy of Lancel Lannister for keeping it on the table every time you marshall a big daddy? Thanks and congrats!

Baronerosso 155

Awesome deck joe! I'm thinking to play hand's judgement for defend tower and dracarys

James Harrison 104

Seems disgusting but fun :-)

Pietroia 56

Cool deck, but 3 plot with only 2 gold? Don't u have economy problems?

rbad_r 9

In the version I tried of the red Saturday deck I kept the close call opposed to the counting coppers, you still get the draw you get a little extra economy if you need to pay for a location and it never hurts to be able to make a character less dead. I know valar mogulis but sometimes if not everyone dies it's not all bad!

JoePerson 488

It's Lannister so you don't need loads of money on plots. Most of your characters come in during the challenge phase via ambush or the locations; Tyrion and Hear Me Roar smooth that out even more. Also it keeps you from over extending into Valar! Try the deck and see what you think of the econ, in my view the plot list is perfect.

Lannister 363

Played this deck against NW yesterday, and it is true that it is a pain in the ass. I had the guy almost without cards the whole game. However, after his Valar, he put back a lot of chuds and with all the locations, it was impossible to beat him even in intrigue. No money to play more characters... And then it came my Valar as the last plot and was worse for me than for him. I'm thinking of ditching my Valar for Close Call as all the good characters are unique

Dembers 1

@Lannister maybe we can use Political Disaster instead Valar Morghulis what do you think?

JoePerson 488

Valar is very important to this deck

Baronerosso 155

I think that ghist of harrenhal will be added in harrenhal deck. What u think about king joffrey?

Freelancesnails 32

Did you find yourself needing more attachment hate besides Confiscation? Played some games with this deck tonight (really great deck, lots of fun too) but once that confiscation is gone, it's open season for attachments. The deck is pretty resilient and I was able to work around them decently, but I could see it gettin real frustrating.

JoePerson 488

@Freelancesnails The other answer is the Tower, which is great for dropping Milks. The 2nd and 3rd Craven are annoying, I'll grant you.

Against Martell icon attachments you just need to rely more on jumping than marshalling.

I really don't think you want Rattleshirt's, 4 for 3 mil is terrible value and they don't work with any of your tricks.

@Baronerosso I'll definitely be playing with Ghosts to see if it fits in here, tough to see what would drop though. Joffrey is too expensive for this deck and I'm not likely to marshal any loyal characters apart from Tywin.

Orion727 85

plot deck is very good, one plot i would consider is building orders as you could search harrenhal or the red keep and get an extra card for the spy and the assassin which you could ambush in for sure only with plot money. the combo of harrenhal and tower is fantastic and very hard to beat. another thougt would be long winter instead of famine as you could slow your opponent and play your assassins or spies again. for the schemes one plot to consider is sneak attack into two claim trial.

misioludek 1

Hi! Have you considered to add 'close call', never bet against my family or put to the sword to this deck? And remove nightmares and trial by combat?

JoePerson 488

Hi @misioludek. As I said in the description it is based on a list that was running Close Call but I found that Confiscation had better utility to help in the Night's Watch match up. Never bet is another faction card kneel on top of Rains and the Moon Brothers which is tough to support.

Trial could definitely be Put to the Sword, though. You would lose some combo ability (Rains into wildfire, Trial, then military) but yeah it would be nice to have some spot removal for 7-cost characters that I can't get rid of with the Tower.

TheGlove 1

How does this play out against a Stark deck with Winterfell, Last Hearth Scouts, Core Cat., etc....? Nightmares helps of course as does Milk, but any other insight?

JoePerson 488

I played against the Stark Fealty deck at the tournament. The two winter plots do a lot of work so you need to save those for when they'll matter. First snow generally makes stark unhappy and is probably the most important card for that match.

theon greyjoy 1

hallo guys nice deck !!! with ghosts of harrenhal out what is your opinion about add Ghosts of Harrenhal plot i think it is very good about jumping lions but i dont see any easy choice to remove to put it in thank you

Reader 137

Hi @JoePerson Can I ask how you think this deck would work if you bannered with a house who offers more Ambush characters that you can play from your hand? Who would that house be? Thank you