Rain of clansmen 2.0 - Pyramancer winner

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Paku 526

New version of my clansmen from Stahleck. Just won Pyramancers (66 people) with it. After tourney I will change forgotten plans for varys riddle and one harrenhall for third copy of mountains of the moon

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bobbyquak92 33

Wow! Congrats on your win!! This was a deck that I've spend so much time building on without much success. I would like to ask a few questions.

  1. How was Attack From the Mountains?
  2. How was your setup, considering that a lot of the clansman are better off being ambushed.
  3. Hear Me Roar!
  4. Worst match-ups and Best match-ups

elenar 41

Well played!

How did you handle new Margery? is Treachery and ptts enough?

Also, how often are you able to trigger Rains? (is Mountains of the moon required to trigger it reliably)?

Amoon 1

Well done on winning Pyramancers! Not surprised you want to go up to 3 Mountains of the Moon which is in line what we aiming for as well. I am surprised you like to reduce Harrenhal (FFH) though. Would you mind providing some thoughts about it?

Paku 526

@bobbyquak92Attack From the Mountains is really great with Littlefinger's Meddling but only with it. Setup is really good with it, sure Stone Crows Moon Brothers and Burned Men are not greatest card on setup, but they are not bad either. Hear Me Roar! was in first version of deck and - NO, at least not here, you need better draw to use it consistently. About match-ups, there are two bad match-ups, power rush, as this deck is slow and greyjoy-saves, so worst match-up is greyjoy rush :)

@elenarHandling Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) is really simple, win first two rounds in tournament ;P I didn't have occasion to play against her. And rains - it is often not important to trigger it, it is important to have that opportunity. Very often it is win-win situation your opponent either let you trigger rains or overcommit to challenge :)

@AmoonIn my first version of deck Harrenhal (FFH) was very important. Right now it is great in two situation: 1 you use it to put The Hound into play 2 you have Tyrion Lannister (LoCR) in play. If I don't have The Hound or Tyrion Lannister (LoCR) I don't want to use it, considering fact all my unique characters are x3 and I don't want them to die.

elenar 41

@PakuYoure quite succesful with lannister so I would like your opinion on why you are playing this deck with a quite common bad matchup (power rush)?

Lanni/wolf renown, your old lanni/jumpers and a regular lanni/rains feels like they dont have any bad matchups (more 50/50 though)? So why did you choose clansmen over the others :)

WinterNite 1

Congratulations on the win! I really loved the idea of Lannister Clansmen with Rains.

A few questions:

How did you deal with Valar effectively? I was kinda turned off playing this deck because of how vulnerable it is to Valar.

Was your play style for the deck going for board clears and kills?

Paku 526

@elenarfirst of all its not that bad matchup ;) It is harder to win against it than against other decks but still it is more win that lose. In fact I won most games with this deck. True reason why I choose clansmen is fact that I really love their mechanics. This deck gives you ton of choices during game and that is great for me as I can always try to find optimal solution.

@WinterNitethis deck is not vulnerable to valar it makes opponent vulnerable for his own valar. You have lot of kill here so your opponent never have saves when he valars, you are constantly playing aggressively discarding his cards, and killing his chars so he need to play defensively so your chars don't die. So when he valars his board is empty and yours is either empty or you still have 1-2 chars you have more gold and if he plays anyone you are going to kill them. It is constant aggression and pressure: you valar I still have stronger board and now my kills hurts you even more ;)

Mog 62

Just a bit of curiosity. Why do you play The Long Winter and not Famine, which is a better couple with The First Snow of Winter

Paku 526

@Mog 3 reasons:

1) it is better vs rushes as it takes away one power (there was games when I play it only for this effect)

2) 4 gold and 2 gold is really big difference

3) same with 2 initiative, it lets you win initiative vs more plots (summer for example)

theon greyjoy 1

hallo @Paku nice deck i have some question about it if you have all combo in hand it is really so so agressive and good but if you dont see clansmen in hand or any good character i think it is vulenrable to valar and to see dupes i think is rare also which setup do you prefer and what is your opinion about the new clansman ty in advance

Paku 526

Hello @theon greyjoy :) I'm glad you like my deck :) You talk about situation without clansmen or any good character - so you mean situation without characters? (all of them are either good or clansmen ;P) I never have valar problems with this deck - every time my opponent valars he kills all of his characters (with aggressive deck like this there is no chance to save your saves for valar) and as my plot have better gold and claim than valar I am in better situation. That's how it works for me ;) You valar - I clean your table and play for example first snow in next turn so you won't be able to play claim soaks ;) In setups I often look for one big char (tyrion/tywin/jaimie/timett) and small chud or cersei/chella with some smaller guys.

theon greyjoy 1

@paku thanks for the reply also what is your opinion about the new clansman which has just been revealed?

Paku 526

@theon greyjoy sorry, didn't noticed this question before :) New clansmen looks great, if you play him with Harrenhal (FFH)/Attack From the Mountains he is 8 force this turn he is also amazing with Moon Brothers and he is another great target for Attack From the Mountains. Only problem with him is - where to put him? :D

theon greyjoy 1

Paku 526

@theon greyjoyGrand Maester Pycelle looks like good idea, but Timett Son of Timett is too good and important ;) Shagga Son of Dolf will probably go out I don't like him anyway :D

C3gorach 55

@PakuReally nice deck, i am also experimenting with Raining Clansmen... One question, how do you feel about Tower of the Hand? i was thinking at least 1x.

Dembers 1

Paku 526

@C3gorach Glad you like it :) Tower of the Hand was in my first version of the deck which I use in Stahleck (you can find it here thronesdb.com) and it was really good, but right now I find that I no longer have enough high cost characters that I want to return to my hand and with low costers it's nor worth it. Still you can give it a shot if you can find place for it :)

@Dembers My first try on clansmens was on The Lord of the Crossing and decision to change it was really fast. First you really often do only 1 or 2 challenges per turn, second -1 force in first challenge really hurt sometimes, especially when you want to go "all in". Third gaining powers is not important in this deck(same as power challenge) and fourth if you play The Lord of the Crossing you can't play "The Rains of Castamere" :)

C3gorach 55

@Paku i think the new Clansmen from the deluxe Ulf Son of Umar along with the "The Hands Solar" from Guarding the Realm (that gives an INT icon to a char you control) make a strong case for including one Tower of the Hand. Anyway i will playtest it some more :)

iaan 17

Hi paku! Are there some things you would change now that so many new cards got out?

Paku 526

Hi @iaan! As always I am so slow with my answer :D Not enough time to look there :) Anyway I am currently testing some option but I am not going to update changes here before fracas ;D

Some thoughts:

Great Hall lets you use Tower of the Hand really easily even without Harrenhal (FFH).

Fever Dreams may be solution for poor card draw.

The Hand's Solar is autoinclude :)

With Lay Siege around you need to dupe Harrenhal (FFH), include Ser Kevan Lannister or not rely your strategy on it.

Paku 526

Newest Version thronesdb.com

Beciaku 1

hi i have 1 simple question, how fit Breaking Ties? u think add some cheap loyal will be gret?