The Haunted Wall - Batalla 2017 (Top 32)

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Antrim 208

This is the deck I took to Batalla 2017, finishing the Swiss with 6-2 and ending up being kicked out of the top 16 by my bro Daniel Correas who went on to win the tournament. It was my first big tournament and I ended up being the 3rd best NW player after Tamas and Adkadi, so I'm pretty happy with how it went.

This deck is really nothing new, basically the same deck I've been playing for months before the tournament. I tried adding Qhorin Halfhand in and spent several weeks testing him at x3 with Benjen Stark and Thoren Smallwood going down to x2 and x1 respectively. A week before the tournament I was dissatisfied with how the testing was going and decided to cut Qhorin Halfhand completely and went back to x3 Benjen Stark and x3 Thoren Smallwood. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I know Tamas was playing Qhorin Halfhandand Dragonglass Dagger so I'm not saying it's not a good idea, but I decided to go with what I was used to playing.

My meta has been overflown with Greyjoy and Banner Kraken for a while, so I was expecting to see a lot of them in the tournament. I also thought there'd be plenty of Crossing rush and I wasn't wrong (just look at the final!). Thus, I went with x3 The Hand's Judgment (for Nightmares, Treachery, but more specifically Risen from the Sea) to protect against GJ and x3 Thoren Smallwood and x1 The Shadow Tower to have a counter for Crossing decks. Renown is great, but if you gotta do all three challenges against me and I have Thoren Smallwood out you better run REALLY fast. The The Hand's Judgment killed more people for me that day than my Valar Morghulis, typically their best character. Probably my MVP of the deck during the tournament.

I refused to run The Iron Throne because although great, I hate the card. This was probably a stupid idea but it worked out fine, since I didn't face a single Baratheon and instead a ton of Greyjoy players. I typically had a Bara player at my right, another one at my left, and a GJ player right in front of me. I was very lucky with my matchups and that's what probably got me into the top.

I have awful memory so here's my brief report:

Round 1 - Win Greyjoy Fealty (Nacho Beltrami)

Round 2 - Loss Lannister Watch (Even Sørgjerd) What a beating. Great player. He gave the champion a hard fought battle when they faced in the top 8.

Round 3 - Win Tyrell Summer (Joaquin Caulin)

Round 4 - Win Greyjoy Crossing (Juan Palomo) The Hand's Judgment MVP.

Round 5 - Win Tyrell Crossing (Daniel Correas "Kaikou") I got to face my mate during Swiss and I couldn't have asked for a better setup or draw throughout the game. It'd have been really hard to lose this game, but he somehow managed to get to 12 power before I beat him. His deck is such a rocket and he plays it very well, but if I see an extra Craven right after he plays Confiscation and I have Thoren Smallwood and The Shadow Tower out, it's GG.

Round 6 - Win Greyjoy Summer (Tassos Papanastasiou) The Hand's Judgment doing some work again. I'm just so happy when they play Valar Morghulis and I have x2 in my hand.

Round 7 - Loss NW Winter (Adrián Capristán "Adkadi") He got a great setup and mine wasn't spectacular, but probably the first time I've felt completely outplayed by a NW opponent. Very, very good player.

Round 8 - Win Greyjoy Fealty (Alejandro Alcantud) Played me pretty well but I got a great setup and he could never get past The Wall.

Top 32 - Loss Tyrell Crossing (Daniel Correas "Kaikou") My mate again. Unfortunately, we had to face each other since we finished 16th and 17th after the Swiss. This time I didn't get such a great setup and my draw wasn't the best, so there was no way for me to stop the rush and he beat me easily (he even asked me if I was losing on purpose, the fucker). Still, I can't complain very much since he went on to win the tournament and I don't think anyone was more deserving than him.

Thanks to everyone at the tournament for such a great time! See y'all soon.

5 comentarios

kaikou 683

Really good deck choices bro, Thronen is the best choice to beat crossing and rush decks. I think that you managed the best decisions during our 2 games. For me, you are one of the most solid NW players in the world, for sure.

Adkadi 296

Our game was very one-sided but it has nothing to do with my level as a player, this kind of build is very strong, but winter wrecks it completely is its worst matchup for sure, specially w/o Qhorin, though I found very smart to see his drawbacks and be coherent with your way of playing. I don't think I'm a better player than you, maybe I wouldn't be able to run this kind of list or strategy as smoothly as you do; even when the pairing was bad, I think you took the correct calls for recover from a very bad situation. It was a pleasure to meet you! nex time in ZGZ man!

ShunSokaro 217

Good job for your tournament, Night's Watch Brother ! Interesting build, we don't see many NW going without Qhorin right now.

A quick question:

  • Why not Craster ? I feel he's an interesting choice when you play your own Valar ( too expensive ?).

Antrim 208

@kaikou``@AdkadiThanks guys, it'll be a different story in ZGZ ;)

@ShunSokaroAs you said, too expensive and a monoicon that can be milked. His ability is not that useful to me, 90% of the time I come out of Valar in a better position that my opponent and even if I wasn't, most of my characters are cheap enough that I can flood the board quickly enough to keep protecting The Wall. Regarding Qhorin Halfhand, I don't think I'll be running him after the box comes out either, tons of great stuff to add to the deck!

Joe From Cincinnati 1649

I think Jaremy Rykker will be perfect in this deck :D