Regionals @Goblin Bologna (65 players) - Winner

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Bayushi Sezaru 645

This deck, skillfully piloted by "Ser Ciop" (aka Federico Boccati), took the first of the 2017 Italian Regionals played on May 14th, 2017 at Goblin in Bologna, Italy (I was the Tournament Organizer).

The last legal pack was Guarding the Realm.

Federico dropped only one game during the tournament (vs Lannister Fealty) for a 5-1 on the swiss rounds, then went all along in the top16 for the win.

He now can proudly show the one and only King Robert's Warhammer!


The Tournament

You can take a peek at the tournament on Jousting Pavilion. Most represented houses were Targaryen and Lannister, and the final was almost inevitably among these two.

You can take a look at a few pictures taken during the event here on Facebook.

The matches:
R1 Bye (Store Championship win)
R2 Loss vs Riccardo Travaini (Lannister Fealty)
R3 Win vs Luca Mazzani (Tyrell Crossing)
R4 Win vs Gianmaria Pellachin (Targaryen Summer)
R5 Win vs Andrea Gamberini (Stark Fealty)
R6 Win vs Mario Primus (Greyjoy Fealty)
Top 16 Win vs Mario Primus (Greyjoy Fealty)
Top 8 Win vs Antonio Duranti (Targaryen Fealty)
Semi-Final Win vs Giovanni Mattioni (Lannister Castamere)
Final 6 Win vs Mirko Bandera (Targaryen Summer)


Federico shares deckbuilding and tweaking with his "student" Pietro Donati. Pietro also helped Federico in staying tuned to AGOT when he had a down and was thinking about quitting...

The TO view

I personally would like to thank every one of the players who attended the event.

It has been an amazing tournament, and everything went smoothly, without any problem and in a spirit of great sportsmanship and camaraderie. The AGOT community is definitely one of the best ever!

Looking forward to the next AGOT tournament in Bologna...

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Congrats! Sometimes these decks use 3 Chella to maximize the impact of Rains into Wildfire - would you consider more here? Other than that, how did Rattleshirts Raiders work out, would you consider a confiscation in the plot line somewhere instead?

Bayushi Sezaru 645

@YEEZUS I was just the TO. Federico asked if I'd put the decklist up here because he struggles a little bit with english... :)

Anyway, I turned your questions to him. He and his partner Pietroia did an extensive playtest with the deck, so they have a good grasp on each deckbuilding choice.

He found Chella useful in a small percentage of the test games, so he decided to drop her to just one copy. Bodyguard can't protect her, and The Eyrie is often reserved for much more important targets. So, without a dupe she'd go in the dead pile. The cut to 1 copy was made to avoid dead draws.

With this version of the deck, Wildfire is just one of the options for board wiping, and this is another reason for having just one copy of Chella.

The metagame around here moved heavily towards Nightmares, with many decks not packing Milk anymore. So Federico preferred to switch in a more widely useful plot, but kept Rattleshirt's Raiders in as a safety net.

Pietroia 56

yep, as bayushi said we prefer other more aggresssive plots , the deck is based on the one who won the swiss on last batalla. chella is just a marginal char and a lot of time she represents just a menace but we try to keep opponent's board small, so her impact with wildfire is not so big. rattleshirt's raiders ar rly useful even if most of the times i found them better breaking bodyguard or other opponent's attachment instead of removing milk because after valar every char is usefull but none is a need

Kakita_Shiro 743

Is Stark that much of a concern that you had to have a second Winter plot?

Pietroia 56

stark is a pain and we ar happy to have 2 winter plot specially now that targa ar back and stark is a viable answer to them. but the double winter is not there for em fsow works so good with lanni mechanichs and is a powerful weapon vs a lot of mu ( stark,targa,martell,nw) and claim 2 is still good cause u have to remember that the idea of this deck is to be aggressive on board so we needed a claim 2. we tested also a version with a double marched , but seeing stark were back in action it became a winter

Praetorian1011 43

Awesome deck thanks for posting. What about Ser Illen PAyne for chopping dragons etc? Why shagga? Also with your aggressive play you didn't try harrenhal? cheers

Pietroia 56

ty man :) yes payne is good, we tried him instead of littlefinger,he is situational and not so usefull in every matchuo, but we ar triyng him too just now shagga is an ambush cost 0 that can help u doing an unexpected mil even if u have no gold is drawback is not so easy to manage, but he can be very unexpected we didn't find a good spot for harrenal here, cause our plot ar not so big for money and we can't manage so many big char death's in this deck u woukd use it only for the hound but if u think it can fill here just try and report us your impressions ;)

Praetorian1011 43

yeah i found it great for the hound and the mountain with ghosts of harenhal but deck and plot limits mean a trade off