Pinerolo Regional Winner (9-0)

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academo 540

Disclaimer: this deck is not that good. I got lucky with pairings, matchups and draws. The core strategy is: get board control with icon-stripping stuff and retaliation, go unopposed to accumulate powers (no renown, u know). If something go wrong, try to valar and restart. Gj and Stark are the best MU. NW and Targ are the worst. Pairings: BYE (from store), Baratheon F, Lannister Castamere, Lannister banner of the kraken, Martell banner of the wolf, GJ Castamere, Lannister Castamere, Stark F and GJ Castamere. Feel free to ask questions.

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audioslavexxx 121

Grande Fabiano, congrats on your win!!!

califfo 2

diciamola tutta... sei partito 0-2 vs i miei barbari... e poi hai fatto perfect ;) sei un grande! best agot player!

Dzerards 161

Gratz! Though why go for the Scorching Deserts over The Prince's Pass?

academo 540

Because Scorching Desert can be used when the opponent is the defending player. It actually helps you winning challenges, while the pass triggers only if you lose one.