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academo 550

Feel free to ask any question. Pairings: Bye Tyrell Cast (W) Stark F (W) Lanni Tyrell (W) Tyrell lotc (L) Lanni Tyrell (L) Tyrell Cast (W) Tyrell lotc (W) Greyjoy Cast (W) Tyrell lotc (W) [top16] Lanni lotc (L) [top8]

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Baronerosso 155

Great deck, but i'm impressed by the player. You destroyed me and my tyrell roc in few minutes. Bravo

servetz 30

Yeah, i played this deck too at the tournament, what i can say is that you're an impressive player and despite this deck is very strong also the pilot helped to get this result

But remember that wothout me you wouldn't have played the third copy of flea bottom ;)

exoter 18

I guess you open with the long plan or varys. how do you choose which one?

Dax 126


exoter 18

and 2 more questions - why 3 areo - you don't play varys for discard combo with flea bottom? and of course the typical question - what would you change in the deck :D

action_johnny 745

3 Areo is amazing with ways to either get him back to hand or the discard. The list is running 2 Orphans and 3 TIBWHID so having multiple copies is highly useful. Duping him and returning him to hand via Orphans makes the dupe fall off into the discard pile, allowing him to then be Flea bottom'd in again instantly. Now with the event and the bestow plot, you can really start pushing this concept to the limit.

academo 550

The long plan is always the opener, unless you suspect a Summer Harves from your opponent. Areo is the core character of the deck, you want to see him every single game so we put 3 copy of him. With 2x of marched he is always in the discard pile, for this reason every other copy has value. With the new pack i think i'm going to take out Myrcella and Caleotte for 2x of dornish spy.

Don 43

Fabiano, no viper eyes?

academo 550

I don't want dead draws against passive decks like NW and the attachments are more impactful in the long run (they compete for the same non-setuppable spots in the deck).

exoter 18

how would you rate the new viper based on your games? is it worth it?

academo 550

He has renown and that's enough in order to be worth. The text box is really situational, but wih dornish spy the situation will actually change IMHO.

vaaunifo 1

@academo very interesting deck and very well played in our top 8 game. It was for me the best game of the tournament!

Nimer 2643

@academosorry I wrote the comment from another account... lol!!! :D It was me of course... :P

DavidDAVE 2

No calvary and no secret schemes, only counting cooper. How did you feel about draw?

servetz 30

Draw is good as it is right now, never had an empty hand in the while tournament, counting coppers + rather a lot of greenblood traders (thanks to iron bank/orphan) + a well placed varys riddle always had been enough

In the very first version there was a 1x secret schemes, but we only played 2x flea bottom and weren't much happy about both performance, so we went for no schemes and 3 flea, the choice did really well for both during the tournament

NikolaP 61

No The Prince's Pass? Seems good here, at least 1 of...

academo 550

A pretty good card, but we have no space for it. The iron throne and GG are too strong competitors.