Wonder Woman (1st Discord Tourney Finalist)

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Atanas Keranov 388

This is the deck me and my wife have been discussing, building, and playing for the last 2 months and it is a wonder indeed. Although it is inspired by the Hyper Viper style, it has a lot of different moving pieces and you can win even without Cersei. We thought TheIronThrone.net might not represent competitive play very well, so we decided to run it in the 1st Discord Tourney to check if it is top tier. Although the format of the tourney is a little unconventional and people were allowed the change cards between matches, I decided to run the same set of cards throughout the whole thing, in order to validate the deck. You can check the matches here: http://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/3959

And here we go with the report:

  1. Dmitry, Tyrell Rains (Win, 1:0). I was afraid Tyrell Rains might be a problem with all of his dupes and intrigue icons. Dmitry was also running Political Disaster and hit me with it to remove all of my economy locations. However, I was able to reset the board and kept returning characters to his hand for the win.

  2. Larik, Martell Rose (Win, 2:0). I was wondering if Larik plays a Hyper Viper deck and if yes, it was a matter of who gets to draw his pieces first. It turned out Larik was playing an interesting Martell deck with a rushy element in the form of Olenna's Informant and other interesting Tyrell cards. It reminded me a little of Sam Braatz Worlds winner deck. The deck lacked dupes or he did not draw them, so I was able to reset and get to 15 power. It was also key to never initiate military or power challenges due to His Viper Eyes. Thanks to Larik for being such a great guy and a good friend!

  3. Tobias, Targ Fealty (Win, 3:0). Tobias played a standard Targ Fealty and he was a little heavy on intrigue icons which was frustrating at first. After the reset, however, I was able to close the game before he could get to 15.

  4. BYE, 4:0

  5. Vancho, Night's Watch Alliance Kraken Lion (Win, 5:0). Vancho is my local meta mate and I knew he was playing a mill deck. I tried to counter his Queenscrown with "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" by leaving all of my characters as the 4th and 5th cards on top of my deck and not to draw too many cards. When I got Cersei and Jaime in hand I went for the win.

  6. DukeTax, Lannister Rains (Loss, 5:1). He had a very solid start and a couple of renowns with dupes/bodyguards to speed things up. I did not do a single challenge this game and I blame it on poor decisions on my side when deciding what to draw and what to place on the bottom of my deck. Each card came in the worst possible order in my hand.

  7. Jesse, Greyjoy Crossing (Win 6:1). Jesse is very fast. I was really nervous about this game. My inital 7 cards consisted of 5 events, Ser Gregor Clegane, and a Tourney Grounds. I had to improvise and setup Gregor and Tourney Grounds. First round I chose to be first and take my chances with the Slot Machine. My plot was First Snow, so Jesse only had duped Victarion and duped Asha on the board. I hit the jackpot when the 3rd copy of Vic was pillaged and killed and Asha intimidated from Renly's Ride. Jesse chose Vic for claim and played a Risen from the Sea but I held a HJ in hand. This led to a Marched next turn which ultimately wiped the board and I feel I owe an apology to Jesse about the luck I had this round.

  8. Collin, Martell Crossing (Win 7:1). I do not remember much about this game, except that he had a bad setup and some Frey Lordlings which I was able to return to hand with Tower/First Snow and discard from intrigue.

  9. Jesse, Greyjoy Crossing (Win 8:1). Rematch. I should thank Jesse for not changing his deck to tech specifically against my cards, although he knew what was coming. During my The Annals of Castle Black turn, he hit me with Fortified Position which I believe he ran throughout the whole tournament. This slowed me down a lot, due to my chars kneeling and not claiming power for renown and reactions, but I managed to get to 15 due to Superior Claim and Lady Sansa's Rose.

  10. Tobias, Targ Fealty (Loss 8:2). Rematch. As Tobias said himself when we played, he knew what was coming at him and he couldn't just stand by and watch how I beat him because his standard Targ burn deck does not include anything that could stop me. So he teched specifically to counter my deck. I admit I felt irritated at first, but this is by the rules of the tournament, so I understand why he dropped Marched, Valar, Milk, Dracarys, etc., and included Nightmares and HJs to counter the incoming Varys. On round 1 I made a mistake by not kneeling Tourney Grounds in challenges on time to stop his Put to the Torch on my Harrenhal (FFH). This led to me losing intrigue and discarding one of my two HJs in hand. On round 2 I played Varys in dominance with Giants, he Nightmaresed, I HJed, he HJed and it was over for my Varys. Had to Valar him next round and slow the game down till turn 5 when he played two consecutive Barring the Gates to limit my jumpers and close the game. I think he helped me prove the initial point that the deck is really strong and can put up a fight (and maybe win if you don't make mistakes like I did) even when someone has designed a deck specifically to counter my cards.

I'd like to thank Luiz and Larik for organizing the event, all of my opponents for making it so interesting, and of course, my wife who helped me build and play the deck to the fullest. It is awesome when your wife supports you in your crazy adventures. :)

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LGB 169

Thank you for the awesome report!

Ryaxs 154

How did you get a bye by being 3-0?

mplain 211

Everyone in that online tournament got a bye, for technical reasons.

Ryaxs 154

Ahhhh I see.

Azighal 13

can u elaborate on how to play this deck

mplain 211

Use green tutor events to draw the cards you need. Play Hear Me Roar and Harrenhal to attack with Jaime or Cersei, store power on The Honeywine and Small Council Chamber, then use Tower of the Hand to return your character back to hand safely, while also bouncing an enemy! Reset the table with Varys, the Last of the Giants. Gain power using The Dornishman's Wife. Finally, reveal Annals of Castle Black, put 20+ events from your discard pile in front of you, say that it is your new hand, draw half your deck, jump multiple boss characters into play, attack in 4-5 challenges, farm renown, gather power on your locations, and play all those awesome 1-ofs: Relentless Assault, Lord Renly's Ride, Lady Sansa's Rose, and Superior Claim. Raise your fist in the air triumphantly, and realize that your opponent has left the table like five minutes ago :P

AssortedNeedles 58

Gratz on getting a nice win with this deck!

I have been playing with this deck also for 2 months already on throneteki, but I used some different choices.

Is 1x Small Council Chamber and 2x Honeywine really enough? You need atleast 1 of those and preferably both and versus location hate it's nice to have some dupes. I play with all those locations 3x (also to improve set up)but maybe that was to much. I do like the inclusions of Superior claim and Lady Sansa's rose, never got around to test that but seems they did a good job. Tywin 3x I don't really know about,

But yeah this deck is really great, the feeling when you from 0 to 15 in a single challenge phase is very cool.

Azighal 13

i get a general idea but with all those high-cost locations how are you playing for everything. counting coppers give u 2 gold. so off CC you are not getting enough to put in harrenhall or small council chamber. so what plot order do u go with. I played the martell version and it was able to go double CC due to the Tower of the sun location making gold. Just general advice on how the deck should be piloted I got a general idea. In a general game, u open with X then into Y. I get how with harrenhal and hear me roar you don't need long plan to go off but you still need the turns to develop the deck

Azighal 13

ran it a few times against my own decks and im always having problems getting the locations in play

blp 1

First time I tried this, I had Harrenhal and Tower of the Hand on setup, with Cersei from draw. I was laughing. Every game after that, I couldn't afford the locations and no He Me Roars. This deck feels way more fragile than Hyper Viper.

Atanas Keranov 388

@Azighal, @blp you can use dornishmans to pay for the expensive locations and for giants. @AssortedNeedles I use Tywin to fend off heavy intrigue challenges.

NickName 1

funny.... just played a game against this deck. He quit without a word after i put Frozen Solid on the Tower...

Atanas Keranov 388

Hi @NickName! I am sorry such things happen online. It is true Frozen Solid is harsh on this deck, but even with Tower of the Hand rendered useless, you still have the means to slow down the game and win it - The First Snow of Winter, Valar Morghulis, and Varys can clean the board and you won't need Tower at all.