The Castamere Disaster - 1st place OCTGN Summer League 2017

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Gerion Lannister 241

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” Tyrion Lannister

I played this deck with some minor changes until the TOP8 of OCTGN league. In TOP4 and finals I stood against the same opponents I have already played in the swiss. For that reason I have decided to change the main faction and play Martell in the last two games. As the base I chose Joe Mirando's famous/infamous deck from Dance with Dragon II and made a few changes from the start and also during the tournament. I think they were necessary in the current meta and they helped me a lot:

2x Ser Ilyn Payne instead of 2x Ser Gregor Clegane The Mountain si great for sure but with Martells and NW back in the meta he can be controled too easily (Tears of Lys, Imprisoned, Craven, Nymeria Sand). One copy of him is enough. The master executioner though solves so many problems in NW and Targaryen matchup that you must run him.

Only 2x Milk of the Poppy and 2x Tears of Lys - These cards are simply bad against NW and I don't want to have so many dead cards in my decks. Da best killa spell in da game is also not the best against other Lannister and I prefer to have more options (2x Trial by Combat + Sneak Attack) than to be overly oriented only against some of the decks.

2x Rattleshirt's Raiders instead of Confiscation - I don't say that this change made the deck better but I really like it this way. Rattleshirt's Raiders help a lot against NW and they are not completely useless if there are no attachments.

No The Eyrie and an addition of Political Disaster - This was the change during the tournament and I didn't regret it. I knew that I was going to play against Wamma and I was really afraid of NW builder deck. My assumptions turned out to be true and this change, Ser Ilyn Payne and The First Snow of Winter won me the game decisively. Disaster helped me in 3 games from 4 and with the ability of the Rains trigger reserves are not a problem anymore. I have never really needed The Eyrie and Political Disaster with only 9 locations in the deck seems better.

REALLY BRIEF REPORT (I'm sorry but I don't remember most of the games because they were played a long time before.)

1) Duckbringer - Targaryen Fealty - 1-0 The first of my Czech meta-mates. I think I had some good start and I drew into Ser Ilyn Payne early. The First Snow of Winter is always so terrible for Targaryen player and I think that this plot meant game here.

2) Vaclav Purchart - Targaryen Fealty - 2-0 Purchy had really bad start with only some location or two and dragon. He was able to populate the board but I slew his Dragon dupe with Ser Ilyn Payne in The First Snow of Winter turn and played something like Marched to the Wall next round. But this game was probably resolved after setup, he didn't deserve to loose so quickly.

3) Miha Vrbanec - Baratheon Fealty/Summer 3-0 Sorry, but I'm really not sure about the agenda. If I remember correctly, this game was 6 or 7-plot long and the first part was really balanced and thrilling. I think that Trial by Combat moved the game to my advantage.

4) Hanno Lunser - Baratheon Fealty/Summer 4-0 Again, I'm really sorry about the agenda. It was most probably fealty though. I think Hanno didn't draw into most of his big characters, he had only one or two and the game was slowly moving into my favor. But I must say that I met Hanno on The Iron Throne more than once and he is one of the most visionary builder I have ever played against.

5) JCWamma - NW Summer 5-0 As I have already indicated above, I guessed deck choice of the legendary Wamma was I was prepared for this match. The game was resolved after The First Snow of Winter was followed by Political Disaster but Rattleshirt's Raiders and Ser Ilyn Payne also helped big time.

6) Jannis Roepert - Martell Stag 5-1 Jannis confessed to me after the game that he had never lost against Lanni Rains with this deck before. And I was not an exception. Even though I had Political Disaster, his locations were duped and Varys + "The Last of the Giants" in the first round stopped me from the big character gameplay. It was not a blowout, I had like 8 or 7 power at the end but Jannis's draw was too good. He played without an error and I can admit now (after some testing) that non-Harrenhall Lannister is really really weak against Jannis's deck and playstyle. Well played Jannis and well built also!

TOP 32 - graduated cut (3rd place in the swiss)

TOP 16 Darren Hazelden - Baratheon Summer 6-1 Warning, we have the troll here! :D But seriously, Darren expected me to play something like I played in the winter league (NW Wolf deck) and he was constantly complaining about how boring and dumb Lanni Rains are and why I'm even playing them. I promised him even that I will not play something so lame next season. And a few days later he played an even more boring version at regionals. My rains were probably a really bad matchup for him, because I crashed him from the start.

TOP 8 Eric Green - Tyrell Rains 7-1 The start of this game didn't look good for me. I had no saves after the first round and my Tywin and some other big character were slaughtered. On the other side of the board Margaery was saved and some lord was found by her ability. I played Marched to the Wall to leave Margaery alone and was able to slowly refill the board in the next rounds. My Rains were stronger because almost all my characters have strong and they were able to aggressively push Eric and the game into my favor.

TOP 4 with Martell Stag vs. JCWamma's Tyrell Rains 8-1 I didn't want to play the same deck against the same opponent because I expected him to be prepared for it. I tried my own version of Martell Stag and it worked surprisingly well, but not exactly perfect draw of Wamma helped me a bit. I don't want to spoil more from this game because it is possible that I will play the same deck at some future event.

Finals with Martell Kraken vs. Jannis Roepert's Martell Stag 9-1 I prepared something that can be good against most of possible decks but mainly against Martell Stag because I was really afraid of this build (that I have already lost with). You can find the record of our game on the KotB youtube chanel ( and I would like to thank Ben Davy and Daniel Kaye for the commentary and broadcasting. I have just a few game comments that I will list below:

  • I knew that Jannis is playing two Riddles and I was expecting the other one to be played. I tried to clear his board with Marched to the Wall and I hade a Nightmares in hand so I was not afraid of Ghaston Grey too much.
  • I didn't play military in Varys round because I knew that it would not be enough to reach 15 and I really didn't want to kill Bastard Daughter.
  • I didn't play His Viper Eyes once simply because I had almost empty hand and I wanted to keep more to save a character from claim.
  • In the last round, I played all events from discard.
  • The whole shaking Syrio Forel thing was just my stupid nervosity. It was probably my biggest AGoT achievement so far and I was really nervous. :)

I would like to thank the organizers of OCTGN league and also all the players I met for the great games and chat we had. I'm looking forward to meet you all on Stahleck!

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Gerion Lannister 241

In TOP8, it was of course Valar Morghulis what killed my board. :)

Reader 137

Congratulations on the win. It was a very interesting final. I played against Jannis and his Martel on Ironthrone, about an hr before the final... it's a great build and did the business against my own Lannister Rains. Thank you for sharing this build. I'll be making a few changes to mine after seeing this. I had been thinking about the inclusion of Pol Dis (P-Diddy) due to the success of NW at Fracas and Alderswap Regional. I think I know what to drop for its inclusion now.

Cersei is so good in Rains, she makes Trial worth while. Would you considerer dropping a char to go up to3x?

Reader 137

Is Sneak Attack purely for the Rains flip on Valar turn? Cersei with intrigue, Trial for 3 kills. Wondering if it has any other use, as it ends your challenges.

jcwamma 2717


nikotinlaus 594

Congratulations on the win again. Too bad you did not play this deck again, I was prepared to smash it a second time ;) One question, when running disaster would it not be better to run kingsroads over roseroads?

Gerion Lannister 241

@Echoes of Ice & FireThanks! :) I thought about it but I don't want to have so many dead cards when saves or dupes doesn't appear. Without The Eyrie it is even harder to rely on saves. Also a Ward can be a thing. Sneak Attack was one of the latest inclusions. Originally I had A Game of Thrones instead. But after I changed 2-claim plot for Political Disaster I wanted to have some high aggressive option.

@jcwammaThanks! :)

@nikotinlausThank you too. :) You are probably right. After some testing i must say, that Lanni Rains are really not the way how to beat your deck. The Kingsroads are certainly an option but this is not a rush deck and I prefer to have some economy for later rounds and possible comebacks. I don't want to feed Euron Crow's Eye also. 9 locations are ok for Political Disaster in my opinion. Martell-fealty-reset run even more and The Kingsroad are not among them.

Diomedes 2864

Congratulations! :-)

I was your opponent on round 4, so thank you very much for your kind words. The Fealty I played against you is probably one of my least innovative builds, though. ;-)

imabunneh 366

Congrats @Gerion Lannister ! Our game was depressing for sure, I was never in it! Always a pleasure to play vs you though, even if I hate everything about your deck :D

Odrl 81

Congratulations, you are a worthy winner. :)

The agenda I played in Round 3 was Fealty, and I think I was on the back foot all game, even before that Trial by Combat play.

I was looking forward to seeing this deck in the final, but I think the swap was a great call. :)

Gerion Lannister 241

Thank you all! :)

@Diomedes Yes, I agree. But your other builds are really fresh and interesting. :)

@imabunnehNext time I will play something more fun. :) And also for me it is always a pleasure to play vs you, Darren.

@OdrlI had some advantage probably, that's true. :) Thank you for you kind words, I will look forward to our next game!