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The idea is to play a lot a characters with , flood the board (only 11 cards above 3 gold), win the challenges, use Tears of Lys if possible to remove threats.

Cersei Lannister and Lannisport make your challenges more effective. Casterly Rock and Olenna's Informant will help you win them.

The Queen's Assassin turns your superiority into a claim.

On the defense, you have Left and Right and the surprise Burned Men. Moreover, since you flood the board, you will have no problem absorbing the claims.

On the offense, you have Randyll Tarly will Heartsbane, Margaery Tyrell and Growing Strong, helped by Ser Jaime Lannister and The Knight of Flowers. Big beefy characters with renown that will hit hard once you've stripped your opponent of options.


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Gunit 3

I really like this kind of deck. The hand brothers got no respect on the CardgameDB reviews but I think they are well-suited for holding the line while you put your opponent into difficulty. The amount of limited cards is pretty remarkable but you actually have a solution for that instead of just hoping that it works. Only thing I wonder about is whether Tyrion Lannister really ought to be a three-of since you have so much ambush tech that his money enormously benefits.