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natalo 191

Important things first: this deck is so powerful that if played well anyone can win any mach, this deck is the death of the game itself and if you try to play it you'll understand what I mean. The idea is to play a game where your characters become events instead and the faction card is divided in between The Honeywine, the Small Council Chamber and the faction card itself. In an ideal game you can start with a setup of three generic locations and Wheels Within Wheels as your first plot. In the worst case scenario you have at least one draw event in your hand and other three generic events in your discard pile. In marshalling you play the locations you don't have already and start the terrorism attack: the opponent sees few gold in your pool and freeks out for the number of possible answers you can have. You can easily pass on your challenge phase and wait for him to do something, then use Taena Merryweather to literaly flip your draw deck into your discard pile and if you can get her killed good for you, even better if there is a Hound on top of your dead pile. You start the second turn with basically what you need in your hand and the rest in your discard pile. Now is time to break the game! Annals of castle black will become your nightmare with an over 40 cards discard pile! You can just ignore the cards in your hand and be carefull to not lose by drawing to much cards. The opponent will be just defensless against Nightmares, The Hand's Judgment and an intimidatin Cersei like zombies that raise from your discard pile. In highschool I got always A in math and still don't get how close are 0 and 15, in one shot you can arrive to a maximum of 23 powers in one turn and the game is won before you can even realize it.

Let me explain the peculiar choices you can see in this deck:

  • No Giant Varys: I agree that is a great play in a deck without characters on your side of the board 99% of the time but those cards slow you down too much, you don't need to slow down the mach if you are faster.
  • No Harrenhal: in the previous versions of this deck there was a 1x harrenal and you can try it out but is just a tremendous piece of shit get that four gold location on the board without losing a turn just for that.
  • Taena Merryweather: IT IS A FREEKING POWERFUL CARD!! you put it on the board and in just one phase you can really flip your deck in your dicard pile, you need just two or three generic draw events and make holes on the opponent side by udjusting your hand for a kneel board Cersei or any other trick you can think. With taena even a 1x card becomes consistent in your deck.
  • double annals: double annals doubles the fun! You cannot end the game in one shot? Don't worry try again and you will not fail! If something goes wrong you need to have your second chance.
  • Tyrion: is useful because the last turn you need more gold than your opponent have and it gives you also the stealth to pass over a full intrigue board like it is nothing. The Hound: is absolutely very useful discarding it with taena and placing it on the board with flea bottom but if something goes wrong it helps you a lot more from your dead pile.
  • Ser Gregor Clegane: actually you can try to switch a jaime with a gregor because is also a knight and has renown, it add more and more potential to the deck because you can also put the right card on top of the others player deck to take down two pieces at once.
  • Shagga Son of Dolf: I choosed not to play it but it is useful to enter the battlefield and kill himself or any useless trash on your side to boost up your intimidate.
  • Treachery: it is written on treachery's text to cancel bran's ability when it is in between you and your victory. You don't really need other motivations.

Let's talk about the tournament:

  • turn one: tyrell castamere is a pain in the ass if buids up a tremendous intrigue board but it wasn't the case: I spent three turns in controlling the board because I was missing the other pieces of my faction card but at the sevent plot I endend up with a overpowered cercei to win the mach.
  • Turn two: night's watch fealty doesn't have that much to say against my strategy. He keeps whatching me for the first two rounds and then from 0 to 15 in one phase.
  • Turn three: it is a mere copy of the previous game against another night's watch.
  • Turn four: grey joy castamere is the worst faction to play against because while doing location control he rushes to the end. He starts with euron and some saints were called to heart. Round two he discards my casterly rock with Newly-Made Lord and a Nightmares in challenge phase keeps Euron effect down. Round three he miss three powers and the Rise of the Kraken against my Annals of Castle Black makes the game on his side, a timing error of an Hear Me Roar gives him the last push to win the mach.
  • Turn five: targaryen doesn't have that many possibilities to win a mach and also the possibilities are fewer than normal if a targaryen castamere starts the game without an intrigue icon. I didn't use annals and before round four the game ended. It was an easy win.
  • Turn six: star fealty can be a pain in the ass with Frozen Solid and Bran but he didn't see the first one in the first two rounds and I was full of Nightmares and Treachery to end the game on round three.
  • Turn seven: martel fealty can be tricky to play against but if you do the challenges right is also very hard lo lose with. Easy win on round three. At this point I start to hate the game so much that I suggest the opponent to play soccer with my balls.
  • Turn eight: against a grey joy crossing it ended faster than the previous one because i needed to be first player but clash of kings won against my marched to wall. It was a good game but I lost.
  • Turn nine: i basically didn't do anything and my deck won on its own against the third night's watch fealty. At this point I would only like to look at my opponent and ask him if I have to play the annals turn or he just wants to gives up.
  • TOP 16: It was a mind blowing mirror mach with the guy who convinced me to bring that deck to that tournament (I hate him for that). We actually helped each other out to build up this deck with two other players that did 6-3 in the swiss so we had exacly the same list deck and I won at end-time for his misplay because didn't realize that the time was short.
  • TOP 8: I don't have that much to say: until turn three I wasn't in a good situation but as Taena came on the board I started to set up my hand and my discard pile as I wished and the tyrell castamere on the other side couldn't do anything.
  • TOP 4: lannister crossing surprised me with a ten powers first turn with Winter Festival and finished me with a Heads on Spikes that took the hear me roar of the victory from my hand to outside of the game.

I tried to tell you shortly what happened in this tournament but I can guarantee you that each one of the games i lost it was because of an error I made. As I already said this deck is so powelfull that there isn't a mach you cannot win. Most people during the tournament insulted me because it is not fun to play against and I agree, it is also not fun when you win too easily. My friends and I went o the edge of the game and built a new game play from zero, but always following the rules so you have no rights to say anything. The fact is that this deck is too powerful and I hope there will be concequences and changes, if not more and more people will start to play like this and you'd better change your playing style or change game.

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thebigpic 1

"The fact is that this deck is too powerful and I hope there will be concequences and changes, if not more and more people will start to play like this and you'd better change your playing style or change game."

Nothing to add. Great deck created by great players.

Benji 758

I applause the work. i think this kind of deck deserve to be played once for winning a big tournament by the creator, then get banned. Can you be more precise on how you make 15 power in one turn ?

Anda 45

You can actually produce up to 22 power on the same turn.

chriswhite 1

"You can actually produce up to 22 power on the same turn."
What––if your opponent never defends a single challenge? This seems like a fairly meaningless metric. There are plenty of decks that can do the same, if they manage to put out all their Renown characters and swing with multiple challenges (e.g. Tyrell Rain). Seems to rely too much on your opponent's collusion...

Pietroia 56

@chriswhite try o it or play vs it before to judge. i played a lot vs this deck and even if i knew his strategy , drawing all the deck in 1 or 2 two plots give to his driver so many possibilities that makes rly hard to face it

chriswhite 1

@Pietroia - I'm not judging the deck, just the value of the idea that it can produce 22 power on a single turn.

Bane 1

Played last turn of the swiss vs. a deck like this. Got 14-3 at round 3 and lost 13-15 at round 4. My opponent had no board and defended 3 challenges putting 3 char into play: tywin gregor and jaime. Than played Cercei and close with 3 challenges (2 intrigue and one power) honey wine and chamber boosting her power grab. No chances to cancel anything as he 3 hands judgment and nightmare in the discard pile. Quite annoying.

Pietroia 56

obviously that was the extreme, but if the oppo doesn't know the deck it's not so difficult cause normally they try to focus on doing as much power as possible leaving some uo challenge and with cersei , renly's ride and castly rock it'a not so hard on first turn on our national one of these players was next to me and this deck did 15 power on 1st plot

Anda 45

@chriswhite"up to 22 power" does not mean it's easy or it happens every turn, but is still a relevant number.
If Maximum is 22 natural consequence is there are a lot of ways to reach 15pw. And btw you can have UO challenges even if your oppo has 4 Character defending.
Exhample: stealth only INT character with INT first challenge, kneel it, go for second INT, kneel big char, POW challenge (assume defended) kneel 4th char, MIL last. 3 UOs scenario. Again, does not happen every game, but each option is important to build a decision tree.

Anda 45

Honeywine 4

Small Council Chamber 2

Cersei 2

Jaime's Renown 1

Unopposed Challenges 4

Dornishman's Wife 3

Power Challenge Claim 1

Rose for Lady Sansa 3

Superior Claim 2

there are chances for more pow (ex. other player discards a card for any effect and gives Cersei 3rd pow) not used for this calculation.

yzorderex 1

This is is so crazy, its very hard to beat and actually not as hard as you might think to pilot try it out.

JoePerson 488

As with other jumper decks I assume this just loses to GtR Melisandre. Apart from that matchup this is now a consistently performing archetype at big tournaments and not one to ignore.

baralai 296

Nope, it does not :) we won several games with Jaime or cercei only!

imabunneh 366

Does this change at all with Brotherhood without Banners? I feel like it wouldn't.

minokin 1

No, i don't think it will change

WorldSerpent 118

If they frozen solid honeywine and small council chamber do you just lose?

Anda 45

@WorldSerpentwe said we can produce all the powers in 1 turn. We do not have to do this every game just to demonstrate our skill! Hahaha

We could play challenges and some Dornishman's Wife on the previous turn without damaging the combo turn. :)

Most of the time you can start with already 3-6 powers before Annal's turn.

baralai 296

Nope, we just lose some time. The 0-15 combo can happens 2 times, it's just harder. You can stil perfectly make some powers each turn and go for the win. We questioned a lot about the chance to put confiscation into the plot deck. But game after game and test after test (2 people for 3 month, and 2 more the last month) we figured out that we don't give a shit about frozen solid since the deck was capable to win 95% of the game without those lands anyway.

natalo 191

@baralai is right. You slow down much more if you got casterly rock frozen instead of one of the others.

sjeps 1

Mmmh i wonder if any thrones lcg designer have ever seen mtg "yawgmoth's will", and why it was banned

sjeps 1

Also "hear me roar" and cards like that are becoming stronger and stronger if a signle challenge can give you 4 or 5 power points (thinking from a mtg perspective putting a very big character ( a character that can swing lots of power/life points) into play for 1 is VERY good)

GajeelRedfox 1

you admit that the deck is not fun to play against, which i get because no character kinda decks are never fun to play against. but i don't get why you post the deck if you assume it's going to destroy the meta/game. i mean, i would be very proud if i achieved this and i would want the world to know, but saying it makes for not fun games and still posting it is in my opinion a dumb or jerky move. because you know bloody well that all the net deck noobies are gonna try this and ruin someones day. but still i get that you want to post your succes and can't blame you for it, just the way how you did it is potato

Anda 45

@GajeelRedfoxsince someone discovers this (assuming we are right) the game is already broken. You can go on as it did not happen. You can hope no one will ever know about it, giving even more advantage to those who know. Or you could emphasize the problem to force someone to get a solution. Since the crack is found, it's better to enlarge it until someone come to fix.

I sincerely hope something will be done about Taena, at least. And we still cannot understand how Annals is not restricted to 1..

Zaramis 247

I don't understand how this could do so well. It's been on IronThrone for months, played by a bunch of different people, and has quite a few weaknesses.

Well, I guess people weren't prepared for it.

Gerion Lannister 241

It's great, but 2x Barring the Gates and 1x Fortified Position mean bye, bye. :) But I play a very similar deck and it's really very strong.

Kobal 1

@Gerion LannisterSo you think it is healthy for the game if everyone has to run these three plots to be competitive?

minokin 1

@Zaramisa lot of people were prepared to the deck, but this is "rocking solid". You can slow down the power gain if you know how it works, but that deck has so many way to work, that it's simply tough for the opponent to succeed to block all the tricks.

Anda 45

@Gerion LannisterBarring the gates block the combo, assuming you reveal them always the turn we play Annals. If i go for Valar that turn? Fortified position slows us but locations, Rose for Lady Sansa and superior claim work anyway. Obviously it's a problem. How similar is your deck? How many Taena do you run?

@Zaramiscould you link me the list you're talking about?

Zaramis 247

@Anda - What list? I haven't piloted the deck myself. I have faced it plenty of times, with a winrate of maybe 70% against it, on IronThrone.

More or less identical to this. But, since people might play it this weekend, I will not discuss just how I did that until my own tournament is over. But, it doesn't take a lot of special tech.

brainu 1396

If you play rush or a heavy intrigue valar proof deck (like tyrell rains or nw rains), it dont take much tech... otherwise its almost freeloose if u dont play plots to counter and this is really not healthy for the game (in my opinion)

Gerion Lannister 241

@AndaRush (like Greyjoy or Tyrell) can simply start with eco plot and then play 2x Baring for the win. I doubt that there would be anything to do against this approach except all 3 Nightmares.

I'm trying various versions and it works against almost everybody. But I can imagine that the big Mel with duplicate can be also a serious issue because you're not running Close Call.

Lannister 403

How this deck beats a heavy intrigue board on the other side? Relies on Valar for that to not happen? I mean, Cersei is not necessarily gonna win in intrigue always

Lannister 403

Anyway this is not a new concept. This deck has been played for very long except for Wheel within wheels that wasn't out at the time. I created my own version until Baratheon started screwing me up all the time with Big Meli and Even handed justice

minokin 1

@LannisterThe Lord Renly's ride is on the deck to keel problematic board. You can MIL with intimidate with huge STR with Jaimie and kneel the cow char wit INT and then do the first INT with Cersei and Jaimie and kneel again and then all the problems on the huge INT board are solved.

The deck could be not a new concept, but the deck itself is lethal (for the oppo and for the game)

MythoS 79

Please stop implying the deck is "unbeatable" if played properly.

Like every deck , this has weaknesses. Some have been highlighted in the posts above.

As far as NPE, it's right up there with builders, throne/table decks and the rest.

Nestalim 1

The deck is good, but not unbeatable. It is extremly weak against some cards of the meta, like GtR Melisandre or frozen solid. Martell is also hard to beat due to all the sheanigans the deck can produce. Rush is a issue, too, GJ can keep your location on the discard pile and force you to go low on eco.

It is still a good deck, probably revealing an issue from this game (no fucking sideboard).

Anda 45

The comments after a 3-games test or even after a simple reading of the list are always funny. Thank you guys!

Nestalim 1

Yeah clearly, after all it wins a National !...

GajeelRedfox 1

there is no such thing as an unbeatable deck when played right. Not in a single card game.

King Joffrey Lannister 1

Magnificent deck! Do you make any change with the new pack such as new Frey Lannister card

SpiriT 177

Played around 15 games now with this decks and it's been a blast (my opponents didn't think so for some reasons). Most of the match-ups were completely easy or at least manageable, but Greyjoy Winter seemed impossible to beat. My opponent would just put eco on first turn and follow up with 2x Barring the Gates would follow. How do you stop something like this?

He had Put to the Torch, We Do Not Sow and Newly-Made Lord for Location control and Balon Greyjoy (CtA) or Euron Crow's Eye for power gain.

Kakita_Rinsei 23

Its nice to see such confidence in ones work. There are many decks out there that would destroy this deck, but after many games running my own version I have found that a rush deck or a picking deck really run over this deck. I dont know what the meta in your area is but here where I play this deck would be lucky to win half of its games. The deck is strong and I give you props for speeding up the wonder woman deck. As a PSQ winner and a long time player of CCG's its nice to see that innovative thinking is still a strong part of the game. As time goes by you will see that the words of wisdom shared here by "real players" is not meant as sarcasm but more of a way of guiding you towards bigger better things. After all we all play the game for the fun of playing. If you find you don't like playing a certain deck then don't play it, but to post it and complain shows very little class in my opinion.

Pietroia 56

just lol

one day someone will get the point maybe , but not today.

"real players" , "bigger better things" lol

the problem of this deck is this one:

u play control? ok enjoy auto lose

u play rush? ok we can play

u play vscombo?ok enjoy auto lose vs everyone else

not so hard to understand, i think even in your meta ppl can get this if u ar talking about same skill's level

we so tired about this useless comments

they posted the deck to let the community discuss about this , not to listen on how ppl in your meta aren't able to use this deck

the game is having a problem with this , u can ignore this and stay in your golden cage or just open eyes and try to c what the authors of this deck ar tryng to let u c

they didn't win PSQ or UPS or BRT , they just showing a problem, a real problem

and we ar a big community where the national was something like 144 ppl not a little community where we all play the same deck or we just play vs the same opponent every day

baralai 296

@Kakita_Rinsei "my own version" is different from this specific deck. So basically you are arguing another deck. As you consider yourself "a real player", and a successful player (thanks for sharing your title with us, nobody there won nothing and all of us just started playing cardgame last month) you must know the importance and weight of a single card in place of another in any combo deck. So basically you are a self claimed good player, playing a different deck, saying that in your specific meta at your specific skill level the deck you play would "probably" lose half the games. Thanks for sharing with us.

And, just for you to know, none of the developers of this deck played a single game anymore after publishing the list.

Kakita_Rinsei 23

@baralai I dont consider myself a real player at all when it comes to GoT as I have only started playing it this year and as a father of 5 I dont have the time anymore to spend 20+ hours a week playing . I was referring to other players who have commented on this specific deck that have great player ratings and sound card tactical skills. As far as the personal attacks there is no need for them, if you did not like my crit sorry. I referred to my PSQ not to put any insult in my comment but to show that I know what it means to win a big tournament. Sorry you took my comment so personally as they were not meant to be any form of attack. I gave you props in my comment. As far as the bigger better things I was referring to coming up with an original deck idea that has not seen play yet as your deck is the Wonder Woman deck with newer expansion cards that sped up the original decks speed. Finally about the probably lose half the games comment I made, the meta where I play there is a lot of picker decks that destroy characters in hand. Alot of players run head on spikes, Mel, seen in flames, or just plain choke decks. The problem I had with my version was choke decks and pickers (you only run 11 char) losing 4 or 5 in the first 2 plots when you are only running 5 specific characters and I think you would agree your game plan has been messed with. I spent around 8 hours playing your deck yesterday on ironthrone with a group of 16 people (myself included) that I have known and played with for years and it did really well. Lost 3 games to godlike starts vs rush(bound to happen when playing so many games), political disaster ran a muck but was able to squeeze out the win in both games, was played against 4 jumper denial decks won only once but we are pretty sure another win could have been pulled had we played the round differently. Versus NW me and my friends agree it is almost always a auto win. we had alot of problems vs a knight rush deck that consistently wins turn 2, out of 6 games won 4 with this deck one of which was really really close. In all I ran this deck around 22 games and my friends said they ran it around 10 each in total it lost 17 games. None of us played against any picker decks but if I have the chance this week me and a couple of guys from ironthrone are going to play it out and see how it fairs. So out of around 172 games it lost 17 really good win ratio with loses only coming 10.12%(rounded up) of the time As the game constantly changes there will never be a deck that is unbeatable and I am sure that the game designers will probably errata a card here and there to try and keep the momentum of the game play mechanics changing.

imabunneh 366

What the fuck is a "picker" deck?

SpiriT 177

@imabunneh From @Kakita_Rinsei post: "the meta where I play there is a lot of picker decks that destroy characters in hand. Alot of players run head on spikes, Mel, seen in flames, or just plainchoke decks"

I've played only 4 decks against bara with new Melisandre (GtR), but from my experience it wasn't so bad, I'd just save nightmares/hj for Mel and Seen in flames or would just play characters just to throw them out of my hand, so that she can't kill them.

@Kakita_RinseiSo you guys had 90% winrate with the deck over 170 games and you are not impressed? By choke do you mean winter with Barring the Gates?

Kakita_Rinsei 23

@SpiriTNo you misunderstand me i am impressed with the deck and the original idea wonder woman, and the win ratio is great. My comment was more to curb how it is unbeatable. Winter with Barring is one version of denial our group has seen, however i have come across 5 or 6 different players on the ironthone site that are running a newer version of denial. Not my place to say what the cards used or combos are as I don't know if they have posted the deck. I would assume at some point they will post after a tournament or two. My understanding is that they are all in Europe and play in the same player pool all the time.

Kakita_Rinsei 23

@SpiriTThe following is a choke deck that runs loot. My understanding is that loot uses up opponents gold even if cancelled as it is the cost of playing the card. Loot caused alot of problems for the deck when our group played it. Greyjoy

Agenda (1)

Kings of Winter (Called to Arms)

Plot (7)

1x Early Frost (Lions of Casterly Rock) 1x Famine (Calm Over Westeros) 1x Snowed Under (Wolves of the North) 1x Summons (Core Set) 1x The Long Winter (Wolves of the North) 1x Valar Morghulis (There Is My Claim) 1x Winter Festival (Called to Arms)

Total Cards: 60 Character (33)

3x Aeron Damphair (Core Set) 2x Asha Greyjoy (Core Set) 3x Balon Greyjoy (Core Set) 3x Black Wind’s Crew (Core Set) 2x Dagmer Cleftjaw (True Steel) 3x Euron Crow’s Eye (Core Set) 1x Fishwhiskers (Wolves of the North) 1x Helya (Ghosts of Harrenhal) 3x Iron Islands Fishmonger (Core Set) 3x Lordsport Shipwright (Core Set) 3x Newly-Made Lord (The King's Peace) 3x The Reader (The Road to Winterfell) 2x Theon Greyjoy (Core Set) 1x Victarion Greyjoy (Lions of Casterly Rock)

Attachment (1)

1x King of Salt and Rock (For Family Honor)

Event (9)

3x Loot (No Middle Ground) 3x Risen from the Sea (Core Set) 3x We Do Not Sow (Core Set)

Location (17)

1x Great Kraken (Core Set) 2x Iron Fleet Scout (Core Set) 3x Iron Mines (Calm Over Westeros) 1x Pyke (Across the Seven Kingdoms) 3x Sea Tower (Core Set) 3x The Kingsroad (Core Set) 3x The Roseroad (Core Set) 1x The Seastone Chair (Taking the Black)

SpiriT 177

Wouldn't you be able to avoid Loot just by going first or using all of summoning events before the first challenge resolves?

You mentioned that you won 1 out of 4 games against denial, did that entail Barring the Gates? I'm still trying to figure out any way of surviving till turn 4 against the deck which runs 2x of that plot