The Islands Strike Back! (6-0) ironthrone private tournament

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john 122

The strategy of the deck is to reduce the opponent’s reserve to unfathomable depths while simultaneously raising high their discard pile and feeding your economy with the Iron Islands Markets, enduring the winter and eliminating their choices. The Winter Agenda is exactly what this deck needs and the plots exploit it to a major degree. Since the aim is to lower the reserve, you do not really care to reduce the opponent’s gold, thus the only 3 winter plots. You start with Wraiths in their Midst, so the opponent usually gains the initiative. He usually chooses you as the first player (as most players do in the first round) so, ideally, you can exploit Alannys (she is x3 in this deck, because she is exactly what you need to attack the reserve) and put him in a very difficult position from early in the game. Even if he chooses to go first, chances are you mess with his strategy. Of course, Heads on Spikes is a natural follow and it continues the pressure. Then you can go on with either Winter Festival or Winds of Winter depending on what is on the board. Valar Morgulis can be used of course offensively as in most Greyjoy Decks. The character curve is obviously low-cost oriented, (so you won’t get hit by your low-gold winter plots), but still impactful and able to maintain a good board presence. That is why Valar Dohaeris and Duel are here, so it is easier to clean the board from big characters. Having both plots in the plot deck can be really devastating for the opponent and their stats are far from abysmal. Many players, after being with Dohaeris, have a fall sense of security and play their big characters, only to get hit again in the next round! Aeron and Nagga’s Ribs are perfect together , the Blessing is a great protection, Asha and 2-claim make a great combination, Frostfangs add much to the pressure. Additionally, Tris Botley is great to counter Flea Bottom and 1x Fishwhiskers for the flavor (and another target for Aeron!). GJ Winter is something that you do not get to see often, so you can count on the surprise element to be on your side.

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King Nothing 1


I like the idea behind the deck. Nice to see a new and fresh build with kings of winter. Maybe I will steal it and make some games with it.

But just to be sure. Tris does not counter flea bottom. The opponent can still play characters from the discard pile because it is a put into play effect.

Against which decks did you played?

Cheers Andi

servetz 30

@King Nothing Tris does counter flea bottom because he removes the character from the game

john 122

Hi @King Nothing,steal it and share it!its very fun deck to play!you are right about Tris,but he must find the character again in order to put him on the discard pile.This deck is very good against heavy decks..lanni/rains,watch/rains,grey/crossing etc.its tough against martell and targ,but Tris and valar can help isnt very hard to control the board..remember the plot are the real thing here.

Patrick 1

Interesting build, and congrats on the undefeated performance in the tournament! I have one question regarding Moat Cailin: considering you have three Winter plots in your deck, and you open with Wraiths in Their Midst, and as you stated, "Since the aim is to lower the reserve, you do not really care to reduce the opponent’s gold, thus only 3 winter plots," is a one-of worth the slot for what would likely be two, maybe three opportunities at best?

igotoofast 1

Other decks play winter plots.

john 122

Hi @Patrick,i treat Moat cailin as one more frostafang.If i draw it on set up or first round its ok.i had it 2 times,but since i have only three winter plots and "summer is here" i put the black wind insted,to add some draw.The game is based on plots though.You have to play first to add some preasure in first rounds..Wraiths,Heads and then it depens on the board.2 big guys?duel then doahaeris..1 big guy and mid range?dohaeris..then you can play winds to preasure him with 2 claim plot.Its an aggro deck,if you play defensively,there is no way to get away..Its not constant,but it is very fun to play it..

Stathis 1

To confirm the above comment, I tried this deck many times and, if played aggressively, it really reduces the options of the opponent down to zero.

tonywok 2

Just gave it a whirl. Very fun to play.