All Grayjoys will rise again - TOP 4 Local Pinerolo (18p)

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The Islands Strike Back! (6-0) ironthrone private tournament 21 20 8 1.0
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lapalisse 156

The main strategy is to use Nagga's Ribs as location for the Red Door. Then quickly make dominance loosing and challages and put Ironborn (first choice) and Drowned God chars in the dead pile (using Nagga's Ribs when discard a char). Then with Aeron Damphair (Core) win dominance and put into play an Ironborn from the dead pile. Once dominance ensured, control the opponent's challanges and win chal and and if able.

MULLIGAN CASES need to mulligan in the following cases:

  • not or too many (>3) economy location
  • too few low cost characters (<3 chars <=cost 3)


  • Nagga's Ribs must be active (be careful to Frozen Solid and Nightmares)
  • Aeron Damphair (Core) must not die!
  • Tris Botley must not die!
  • Don't marshal any high cost character: discard it and put into dead pile
  • Don't put with Nagga's Ribs in the dead pile 2 copies of the same unique character (dead character will not be placed into play with Aeron Damphair (Core))
  • use Tris Botley against flea bottom (remove characters cost 3 or less) or otherwise with most dangerous card in the discard opponent's deck. Remember that if Tris Botley is still in play the opponent cannot marshal or play any copy of card discarted in this way, so don't discard 2 copies of the same card or a card if you don't think the opponent can have a copy.



This combo cannont be countered by nightmares 'cause it's triggered by winning dominance before the dominance action window.


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Kingnothing 1


Congrats to your result. Nice to see a drowned god deck with success!

Which match ups did you have on the way to top 4?

Cheers Andi

lapalisse 156

Hi! Tanks for your comment!

Here you can see the tournament result and statistics:

Honestly I was also a bit 'lucky at least in 2 matches (double Newly-Made Lord at 2nd plot against a Flea Bottom doubled, and triple Risen from the Sea + Tris Botley against overburn deck).

Cheers Mario

Serazu 1

"you can sacrifice (and move from discard pile to the dead pile by Nagga's Ribs) Drowned God's Apostle"

You do not even need the Ribs for that, since the Apostle kills himself.

lapalisse 156

You're right ;)

Ansaer 19


Mario, mannaggia al tuo doppio Newly Made Lord :D

lapalisse 156

ahahah l'ho anche dichiarato :)

Kakita_Rinsei 23

Have you considered running the eerie for saving Aeron. cost rich location but might be worth looking at as the deck does seem to run around him.

HelioIt 1

If you want to use a good deck Tyrell, look at this game that I have spent a tournament in Spain, it is a deck of Brienne to win in a single turn!

Share if you like it!

lapalisse 156

@Kakita_Rinseiloosing Aeron Damphair (Core)n is a very big problem for this deck. Old Wyk it's a good location to try to remove Aeron Damphair (Core) from the dead pile. Sure we can also put a couple of Bodyguard (he's a lord also). in this case I think I would remove the We Do Not Sow and the The Hand's Judgment from the deck.

Jools 46

Isn't single Frozen Solid disabling this deck? And your list dosn't have any protection from it (or just one We Do Not Sow).