Torre de la Espada Blanca top 8 (72p) - Rains of Castamere

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Manuel Cabezalí 431

First of all, a big THANK YOU to the organization for making such a wonderful tournament. The venue, the prizes, everything was top quality.

As for me: I do always play Stark at tournaments, and for this one in particular, I wasn't feeling particularly confident with any of the "competitive" or "classic" options, so I decided to play something a bit more unexpected that could bring a bit of surprise to the games.

This is not my most playtested deck, neither the most competitive, but it worked as expected. Some of my opponents weren't very sure of what my deck was about -and honestly, I wasn't entirely sure, either- but the general idea was to have the usual control Stark tools (Winterfell, Catelyn, Bran, etc) plus the extra cool plays that the "The Rains of Castamere"agenda could provide. One of the most important cards for this deck, and the one that makes Rains viable in Stark is Last Hearth Especially in the first 3 rounds, that +3 bonus helps a lot for triggering the agenda reaction.

I wanted to have a solid intrigue presence (as far as Stark goes, of course), hence the double Littlefingerand Dreadfort Maester, which by the way combo very well with Robb Stark. Sansa Stark (WotN), Catelyn Stark (Core) and Septa Mordane were also good agenda triggerers, and generally speaking, being able to dominate the intrigue challenge in certain games helped a lot.

Depending on the game, the deck played more as a pseudo-rush deck (if your renown characters show up early), an aggro deck (if Roose Bolton gets triggered with the strenght bonuses of either Last Hearth or Winterfell, or if you manage to do a big military claim with Winter Is Coming or the Bolton Maesters), or a mixture of both. Either way it was great fun to play the deck all day long, and sing the Rains of Castamere against those filthy Lannisters :)

My games for the day were:

Round 1 vs Targaryen Fealty (win) Round 2 vs Lannister Rains (win) Round 3 vs Lannister Crossing (loss) Round 4 vs Stark Fealty (win) Round 5 vs Martell/Wolf (loss) Round 6 vs Martell/Rose (win) Top 16 vs Targaryen Fealty (win) Top 8 vs Martell/Wolf (Loss) - same player as round 5.

I feel really happy with the performance, since I wasn't expecting reaching that far with this particular deck. Any questions, feel free to ask, thanks for reading!

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