Martell Rapsody (TOP4 Winter Festival)

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academo 545

Swiss round (6-1): Tyrell Shadows (w) NW Winter (w) GJ crossing (w) Tyrell Shadows (l) Lannister Wolf (w) Stark Fealty (w) Free Folk (w)

top16: GJ Wars (w) top8: Tyrell shadows (w) top4: Targa Mereen (l)


17 comentarios

lucarov 1

2 forced march and 2 supporting the faith?!?

academo 545

2 Forced march for the GJs and the initiative, 2 supporting mainly for the targs. In addition you can use supporting as a finisher with uncounterable doran's game if you have Water gardens, Maester Kedry, in doran's name or the bastard of godsgrace. It's very good with He Calls it Thinking too.

lucarov 1

sorry but you cannot have 2 copies of 2 plots in your deck...

PrinceOfDorne 9

@lucarovlook at The Wars To Come

lucarov 1

ok my bad. sorry

Maverick93 1

I'm really surprised to see that you didn't run Dorne, what was your reasoning behind this decision?

academo 545

I don't want to use resources to protect it. In a field stacked with GJs i don't want to lose because of Euron. In addition, with this economy is really difficult to find a spot where play dorne doesn't mean to lose the board. Dorne is a great card and this deck can play it (-1 secret schemes -1 shadowblack lane) but is very risky to do so.

Don 43

Bravo Fapo!! You destroyed me in TOP16... after 8 hours of games I was totally tired... and I don't understand what a super deck you built. Waiting for Dorne :) - but a Martell with no Dorne... genius!! Knowing of "closing Doran's game" I tried to stop you... but no chances against one of the best player! Thanks :) Ale G.

donovan 62

Congrats on a great performance! Is there anything you would change after the tournament or with the Greyjoy expansion that just came out?

academo 545

Thank you Ale. Always a pleasure to play with you.

With the new box the meta is changing a lot, but this deck has a lot of potential against Sea of Blood. Probably his viper eyes deserves 3 copies in order to counter all the put to the sword, put to the torch and we do not sow. Desert raider is too strong with Doran to not be included (-3 bastard daughter +3 raider). If vanquish the unbelievers become predominant in the meta i'll consider to include 2 vengeance for elia.

HidaHayabusa 73

Have you tried any other version of that deck with 'Iron Bank will have its due' and more Ambush people? I guess it would help in order to increase Drinkwater count up to two.

Hasn't the 4 reserve value on Supporting the Faith troubled you in your games? Seeing you have won all 3 games against Tyrell Shadows, it seems like it was a good call.


academo 545

I played Martell ambush/flea for al the past season, including regional and national. That deck is strong but i think that this isn't the meta for it. Too many king plot, location hate and barring the gates. Preparing for the Winter Festival i wanted to build a martell deck that play on the ground, with powerfull controll effect incorporated in characters and not location or comes into play. This means 2x forced marce and, more importantly, 2x supporting because targaryen is a thing and you have to controll flea if you wanna win some games. This means nearly no ambush. The iron bank is a good card but it ask to kneel the faction card and that's not good with Doran and Secret schemes. Gerris is here for the renown. The ability can be great and change the way a game is played by both you and the opponent, but it isn't a core of the strategy. It was a late addition that surely payed off. About the reserve: that's a downside of the deck, but with good play and summer sea port it's not so crippling.

HidaHayabusa 73

I see. That would be my followup question. How good is Doran here? He does need some babysitting and with a cost like that, isn't it tough to help him with other cards in order to use his ability consistently? Are you using him only after you lose the first challenge?

academo 545

Doran is great in controlling the board. He dictates the pace of the challenge phase, expecially against other midrange decks. It doesn't win the game alone because he doesen't have keywords, but he helps a lot. Nymeria and starfall enable him, but he can make a great work alone.

faust74 1

Hi, thanks for sharing your deck! Didn't you consider to include a copy or two of Strangler? It's synergy with Arianne Martell (JtO) is amazing and the very presence of those two cards on the board can virtually paralyze your opponent...

Whites4 111

The deck looks really fun!

Are there cards from recent releases that you think you might try to put in the deck? I like your thoughts about how to counter Sea of Blood and GJ (particularly about not playing Dorne!)

H2Masri 1

Do you think this deck still works in the current meta? Do we now change Trade Routes for Summer Harvest?