Martell to crush them all TOP4 at Prague SC 37 players

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Raius 513

Hey guys, at the end i have decided to publish my SoB Martell list. Why? Everyone is complaining about Gj being too good and this list has winrate about 80% even against Greyjoy. Lets just describe key decisions here.


Varys's RiddleI was looking for solid opener. As the deck do not need much gold and init is welcome, i chosen Riddle over the others, because you like to mess up oponents Summer Harvest or draw with his Exchange of Information.

Supporting the FaithWhen you trigger your first SoB you don't need more gold during challenge phase anymore. You just trigger all events during military. Second aspect is ofc He Calls It Thinking. The card is awesome. You just cancel Winterfell, Iron Mines, Bran Stark (Core) and others.

You Win Or You Die is just obvious. Draw and claim and with Dorne you keep 1 card after the turn.

DuelThis was the real riddle, but i decided to keep this one over Forced March and others. When the game is not going your way, this is the safety break. I don't care i have used it only few times, bcs when i needed to use it, it won me the game.

Breaking Ties is another surprise of the deck. I have decided to play this over Flea Bottom for the obvious reason. Supporting is too important and i don't want dead card for 2 turns. I have only 7 targets for Frey thing, but that is enough most of the times, bcs you just seek for those if you need.

Valar Morghulis is just the best reset you can fit in here. You have Desert Raider and few dupes, most of the chars are 1 of. You don't mind to have them dead.

Here is some further insight at chars:

Areo Hotah (Core) Target for Breaking Ties and also undercosted military icon. He can sometimes trigger SoB by himself.

Varamyr Sixskins is the MVP of the deck most of the times, before he gets the milk :P Also, the variability is sometimes important. The lack of draw or power icons is something he can help to deal with.

Darkstar (Km) is just priceless. Stealth and his ability helps a lot, but bcs of his 4 str i decided to keep only 2 coppies. After the amount of games i still believe it was a good decision.

Citadel Archivist Is nice addition, yet you cal reliably use him only during win or die turn. He return or the desired events. Was even thinking to add second copy for 1 isle.

Obara Sand (SoD) is something i would probably changed for 2 coppies instead of the Archie. She can go power and then sneak in Spy or Areo Hotah (Core) to run his ability.

I think the rest of chars is pretty much self explaining.

Imprisoned 2 copies bcs 3 is overkill

Starfall twice, as it seems to be correct number to me.

Dorne 1 card left on You Win Or You Die turn and draw ofc.

Events: Most of them in 2 - 3 copies, bcs we dont have reliable locations like Meereenese Market and relying only on Isle. Also, i found nice to strike with 2 events in one turn beside the fact there are no better events to use under Martell.

Burning the Dead Added this week, as Gj Sun is stupid and we can beat it with the card, if we are lucky. (But after next RL we will only swap one plot and they can throw the deck into the bin imo :P)

He Calls It Thinking is just bonkers. The key to beat Greyjoy and together with HJ you have 5 cancels. You have to be clever and play it well, as this resource is limited.

This is pretty much it. I am not going to write up the report. I lost against Greyjoy SoB at the end. Was a strange game. He had 3 Iron mines on the table plot 2 and duped Balon Greyjoy (Core). During the game i have discarded Risen from the Sea of his hand twice and he ended up with 0 mines when he won, but it was too much anyway. I believe i could have win that game if the things were a little bit different :P

Here is the link. Enjoy the deck!


11 comentarios

Floydos 29

Really interesting deck. Unconventional idea.

Amoon 1

Looks fun with some great answers to the meta. Thx for sharing. Will give it a try ^^

nikotinlaus 594

Well done Mate. Did I have any influence in that burning the dead being in the deck?^^

Raius 513

@nikotinlausThanks Jannis :) That was more Martozars work, but i think it is important in every SoB deck these days, bcs if you face Martell, you just have to get rid of them. And if you want to be reliable against them, you need two copies.

Teflononline 1

I love this "But after next RL we will only swap one plot and they can throw the deck into the bin imo" sentence so much :D

adam_geek 457

This is what I've been waiting for long, the Martell Sea of Blood.

Pavarok 1

Insane deck! Desert Raider was the MVP for me in all of my games.

若毘林 7

Interesting deck~but drew card component too less.

Raius 513

@若毘林To be honest, i never felt like i need more draw. Even without Dorne, you are fine. You have always board presence and all the cards you need are found on SoB trigger. When i feel like i need cards, i can use Cat on Varamyr to gain insight, but this is rare. Game is usually decided turn 4 before your YWOYD turn. Give it a try and let me know :P

NikolaP 61

Congrats on your top 4! What would you change after the restricted list? I'm guessing Breaking Ties, but what else if that goes out. Not even a single Arianne Martell (Core), because of no mil icon?

Raius 513

@NikolaPHi Nikola, thanks! You are correct with Arianne. To be honest, i would probably removed Ser Archie for second Obara, as i often found him sitting in shadows and preferring to play other stuff. Also she is effectively allowing you to play jumpers during Supporting turn. After RL i was considering to change Breaking ties with Disaster or Forced march. There is also option to remove Dorne, but only option would be playing Starfall Cavalry which is expensive, but is also an option due to being loyal card with military icon, so it might be good / even when expensive with Breaking Ties, as when the deck works as intended, you don't loose much challenges in the late game.