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mattastrophic 717

This is the Baratheon deck I've been working on quite a bit throughout this season, and now that my watch has ended, I would like to pass it on for others to tinker with and revise as Cycle 6 and Kings of the Storm arrive.

The prevailing theme is one of interference. Baratheon does not possess the brutality of other factions, so here we attempt to use soft control countermeasures to push power challenges. The core is Melisandre (Core), Queen's Men, The King in the North, Filthy Accusations, and Forced March, backed up by Milk of the Poppy, Dragonstone Castle, The Starry Sept, and Begging Brother.

We have a bunch of cheap military icons to oppose military and fuel Forced March, which is probably the meta-defining plot of early 2019. Six of them are neutral in order to trigger Queen's Men. Since Baratheon has a nice selection of Knights, we include seven of them in order to ensure that our Hedge Knights are powered-up. Readers may wonder why other 2g military icons aren't used instead, and that's because Poor Fellows and Wildling Bandit will not save you from Sea of Blood. Neither will Desert Raider or Bastard Daughter for that matter, an approach which has been suggested previously.

Topping off our curve is the classic Robert Baratheon (Core) to push big power challenges as our finisher. In the Name of Your King! and Spears of the Merling King act as our flex slots; slot in copies of Seen In Flames or Banished from the Light or Traitor to the Crown if your environment is not military-heavy.

Going forward, here are some thoughts about spoiled upcoming Baratheon cards and how they fit in a deck like this:

King's Gate: don't bother.

At the Gates: give this a try as an opener, probably in place of Summer Harvest or Late Summer Feast. Use it to grab Great Hall or Gates of the Moon.

Red Keep Gaoler: this guy doesn't fit in this deck. He's basically a bad Ser Cortnay Penrose.

Robert Baratheon (FotS): Give him a try, but at 5 STR and a cancellable reaction, don't expect too much. This version of Robert doesn't provide the oomph we need, but at least he isn't totally hosed by Nightmares!

Stannis Baratheon (FotS): Play this guy, probably as a 2x.

Melisandre (FotS): She goes in a different deck than this one.

Renly Baratheon (FotS): "Apology Renly" is for Banner of the Stag decks.

Red Priest: This guy is great! Run him at 3x replacing Fiery Followers. He fits right into our interference gameplan. He's especially useful to screen out cancels for when we follow up with a Melisandre trigger.

Acolyte of the Flame: No military icon, not in this deck.

Parley at Storm's End: Run this plot, probably as a replacement to The King in the North, a Forced March, or a Filthy Accusations.

That's all for what's spoiled so far. Enjoy the deck in my absence, everyone!

4 comentarios

Korsis 19

Well i Tested it right now, and i must say Extrem Solid Deck at all. But i would take maybe with it The Iron Throne and Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) to take the opponent kneelt.

BaraBoi 1

Going 0-2 isn’t a great endorsement for this deck

footlong 121

Went 2:1 with this during a seasonal kit tournament this week. Solid list. Thanks for sharing!

mattastrophic 717

That's great to hear Korsis and footlong!