Bouncy Pouncy Maesters (Best Conclave at Stahleck 2019)

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Toaster 35

Okay so what do you do when you haven't played in 4 months before one of the biggest tournaments in Game of Thrones and have no clue about the meta, or even care?
Well in my case I dug through my (very) old saved decks on ThronesDB and found something interesting,
maybe a diamond in the rough, the Lannister Conclave!

You might say, wait Toaster this deck looks like utter trash, but you have to think about the match ups:
It might really struggle against VS Voltron builds, but ...
it also struggles against all the "x:renown" deck builds, but on the other hand ...
it's really bad against economy control / location destruction.

But on the upside it's really bad against Yoren (TB) ...

Wait so is it all bad? No not really it just doesn't win, but that might also be me being trash.

Okay now what is this? I think it's a lot of fun, you can do a lot of fun stuff with Ser Pounce in combination with Grand Maester Pycelle or Gunthor Son of Gurn and Casterly Rock.

Cards that can be cut or need to be added:

  • Maester Gormon feels underwhelming 4 cost for being cute, this deck has a lot of draw at will so the only thing is you see the top card.

  • Nothing Burns Like The Cold yeah this deck hasn't got enough Attachment control, and if our locations are turned off we are done.

  • It also really needs a better player as a pilot :)

G1 - NW Wolf (Uli) [1-0]:
Managed to outpace the Night's Watch by a lot of power and he had some bad draws. Sorry didn't remember much about this game.
-> Status Update: Still best conclave? Y

G2 - NW Wolf (Purchy) [1-1]:
I had a terrible setup (gunther only) after Mulligan and got Marched to the Big Wallfollowed by Turn 1 Ward, unopposed Military Claim. Tyrion was lost somewhere to Bound for the Wall I hope he enjoys his exile there. It left me pretty tilted and it was than that I realized that my deck was actually not that good. Fortunately Purchy had brought some Czech beer so I had something to do during the Game, while I was watching him dismantling me.
-> Status Update: Still best conclave? Y

G3- Targ SoB (Simon) [1-2]:
Opened Vanquish the Unbelievers, with Jhogo & friends.
Dodged that with TIBWHID and Flea Bottom Dupe. Unfortunately couldn't defend the Intrigue claim, which hit my (only) The Hand's Judgment. I pushed some challenges back on him with the help of Lionstar and friends.
The following turn he flipped YWoYD and I couldn't defend the Military Challenge with "surprise" Hound + Burned Men + Widow's Wail, because his 3rd Gifts for the Widow fetched Dothraki Steed. This killed my whole board and with him having 2× Meereenese Market my Flea Bottom was basically out of the game. This felt like playing against Wildlings, but actually being a good deck, I'm not looking forward to the new cards for that archetype.
-> Status Update: Still best conclave? Y

G4 - Martell Alliance Dragon Qohor (Amitabh) [2-2]:
I've met Amitabh and his jolly friends two nights before while assembling this deck and they promptly invited me to play a Melee game with them and to do "shots for plots", so I was very happy to meet him again on Saturday.
Unfortunately he had the worst set up after a mulligan I had to witness the whole weekend, 5 Gold with just locations and 1 character in shadows, that does not want to be there initially Ser Jorah Mormont (LMHR). I on the other side of the table had the holy trifecta of Gold Mine, Lionstar and Flea Bottom, which was shortly accompanied by it's messiah. He was soon forced into Valar Morghulis which did little damage, because this deck doesn't really commit hard to the board.
-> Status Update: Still best conclave? Y

G5 Targ VS (David) [2-3]:
This was actually a rather close game which was unfortunately swayed by misplays on both sides.
We start out with Flea Bottom on both sides and some claim soak with Voltroned up Kharl . I manage to control the Military challenges with the help of Mullin and the only good card in this deck, while at the same time holding back his Second Sons via the help of Maester Murmormurrurrrgh.
His biggest misplay is using Reckless on Mullin instead of Mumomörhg. During my YWoYD turn I forget to do a Military challenge with both Syrio Forel and Tricon-Stealthy-Pouncy-Pycelle to stealth past all his defenders and get a very good claim in. So he stabilizes from there and me not having any renown characters looses me the game on time.
-> Status Update: Still best conclave? Y

G6 - Stark TLotC (Khudzlin) [2-4]:
Not a very interesting game because of Frozen Solid and the absurd ability of Stark to just refill the board with characters that are essentially the better 3 cost version of my 3 cost characters.
I get crushed, but:
-> Status Update: Still best conclave? Y

G7 GJ - KoW (Jordi) [2-5]:
Brilliant opener of 2x Botley Crew into Euron Crow's Eye (Core) with Scouting Vessel and me unable to prevent unopposed taking all my relevant locations and economy. This is probably the karma I deserved for playing NW Choke the day before in Melee and pissing off a lot of people ... and yet:
-> Status Update: Still best conclave? Y

G8 Tyrell TLotC (Emils) [2-6]:
Another one of Amitabhs mates from two days earlier, but who didn't have time for a melee game, because he had to get drunk (which we did while playing melee that day ... weird :). So I was very happy to play another round of "shots for plots", which eased my pain of not finding a single Maester the first two turns. And after that finally finding Maester Kerwin the Frog as the only Maester that game. Also there were no Maesters under the Conclave. So anyway I got smashed by Tyrell stand and good stuff, because my characters can't win any challenge.

-> Final Status Update: Still best conclave? Y

There you have it I was still the best, the worst, the ugliest, and the only Conclave deck in the whole of Stahleck.

I think there are definetly interesting things to do with this kind of deck, but that's probably for a more competent player/decksmith to find out.

I wish you good luck in that endeavour and bid you farewell,

PS: Feel free to ask any questions that I will try to incompetently answer.

3 comentarios

Toaster 35

This deck is derived from an old deck list I had lying around which was developed by some dude on the, but I unfortunately have forgotten the name :/ "SHAME, shaaaame". Sorry for that.

Mog 62

Best conclave deck at Stahleck it's a great achievement! Congrats! ;)

Toaster 35

@MogThank you very much <3